Saturday, April 25, 2015


Final Update

Well, I had to take a break to plan a lesson for church tomorrow that ended up turning into 3 hours but then I continued reading Cress. It was far too exciting to quit. I'm calling it a night.  I've got to get up early so sleep calls.

Pages Read: 300

Books finished: None

Snacks consumed: Sadly,  not much.  I didn't even break out the M&Ms.

Interruptions: Just the one really.

Total Hours Spent Reading/tweeting: About 10 not too shabby.

Good night! Good luck to those of you hard core readers.  You can do it!

Update 2

After a shower I've been reading Cress by Marissa Myer. Sooooo good! I think I'll order a pizza for dinner and keep reading Cress for awhile and then start in on.  Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen.

Pages read: 300

Snacks consumed: Buncha Crunch and licorice.

Interruptions: Minamal. Though I have been trying to keep up with social media.

I seriously love this, guys. Think of how many of us are reading at this very moment. Love it!

Update 1

Doing great! Finished part one of Dune for the read-along. Had lunch and now I think I'll shower for the day and read Cress for awhile.

How's everyone else holding up?


Alrighty! Getting off to a late
start but here we go.  I've got my couch...and kitties.

I've got my snacks...

And of course my books.  Sorry no pictures. Mostly I'll be reading off my Kindle. I think I'll start with catching up on my read-along book Dune. Ouch! Maybe a bit heavy reading for first thing in the morning. Aw well. I'll keep you all updated on this post through out the day. Here we go!!!! 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Finally! Some Reading Time!

It's time!  I'm very excited to participate this year mostly because my reading has really died down and I miss it! So while I won't be pulling a 24 hour readathon. I'm definitely spending the day reading, pigging out and snuggling my kitties. Hopefully all at once. 

Are you joining us?  Let's do this thing! 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dune Read-Along

I shall be joining this Dune read-along hosted by Jenni, Suey and Kami because...well we're reading it for book club so I have to read it anyway.  No I'm Teasing. It's going to be fun.  There's Twitter chats and a mini series watch -along and discussion posts and it's just going to be awesome. Hopefully the book is as good. ;) 


  • Section 1: April 19 – 27
  • Section 2: April 28 – May 6
  • Section 3: May 7 – 16

Discussion Posts

Each discussion post will go up on either Suey’s, Kami’s, or Jenni's blog at the end of each section.

Twitter Chats

  • Section 1: Monday, April 27 at 9:00 pm MDT
  • Section 2: Thursday, May 7 at 9:00 pm MDT
  • Section 3: Saturday, May 16 at 9:00 pm MDT


The watch-along will be onSaturday, May 30 at 6:00 pm MDT and we'll watch until we’re done with the whole mini-series (about 5 hours). Join us via Twitter using #DuneRAL.

If you've been wanting to read this book or if you're just a fan of scifi, you should totally join us. These ladies really know how to host a read-along. Link up here if you want to join. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Review: The Princess Guide to Life

Title The Princess Guide to Life
By Rosie Blythe
Genre Self help/non-fiction
Pages 312

First sentence From supermodels to precocious 8-year-olds, nearly everyone has some anxiety about their looks.

Everybody has the wrong idea about Princesses. Sure, we dress like superstars and rarely have to buy our own drinks, but we're not divas. (Life's too short to throw a tantrum because a barista spelled your name wrong.)

In this entertaining and insightful book, Rosie Blythe offers a fresh perspective on what it means to be a powerful woman in the 21st century. (from Goodreads)

What it has going for it
I'm not big into self help non fiction. Though I wouldn't exactly categorize this one as self help, there isn't exactly a better way to do it. So, for the sake of calling it something let's just stick with self help. The author of this one contacted me and asked me to review it and after reading the description I thought, "I could use some princess-afying", so I agreed. The book covers everything from appearance to personality to handling difficult people and even has a section on books and movie recommendations. The section on Creating a Princess Persona was dead on! I loved it. Sure, the title of that section sounds like it's going to tell you to be all prissy but it wasn't. It had a great part about femininity vs Feminism that was just perfect. Mostly I loved that this book just made me want to grab life by the horns and love it and that's just what I needed right now. 

What's lacking
I only had two problems with this one. First, it wasn't anything new. It's not like I haven't read or heard these things before, so it's not horribly original. And second, There was a section on handling difficult people that listed all types of jerks but didn't really offer THAT much advice on dealing with them. It just went on and on about the different types of a-holes in the world and, yeah, I already know about them all. I've worked customer service my whole life! Other than that the book was fun and makes you want to better yourself. 

Yea or Nay?
If you like this kind of book, whether for light reading or serious soul searching, yes, I'd recommend it. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

While I've been gone

I've been missing for the past two years. It's not because I don't like blogging or reading, though. As you all may remember. I met a hot guy, went on vacation, got married started a business with my husband and now...Now I've bought a house. We've been remodeling like crazy and while we still have things left to do and projects left to finish (mainly the yard now), the big project, the basement, is done!!!! Wahoo! You have no idea how much I hated working on it. And for the record, we weren't picking out paint and cabinets and hiring big muscley men to come do all the work. WE did all the work and it sucked. Sigh! I'm glad that's over. Anywho, here's some before and after pictures. In case you're interested.

We had to completely gut one of the bathrooms due to water damage.

Much better.  Love my lights.

The downstairs bathroom

Look at the disgusting dated tub, oh and the walls

Voila! You Like? 

The scary old windows

OK so you can't see the new windows but still.  

Notice the hole on the wall where the dryer plugs in and the vent going out a window

Look, a dryer vent in the wall. 

The room we turned into a kitchen

Ta da! What do you think?

So, there a you have it. What do you think?