Friday, August 18, 2017

Mini Movie Reviews #11

Rating ★★★
No, I haven't read the GNs but I'm always up for a good science fiction. I believe movies are made to entertain and this one entertained. My favorite part of this one was the opening sequence that showed all the alien races meeting over the years to the song Space Oddity by David Bowie.  My biggest beef with the movie was Dane Dehaan. I can not stand his pale face and his voice grates on my nerves. Plus he looks like he's 12 years old. He sort of ruined the whole movie for me. Still, it was beautiful and eye pleasing and, as I mentioned, entertaining.

Atomic Blonde 
I had high hopes for this one. There aren't enough kick ass heroine movies out there anymore. I couldn't wait to see Charlize Theron beat the crap out of people. Sadly, I was bored through most of the movie. It was disjointed and confusing, as it jumped from past to present, and the twist at the ending didn't feel like a twist at all to me. I love James McAvoy but he disappointed in this one. However, I did like Bill Skarsgard. He's an up and coming star that I'm really liking. Just skip this one, though.  I guess we'll have to wait for someone else to get the kick ass heroine movie right.

Rating ★★★
I think the collective time I spent watching the preview for this one at the theater, on rentals, and Facebook adds was probably longer that the actual movie. It was SOOO over  advertised! I was so sick of seeing the preview that I denounced seeing the movie. However, my husband wanted to see it (isn't that how it always goes?) so I relented. Perhaps it was my incredibly low expectations but the movie was entertaining. I knew nothing about this historical event and while I heard the movie got some things wrong, I think it got its point across. I liked how it followed a select few people around to tell the story. It made me connect emotionally. I liked it.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Review: The Secret

Title The Secret
By Rhonda Byrne
Genre Non Fiction/Self Help
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Fragments of a Great Secret have been found in the oral traditions, in literature, in religions and philosophies throughout the centuries. For the first time, all the pieces of The Secret come together in an incredible revelation that will be life-transforming for all who experience it.(From Goodreads)

Ya'll remember when this book came out right? It seemed like everyone was talking about it and then they made a movie (which I haven't seen) and it surged in popularity again. Well, if you haven't heard of it it's basically about The Law of Attraction. You know, what you think about you make reality. 

In the end I gave this book five stars because I think there's definitely something to this theory. I've seen it happen in my own life in certain areas. It's pretty cool and also pretty sad when you see how much negativity and sadness you can draw to yourself. 

While I was reading this I was slapped in the face with what a horrifically negative thinker I am and if nothing else, came away from it determined to think more positively and draw more beautiful happy things into my life. 

The book was written in a really hokey way. You can almost hear the narrator saying the cliched, "I did it and you can too!". For a book trying to share a secret that has helped out tons of people I wished it hadn't been presented in such a self help/motivational tone. 

So do I believe I can make myself a millionaire just by thinking about it and sitting back and watching the money come in? No. I have my own opinions about how The Secret works but I thought there was some truth in these pages and I liked how it encouraged me to be more positive, grateful and loving. Can't really fault a book that does that, can you? 

Should you read it
At just under 200 pages, I think it's worth a read for sure.  

Monday, August 14, 2017

Review: Attachments

Title Attachments
By Rainbow Rowell
Genre Adult Contemporary Romance
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Burned once twice shy Lincoln still lives at home with his mother much to his mother's delight and sister's frustration. Endlessly getting college degrees has become a hobby and he's just landed a cushy job monitoring employee emails at a big newspaper. Content, eating his mother's delicious cooking and playing D&D on the weekends, Lincoln has no real motivation to make any changes but when he begins reading emails between two girls at his office he finds himself immersed in their lives and falling for one of them  but she's never be interested in a big oaf like him...would she?

First Sentence
"Would it kill you to get here before noon?"

After reading all of Rainbow Rowell's books but Carry On (didn't like that part of Fangirl so no thanks) and disliking most of them, or just not being wowed, I had very low expectations for this one. So it was to my great surprise that I ended up loving it. Not just loving it but adoring it! Like Madly, deeply adoring it. I want to buy a hard copy so I can lovingly hold it and read about sweet, shy, adorkable, Lincoln over and over again!

And it wasn't just Lincoln. Beth and Jennifer felt like long lost friends. I loved their emails to each other almost as much as I loved Lincoln. I felt like I knew them and could have joined right in a conversation with them. I've always loved reading books written in epistolary form and that mixed with Lincoln made this the perfect book for me.

I've been pushing this book on just about anyone who hasn't read it yet and had such a huge book hangover after reading it. Sigh! Don't you just love when a book does that to you?

While I did find the ending a bit fantastical I liked putting reality on hold and just embracing the magic of an attraction that strong. It was wonderful.

Should you read it
You haven't read it yet? Hold on, just give me your address and I'll send it to you so long as you drop whatever crap book you're reading right now and read this one instead.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday's In Bed With...IT

My friends Kate and Kim have this fun post they do every Sunday sharing what they're reading in bed.  I thought I'd join in today since I spent the morning cleaning my house one handed due to tendinitis. I deserve take it easy now and read.

I'm reading IT. I plan on seeing the new movie adaptation this September so I thought I'd read the book. Don't worry, I'm not scared of clowns so I'll be safe.

What are you reading this Sunday?

Friday, August 11, 2017

Utah Book Week 2017

It's that time of year again! August 25th through the 31st is Utah Book Week! I'm so glad my friends decided to host it this year. I was going to read some Utah author books this month in an unofficial nod to past years because I didn't think anyone was going to host this year but I have awesome friends!

If you want to join in and read books by Utah authors for that week please do. It's so fun! And go check out their blog page to hear more about other exciting things going on.

Here's the books I'm planning on reading.

Yeah, yeah, I'm only reading two but it's only a week. Give me a break!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Review: The Winner's Crime

Title The Winner's Crime (The Winner's Curse #2)
By Marie Rutkoski
Genre YA Fantasy
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

After sacrificing herself to save Arin Kestrel finds herself engaged to the crown prince. With parties and celebrations filling most of her days Kestrel's spirits sink lower and lower. She can tell no one of her sacrifice and lives in fear for her life at every turn.

First Sentence
She cut herself opening the envelope.

Argh! Guys you have no idea how much I'm loving this story! Let me enlighten you! But first...I can't really talk about this one without going into the story so if you haven't read this one or don't like spoilers, I'm sorry. Go ahead and skip rant.

Guys! My heart broke in this one. I couldn't stand watching poor Kestrel be strong. She's so awesome. She's in such a horrible position and she still starts spying on the court for Herran and stupid, loathsome, moron Arin can't get past his own ego to see what's really going on. I'm telling you, I wanted to rip his eyes out and shove them at Kestrel screaming, "look"! Seriously. The guys a moron. I kind of wish Kestrel doesn't end up with him but we all know she will. He doesn't deserve her. All I know is, there better be some serious groveling from Arin if she takes him back.

That ending! Watching Kestrel's dad betray her broke my heart. I think I screamed a little and almost threw my kindle across the room. What a jerk! How could he do that to his own daughter?! I'll never forgive him!

If I didn't have so many commitments I would have dived into book three. I need to see how this is all going to turn out. Soon. I'll get there soon.

Phew! Thanks for letting me gush and rant.

Should you read it
Uh, yeah.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Review: The Paper Magician

Title The Paper Magician (The Paper Magician #1)
By Charlie N. Holmberg
Genre YA Fantasy
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ceony Twill has just graduated Magic school. She hopes to apprentice with any kind of magic but Paper but Paper is just what she's going to get. But the Paper Magician Thane surprises her with his kindness and maybe working with paper isn't so bad. When Thane's heart is taken by his ex, an evil magician practicing the forbidden magic of flesh Ceony will have to put what little knowledge she has of paper to use and save her Thane.

First Sentence
For the past five years, Ceony had wanted to be a Smelter.

A local author and book club book made this one an inevitable read for me. I'd seen it around and had been curious but my book club made me pick it up sooner than I had intended.

I actually ended up liking this one. Which is no surprise since the majority of my book club didn't like it. (I'm always of the opposite opinion) I thought Thane was instantly likable and could see what Ceony liked about him. I also like how she went into his heart and got to learn so much about him. Ceony bugged me a bit at first because of her somewhat snooty manner but she started to grow on me. And she was definitely braver than I am.

It was a quick and fun adventure and I'm interested enough to read the rest of the series.

My book club's major problem with this one was there wasn't enough meat to it. It is short at just over 200 pages and I completely agree with them that there should have been a bit more to it. One book club member pointed out that the second act was missing and it was voted the best analogy of the night. The second act is indeed missing. We go from introductions straight to the final show down.

I, however, was more forgiving. This is the authors's first book and I thought for a debut book it was fine. It could have been better with a bit more story but I liked it.

Should you read it
I wouldn't shove this one at you as the best book ever written but I'd give it a thumbs up if you asked.

Friday, August 4, 2017

July Wrap-Up 2017

YAY!!! July is over! Sorry, but I really hate July! Actually this year it went pretty fast but it was still stagnant and hot and miserable. That, and all the craziness in my life with remodeling resulted in me reading only 4 books. But guess what? The remodel is done!!!! My life should calm down just a tiny bit now. Fingers crossed.

A Merciful Truth by Kendra Elliot, The Winner's Crime by Marie Rutkoski, The Paper Magician by Charlie N Holmberg and Attachments by Rainbow Rowell.

Guys, my favorite book this month was Attachments. I have disliked every other book of Rowell's so I was so skeptical but I absolutely adored this book! I'm in love with Lincoln now and had a major book hangover when it ended. Sigh! Least favorite was A Merciful Truth which I received for free for an honest review so I feel a bit bad. Oh well.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Review: A Merciful Truth

Title A Merciful Truth (Mercy Killpatrick 2)
By Kendra Elliot
Genre Adult crime/fiction
Rating ⭐️⭐️

Back in her hometown of Eagle's Nest Oregon FBI Agent Mercy was hoping for a warm welcoming from family but while some are welcoming others are not. Meanwhile an arsonist turned murderer is on the loose. Can Mercy and her lover Police Chief Truman Daly find who's behind the crimes before it's too late?

First Sentence 
Police Chief Truman Daly slammed the door of his Tahoe and raised a hand to protect his face from the heat of the fire.

I received a copy of A Merciful Truth from the kind folks at Montlake Romance in exchange for an honest review. 

Having not read the first book in this series I was a little afraid I wouldn't know what was going on but I felt that I caught on pretty quickly. Mercy has just transferred from Portland back to her home town of Eagle's Nest Oregon and is dating the Police Chief Truman Daly. Her brother was killed not too long ago and she is now the guardian of his daughter. The death of her brother is what, I'm assuming, was covered in the first book. Don't take my word for it, though, I'm just assuming.

I felt like this one stood on its own storywise. While I liked watching Mercy track down the arsonist with Truman's help as the story unfolded, I found far too much telling not showing going on. As a result I couldn't really connect to the characters. They felt one dimensional; like character cutouts of a FBI agent and a police chief. Even Mercy's niece felt like your typical teenager. They were just too standard. I wanted to connect to them but couldn't.

There was quite a few things that were far too convenient as well. I tried to be forgiving but found far too many things that were unbelievable.

I know it sounds like I hated this one and that's not entirely true. I didn't hate it but was a bit disappointed. Maybe I'm just burned out on these crime novels (as I've mentioned before) or maybe I wasn't in the mood but this one fell a bit flat for me.

Should you read it
If crime novels are your thing then give this one a go. Though, I might recommend reading the first in the series before reading this one.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Review: The Winner's Curse

Title The Winner's Curse (The Winner Trilogy 1)
By Marie Rutkoski
Genre YA Fantasy
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Kestrel lives a highly privileged life as the daughter of a General. Her people revel in war and enslave those it conquers. As is tradition, Kestrel can marry or join the military but Kestrel dislikes both options. Music has her heart, that is until she inexplicably buys a slave who might love music too. Kestrel's life is about to be thrown into upheaval and she'll have to choose between her people and love.

First Sentence
She shouldn't have been tempted.

All my friends have been raving about this series....Like all of them. This made me very nervous. Usually when all my friends love a book or series I end up hating it. Luckily, this time was different. I adored this book. I got sucked in from page one and managed to inhale it in two sittings. Considering how crazy my life has been, it takes quite the book to steal what little downtime I have.

In fact, this is only the second book this year I've given 5 stars too. I'm very stingy with my stars, as you know, but this one deserved all 5 of them.

So, what did I love so much? I love these political intrigue books where much conniving and strategizing is going on but it's kept light enough for my little mind to wrap around. I also loved how the romance didn't take over the story and was very slow burning. I liked that there was resolution to this book but also a lot of setup for the books to come.

This book reminded me of old favorites like The Blue Sword by Robin Mckinley.  Perhaps that's why I really loved it so much. Whatever it was, love it I did and I can't wait to read the rest.

Should you read it
If I'm not the last person on the planet to have read this one, I'd highly recommend you go pick it up. You won't regret it.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

June Wrap-Up 2017

June is over. And so we begin my worst hated month of the year. With all the craziness going on in my life I'm impressed I even managed four books. And to top it off, I liked all of them.

Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway, Heartless by Marissa Meyer, Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han and The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski

Favorite of the month was definitely The Winner's Curse. That book blew me away! I didn't have any books that I disliked this month (Yay!) but if I had to pick one I'd say Always and Forever, Lara Jean. I liked it but I prefer the first book in that series.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Review: Always and Forever, Lara Jean

Title Always and Forever, Lara Jean (To All The Boys I've Loved Before #3)
By Jenny Han
Genre YA Contemporary
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lara Jean and Peter are back. Graduation is just a few short months away and college acceptance letters are on there way. When Lara Jean doesn't get into the school she wanted, the one Peter is getting into, her heart is broken. Can she go to another school far away and still have a relationship?

First Sentence
I like to watch Peter when he doesn't know I'm looking.

While honestly, I liked the first book in this series the best, I'm always up for more of Lara Jean and Peter so I was excited that the author decided to write another book in the series.

Sadly, I felt like this one didn't have enough going on. The major plot line, while something a lot of high school sweethearts have to deal with, wasn't substantial enough to carry the story along and as a result the whole book sort of meandered along.

And this time around I found myself annoyed with Lara Jean. I felt like she had such a charmed life. You know, nothing bad ever really happens to her, she doesn't have to work, has tons of money because her dad is rich, she's flawlessly beautiful, everyone loves her, she's talented and smart and on and on and on!  I'm very begrudging of people like this at the moment so maybe I shouldn't have read this one right now.

Honestly I was only going to give this one 2 stars but what Peter writes in her year book was so stinkin' cute I gave it another star.

I'm sure this was the last book in the series but, if not, I'm done with it either way.

Should you read it
Sure, especially if you want to see what Peter writes in her year book.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Review: Heartless

Title Heartless
By Marissa Meyer
Genre Fantasy/Retelling
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Before Alice visited Wonderland, Before the Queen of Hearts uttered "off with his head" there was just Catherine. A girl with a dream to start a bakery. But Wonderland has other plans.

First Sentence
Three luscious lemon tarts glistened up at Catherine.

Ever since reading The Lunar Chronicles I've been eager to see what else Marissa Meyer would come up with. When I heard about Heartless, Meyer's take on the Queen of Hearts before she became the vicious villain from Alice in Wonderland, I was very excited!

Now let's think this through. This is a retelling of the Queen of Hearts. We all know how wicked and cruel she is, right? So I knew going into it that we weren't in for a happy ending. Having that acceptance was important for me to enjoy the story. If I'd thought I was getting a happy ending I might have been very upset.

While I found this one a little...OK a LOT slower moving than Meyer's other books, I was still very much enjoying myself while I read. Meyer's does the best job of taking a well known story and twisting it around to meet her needs and yet still keeping true to the original.

I loved this take on Wonderland. Everything was described in a very casual way. Animals talk? Why yes, they do, Why do you ask? I loved that she didn't stop the story to explain the inner workings of Wonderland. Who can really do that anyway? Not even Carroll, I dare say.

My biggest issue with the book was Catherine. She was such a simpering little wimp! It drove me nuts. I'm kind of surprised she becomes someone as strong willed and stubborn as the Queen of Hearts. But maybe that was the point??? Who knows. It just bugged me. I like my heroine's a little more self reliant.

Should you read it
Oh yes. Please do. Just be ready for that ending.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Review: Emmy & Oliver

Title Emmy & Oliver
By Robin Benway
Genre YA Contemporary
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Emmy and Oliver were best friends until Oliver's dad kidnapped him. Ten years later Oliver is back. Can Emmy and Oliver be friends again or will it be something more?

First Sentence
Oliver disappeared from school on a Friday afternoon, way back when we were in second grade, and small things seemed really important and important things seemed too small.

I feel like this book has been on my TBR shelf forever. As it was only released in 2015, it hasn't been nearly as long as it feels but still. I was needing a light romantic read and had heard good things so I picked this one up.

It fit the bill perfectly. With romance and just a touch of issues and hurdles to get through it was just what I was looking for.

My only real problem with the book was that I felt like I'd read it before. There was nothing new, special or unique in this one but since that wasn't what I was going for I didn't mind.

So, if you're looking for a romantic, fun read give this one a go. Just don't expect any thing super deep.

Should you read it
I'd recommend this one as exactly what it is. Fluff with a dash of drama to keep things interesting.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Review: Suicide Notes

Title Suicide Notes
By Michael Thomas Ford
Genre YA Contemporary
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️

15 year old Jeff wakes up at the hospital on New Years Day after a suicide attempt. Frustrated at being held in the psych ward with a bunch of teens he considers nuts, he'll discover a lot about himself and that maybe crazy isn't so crazy after all.

First Sentence
I read somewhere that when astronauts come back to Earth after floating around in space they get sick to their stomachs because the air here smells like rotting meat to them.

Who knew a book about attempted suicide could be so amusing. Now, mind you, it wasn't amusing in a make-fun-of-suicide way but in a this-character-is-so-sarcastic-and-funny way. I was giggling like crazy through the first half of this book.

Things took a more serious turn in the middle of the book and at one point I just sat there, stunned, not believing what I was reading. I can't say what happened because I think if you choose to read this one you need to go into it blind like I did but just know that there are several graphic....very graphic events that happen in this book. Why the author chose to go into such detail I have no idea. I think he could have revealed things just as clearly without all the details but that's just me.

So, on the one hand I adored how funny this one was, the writing is the type of writing I wish I could replicate, but on the other hand you had some very graphic scenes that I found completely unnecessary that almost ruined the story for me.

In the end, I'd still recommend this one because I thought it dealt with a serious subject with humor and warmth without pushing an agenda.

Should you read it?
Like I said, I'd still recommend it unless you absolutely cannot handle graphic descriptions of sex.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Why, Hello There

A lot of you guys encouraged me to not give up on this blog and since I'm not quite ready to give up, I've decided to carry on. However, summers are just plain awful for me. I'm so busy I barely have time to read, let alone, blog.

Why am I so busy? Well, I think a lot of you know my husband and I own a few rental properties, right? Yeah, so in the winter I don't have to lift a finger at said properties unless something happens to go wrong, like a furnace going out (which two did this last winter) but that just requires a phone call to a repair company and a trip to the property to meet the repair man. Nothing too complicated. The summer, however, is a whole other story.  We do the yard work at our rentals so that means once a week we have to go mow lawns, make sure the sprinklers at one property are working and watering properly and make sure our tenants at the other property are keeping up with watering their lawns.

And now we have another property that we're remodeling right now...I swear this happens every summer...and on top of all that I have to keep up my own yard and house and, guys, I hate summers! I really do. They're hot and busy and all I want to do in lay by the pool and read but there's no time.

Thanks for listening to me rant. I have some book reviews to write but that might be all you see for awhile.

I hope everyone else is having a nice relaxing summer! See you on the other side!  

Saturday, June 3, 2017

May Wrap-up 2017

Well, Phooey! I read nine books in April but only managed five in May. I had a major reading blogging/slump. I almost, almost got on blogger and said goodbye and shut it down. But I was too lazy to do even that. thank goodness, because I'm just not ready to say goodbye. Anywho, I managed to catch up on reviews, thanks for putting up with the slew of reviews from me, and hope June will be a better reading month. I need pool time and reading time!

Sense and Sensibility Manga Classic by Jane Austen, Bright Smoke, Cold Fire by Rosamund Hodge, Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs, Forgotten, by Cat Patrick and Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford.

Favorites of the month were Sense and Sensibility the Manga classic. It was fun! And Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs. Least favorite was Forgotten by Cat Patrick.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Review: Forgotten

Title Forgotten
By Cat Patrick
Genre YA contemporary
Rating ⭐️⭐️

London's not normal. Every night her brain resets. She can't remember her past. She can, however, remember events from her future. Relying on notes and reminders on her phone she tries to navigate through high school.

First Sentence
Aren't Friday's supposed to be good?

This is one of the many books I purchased right when it came out and then never read. I guess it was time.

I was very eager to read it when I bought it and when I reminded myself what it was about I was eager to read it again. It sounded fascinating. Sadly, it didn't hold up to its exiting premise.

So, what went wrong? The romance took over the entire story. You know what I mean. It happens way too often. Synopsis sounds great, book starts out okay, then the love interest enters the scene and all's lost. Sigh!

And this romance was BORING. It didn't have any passion or tension. It was stale and just plain...meh.

And the writing felt like a rough first draft. There weren't typos or anything, it just wasn't very well written. There were a lot of details that didn't add up or make sense. With a story like this, it needed to make more sense to be believable and it just wasn't. I was sadly disappointed.

I gave it two stars, however,  because somehow it kept me reading, though I have no idea how.

Should you read it
Meh, I'd pass on this one.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Review: Frost Burned

Title Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson #7)
By Patricia Briggs
Genre Adult Urban Fantasy
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️

When Mercy's husband Adam and his whole pack gets abducted she'll have to step up and use her standing as his mate to bring him home and find who's behind his kidnapping.

First Sentence
"You should have brought the van," said my step daughter.

Remember a few days ago when I reviewed Homecoming, a graphic novel based on this series? Well this is one of the actual novels in the series. Number 7 to be exact. I'm trying to catch up. There's 10 books in the series so far.

If I haven't said much about this series you need to know a few things. Things that encompass my love for the whole series can also be said of what I loved about this book in particular.

I love the characters. Besides Adam, Mercy's husband, I adore all the characters in this world. Mercy is smart and independent. Why she chose Adam, I'll never know, but whatever. Even the characters you hate you love to hate. The world is so fun too!

I've been reading this series since 2009. I'll read one and then go for sometime before I pick up the next but every time I do pick up one of these books I'm easily brought right back into the story and knew exactly what's going on. The author does a great job of reminding you what's happening without bogging down the story. I love it!

Should You Read It
Yes, but hopefully you read all the books in the series!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Review: Bright Smoke, Cold Fire

Title Bright Smoke, Cold Fire (Bright Smoke, Cold Fire #1)
By Rosamund Hodge
Genre YA Fantasy
Rating ⭐️⭐️

Rosamund Hodge takes on the story of Romeo and Juliet in this fantasy novel with everything from zombies to reapers and everything in between.

First Sentence
If he does not come soon, she may not have the heart to kill him.

If you remember, I absolutely adored Cruel Beauty by Hodge and am eager to read all the books she's written. However, I'm not a Romeo and Juliet fan...and that's putting it lightly. Still, I thought if anyone could get me to like their story it would be Hodge, so I gave it a try. And, well, it has Hodge's great writing and world building and I was grateful that it focused on (Rosaline) Runajo and Paris rather than Romeo and Juliet but because they were in it I was still annoyed.

The take on Juliet and what she was, was clever and unique and while it made me like her a little more, I just couldn't like Romeo. He was a s dramatic and stupid as ever.

The world created in this one was awesome and I was very involved in Runajo's story but I have such mixed feelings. I wanted to like it better than and I did and I wanted more resolution. This one was just set up for more in book two with absolutely no closure.

Sigh! While I didn't ended up hating this one I was so disappointed with the "non ending" of this one and Romeo's stupid antics that I'm just not sure I'll read anymore in the series. However I liked the world Hodge created and want to see what happens to Runajo. I'm so torn!

Should You Read It
I wouldn't tell you to outright avoid it.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Review: Sense and Sensibility

Title Sense and Sensibility
By Jane Austen
Genre Manga/Graphic Novel
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jane Austen's beloved story of two sisters and their dealings with love in Manga form.

When my friend Kami discovered these Jane Austen's made into Manga I knew I had to try at least one. I chose Sense and Sensibility because I was in the mood for that story.

I was worried about reading these books backwards but ended up hardly noticing; my brain picked up on it pretty fast. I love Manga art and this book was absolutely lovely! I liked all the depictions of the characters and even swooned a little over Col. Brandon. I even posted his photo on Instagram.

I read it in one sitting and am very interested in trying some of the others.

Should You Read It
If you love Jane Austen or Manga and graphic novels I'd highly recommend this one.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Review: Away Laughing on a Fast Camel

Title Away Laughing on a Fast Camel (Georgia Nicholson #5)
By Louise Rennison
Genre YA Contemporary
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Georgia is back and funnier than ever. Desperately missing her sex god boyfriend who's gone to New Zealand, Georgia copes as best she can. A handsome new boy in town might help distract her but only if she can stop accidentally kissing Dave The Laugh.

First Sentence
Gray skies, Gray cluds, Gray knickers.

I love this series. It's so silly and irreverent. I also, if you haven't notices, have been enjoying a book or two around read-a-thon time. They're perfect read-a-thon books because they're fast and easy to read and keep me awake because I can't stop laughing.

While some people might be bothered by Georgia's lack of loyalty to her boyfriend, I find these books very truthful depictions of teenage girls. Some anyway. I was never too flighty but I had friends that were and I loved them and I love Georgia.

Should you read it
Yes, and the other books in the series too.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Review: Homecoming

Title Homecoming (Mercy Thompson GN #1)
By Patricia Briggs
Genre Graphic Novel
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The urban fantasy world created by Patricia Briggs comes to life in this graphic novel. Highlighting Mercy's arrival in the Tri-Cities area.

First Sentence
Go for a run, I thought.

I enjoy the world Briggs has created and have loved reading her novels so when I saw there was some graphic novels released mirroring the series I promptly checked them out.

There's only two out so far and while I enjoyed seeing the characters in art form, I found the story, as I often do in graphic novels, rather too light for my taste. It just rushed by and I didn't get enough depth. Because of that, I'm not sure I'll finish the GN series but I will continue with the novels.

All in all, it was fun seeing an artists depiction of some of my favorite characters but I need more story.

Should you read it
I actually would recommend that you read this one if the series sounds interesting. It might give you a taste of the world Briggs has created and get you to read the novels.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Review: Baby Proof

Title Baby Proof
By Emily Giffin
Genre Adult Chick Lit
Rating ⭐⭐⭐

Claudia has never wanted children. It just isn't in her future, but finding a man who agrees? Not so easy. When Claudia meets Ben he's her perfect match for a million reasons including his desire for a childless marriage. But when one of them suddenly changes their mind years into the marriage will their love survive?

First Sentence
I never wanted to be a mother.

Emily Giffin's books are so addicting. They're really quite silly for books that deal with serious issues and I often find her characters doing unrealistic things but I can't help myself.

Baby Proof was just as addicting as her other books. I read it in two sittings. It was a hard book to read for me because of personal reasons. (If you know what I mean) However, I still gulped it up.

My absolute favorite thing about this book was the relationship between Claudia and her sisters. I loved how they all had completely different desires and lives but stayed close and just loved each other. I wish I was as close to my sisters as Claudia was to hers. I also loved her friendship with Jess. The relationships in the book was what kept me reading.

The actions that were taken so brashly by main characters were a bit unbelievable to me. I guess if it hadn't happened that way there wouldn't have been much of a story but I still found it completely unrealistic.

I liked the ending too. It was wrapped up quite nicely but minus the bow. So it wasn't too neat.

Should you read it? 
I'd recommend this one over some of her others for sure.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Review: While You Were Sleeping

Title While You Were Sleeping
By Kathryn Croft
Genre Adult Suspense
Rating  ⭐

Tara Logan's life may not be perfect. Her husband and her are on rocky ground since his affair and her teenage daughter is a handful. Still, life is mostly calm and quiet. That is until Tara wakes up in her neighbor's bed and discovers he's been stabbed. She has no memory of how she got there. Terrified, she chooses to keep quiet. With an investigation getting closer and closer she may have to tell what she knows.

First Sentence
I lie in bed and watch Noah pack.

Ugh! I seriously need to check out a books publishing info before reading it? Will I ever learn? This one wasn't self published; I believe a small publishing house published it and I didn't notice any typos but, damn, the writing was mediocre at best and the story had me rolling my on every page.

I got more than half way through before I started skimming. Usually if I don't officially finish a book (meaning I read every last word) I don't rate a book and mark it as DNF but I read most of this book and skimmed the last 100 pages or so, so I'm calling it read. And I'm reviewing it to warn you to stay away.

First of all if the MC knew she didn't kill her neighbor then rather than stay quiet she should have spoken up. There was no real reason for her silence. I won't go on with everything else that was completely unbelievable because I don't want to waste my time.  If you don't heed my warning and read it anyway, I don't want to ruin it for you but, seriously, don't read this pathetic book.

Should you read it? 
Were you not listening? Don't read it!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

April Wrap-Up 2017

April's showers have come and gone! Guys, I read NINE books last month!!!! I'm so proud of myself!! OK, so here's what I read. And uh, I'm still catching up on reviews so I don't have a link to each book yet.

The Chemist by Stephanie Meyer, Away Laughing on a Fast Camel by Louise Rennison, Homecoming by Patricia Briggs, Baby Proof by Emily Giffin, Bone Gap by Laura Ruby, With Malice by Eileen Cook, Gem & Dixie by Sara Zarr, While You Were Sleeping by Kathryn Croft and The Mothers by Brit Bennett

Favorites this month were Bone Gap, a reread for book club, (love this book! Go read it!) and Gem & Dixie. Least Favorite was The Mothers and While you Were Sleeping.f

Monday, May 1, 2017

Review: Gem & Dixie

Title Gem & Dixie
By Sara Zarr
Genre YA Contemporary
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Gem's life isn't great. Her mom is barely managing to hold down a job between benders and her dad has always been in and out of the picture. The only thing Gem has that's consistent is her younger sister Dixie. Thought they've drawn apart lately they've always had each other. When an opportunity for a way out of her life comes, Gem wants to take it but the one thing that's holding her back might be the one thing she needs to let go of the most.

First Sentence
Nine quarters.

I love Sara Zarr's books. I always inhale them. And I mean inhale. I read this one in two sittings and that's because I made myself put it down so I could enjoy it a bit longer.

Zarr's last two books were a bit of a let down so I was a little nervous going into this one but it was great. I felt like I was reading one of Zarr's older books. Like she'd gotten back down to basics. Her stories are always fairly simple. They're about people. I find people fascinating and Zarr's "people" are always very fascinating.

I was rooting for Gem the whole book. That first scene in the book just broke my heart and watching Gem slowly make her way up and out throughout the book was what mended it. I couldn't have been more pleased with the ending. I loved it.

I felt like perhaps I was supposed to care more for Dixie but, well, I just didn't. I guess it's because I knew there was probably no help for her. She was who she was and I didn't feel like Gem was in any position to help. The book ended on a hopeful note and while it was a bittersweet ending, I adored it.

Should you read it? 

Friday, April 28, 2017

Review: The Chemist

Title The Chemist
By Stephanie Meyer
Genre Adult Suspense
Rating ⭐⭐

She used to work for the government until they wanted her dead. On the run years, always looking over her shoulder, she has one more chance to get her old life back. But things are about to go from bad to worse.

First Sentence
Today's errand had become routine for the women who was currently calling herself Chris Taylor.

For those of you who know me, you know I really hated the Twilight series. I gave up on the series and never read the last book. I have a myriad of reasons for my dislike but won't go into that here. Yet, despite my dislike of those books I read The Host by the same author and chose to read this one.

Despite how cringe worthy I find her romance and insta-attraction/love there is something about Meyer's writing that sort of sucks you in and holds you down while the story licks your face like a cutesie wittle puppy dog. So annoying.

That being said, this one didn't suck me in at all. I read it with a couple of good friends and we had a fun Twitter chat about it midway through so that kept me reading but about half way through I just wanted to be done so I could read something else.

It felt like the author had done her best to research it but it ended up being overly detailed and then, of course, she just couldn't help herself; she threw in a completely unnecessary and unbelievable romance. The characters just felt too young and naive for the kinds of people they were supposed to be.

Filled with convenience and predictability the rushed ending just didn't do it for me and I wished it had ended another way. Oh well.

Should you read it?
If you're a Twilight fan I think you'll find this one lacking in that Meyer strong hold style but it's got the romance so give it a whirl.    

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Read-a-thon Time!


It seems like the last few read-a-thons fell by the wayside for me so this time I'm participating!

I've got my books which consist of two graphic novels a chick lit and a non fiction I'll be reading a chapter or two from.

I've got waaaaaaay too many snacks....

I've got my kitties....

I'm ready! I'll probably do most of my updating on Twitter and Instagram so feel free to follow me there. I'll be using #readathon.

Will you be joining? If not, you should. It's so fun!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Review: With Malice

Title With Malice
By Eileen Cook
Genre YA Suspense
Rating ⭐⭐⭐

When Jill wakes up in a the hospital she's shocked to learn she was in an accident in Italy and that her best friend was killed. The media is in a frenzy, Jill is being blamed for her friend's death and the Italian government wants her extradited back to Italy. But Jill's biggest problem is she has absolutely no memory of  the event. She doesn't even remember going to Italy.

First Sentence
I'm not a morning person.

I've been hearing great things about this book and it sounded pretty exciting so I bought it when it was released and decided I better read it sooner rather than later.

I inhaled this book in two sittings. I challenge you not to do the same. The story jumps from following Jill in the hospital after the accident to rehab to police interviews, emails, witness accounts and incident reports. It drags you in and won't let you go. That cliche "compulsively readable" comes to mind again.

That being said, and I did end up giving it 3 stars, I had quite a few problems with the book.

First off was I saw the mystery coming a mile away. I really hate when it's so obvious. Still, the book was hard to put down and I just wanted to know how it all turned out.

And that leads me to another problem with the book. I don't know what I think of these endings. I've read a few books now that are trying this twist ending and I'm not sure how I feel about them. I can't say much or I'd give it away so this review is turning out rather dull, I'm afraid. It's just that most of what I liked and disliked has so much to do with the plot that I'd ruin it if I said anything. Sigh! Oh well. Just know that I thought it was suspenseful and fun to read but I didn't think it was perfect.

Should you read it?
If you like suspense, I'd highly recommend it.  

Monday, April 10, 2017

Review: The Mothers

Title The Mothers
By Brit Bennett
Genre Adult Fiction
Rating ⭐

A study on why religion, gossip, and old biddies ruin peoples lives.

First Sentence
We didn't believe when we first heard because you know how church folk can gossip.

Once more a Tournament of Books book. The tournament is over and I totally called it. The Underground Railroad won. I didn't even read that one so I guess I can't be too judgey (I didn't want it to win) but I will anyway. Any who. I read this one after the tournament was over because I had in on hold at the library and it came in.

I should have skipped it. This book was the stupidest book I've read in a long time. Read my synopsis and you'll know what I thought of it.  But let me elaborate.

First of all the writing was not beautiful and lyrical, it was disjointed and confusing and more than once I had to reread a paragraph or sentence just to determine what was going on. There was little to no point to the story. All I could see was that a girl made a decision that never really did make her happy and then a bunch of old church gossips wagged their tongues and destroyed the only thing they had going for them in their pathetic lives. Idiots!

It's all well and good to write a book as depressing and maddening as this one was to maybe point out that things like this are stupid and need to change but I felt like the author loved the lifestyle and was fondly reminiscing. What the hell? This was a horrible story with stupid characters that were so damned determined to be miserable. Not one character wanted happiness! Ugh!  I can't even talk about it anymore. I just don't ever want to think about it again. It makes me that mad.

Should know what? NO! 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Review: The One and Only

Title The One & Only
By Emily Giffin
Genre Adult Contemporary Chick lit
Rating ⭐⭐

Shea Rigsby has always been a Walker fan. Fan of the town she grew up in and fan of the college football team. Her whole life has centered around the football and her best friend's dad the coach of her beloved team. Despite her comfortable life, Shea soon realizes it's not going anywhere. She's in a rut. When a new job and a new relationship blossom it looks as though things couldn't be better but Shea's heart longs for something different. Something that might ruffle too many feathers. Can she have the life she truly wants or will a small town's watchful eye keep her away from what she wants most?

First Sentence
I should have been thinking about God.

I'm a sucker for Emily Giffin's books. They're so overly dramatic and kind of silly but I can't help it, I love them. I decided to give this one a go even though the subject matter was football. Like... a lot. Seriously. I expected some football talk but wow! It was almost not about anything else. It was so bad I almost gave up.

That and Shea's passive attitude really annoyed me. I knew where things were heading the moment the book started and I really didn't want the ending it was leading too.

So many times I almost put the book down...but I didn't. I probably should have. I didn't end up hating the book but it really wasn't worth my time. It wasn't just the football talk either. There was some possible rape stuff that got covered up that I didn't approve of and I really hated the love interest. It just didn't work for me.

It wasn't the age thing that bugged be but the fact that she worshiped this man. I'm not sure she really ever loved him. I think she loved the idea of him.
***End of Spoiler***

Usually her books are so readable. It's one of the reason's I love them so much. Even if you're not totally in love with her story you just can't put it down. This one didn't even have that going for it and I felt like I had to force my way through it. I guess my like for the author is why I'm giving it two stars. Otherwise it would be a one star for sure.

Should you read it?
No. Go ahead and read her others. They're worth a read but not this one. Just no.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

March Wrap Up 2017

Yay! March is over. Sorry, March and July are my least favorite months of the year.  I only read five books but now-a-days that's not bad.

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein, A Madness so Discreet by Mindy McGinnis, Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins, Version Control by Dexter Palmer and The One and Only by Emily Giffin

I didn't have any favorites this month; nothing got more than three stars. Hmmm, that's not so good. I don't think I really had a least favorite either.

Ugh! See why I hate March? Everything, including my reading, is so bland! Good riddance it's over! Hopefully I read some 4 and 5 star books in April!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Review: Version Control

Title Version Control
By Dexter Palmer
Genre Adult Science Fiction
Rating ⭐⭐

Rebecca feels like something just isn't right. Her world, her life, the president on TV. Nothing feels right and it's not just that she's still grieving the loss of her son two years ago. Her husband, a brilliant Physicist is working on a invention he calls the casualty violation device (a time machine but don't call it that in front of him). He's close to success but he may have already succeeded.

First Sentence
Nothing is as it should be; everything is upside down.

This was another Tournament of Books read but one I kind of wanted to check out anyway. I listened to this one on audio and always wonder how that affects my opinion. When someone else is reading in different voices and intonations than you might it skews your perspective a bit. And it was loooong! 25 hours or something like that. In print form it's about 500 pages.

And that leads me to my biggest problem with it. It didn't need to be that long. There was a bunch of little details that were completely unnecessary. And all these details seemed to be thrown in to make the book feel more like a story. Without them, it felt like reading a research paper.  That's not to say there wasn't a story, there was, just a story bogged down by science. The characters would have these conversations to explain things but it just made me zone out. I didn't really care how the machine worked or didn't work. I'm a reader, not a scientist, I don't need to know every little detail.

As for the characters, I hated, downright loathed, Phillip. He was a freaking machine. He acted so un-human that for a while I actually thought maybe he wasn't going to be human. There were other characters that I had suspicions about too but I never really got an answer...just another thing that bugged me.

This is making it sound like I totally hated the book and I didn't. Despite all the science and the length I was never bored. I wanted to know what was happening and how things would wrap up and I was satisfied with the ending if not in love with it.

It was an interesting read with plenty going on to think about. I liked the near future aspects and the character interactions. I liked that there were character interactions. This book could have easily fallen heavy on the story side but managed to be about people too. It made me think about the tech world we live in and wonder if things haven't gotten a bit out of hand and I think, maybe, that's what the author wanted.

Should you read it.
Can't say I'd recommend this one necessarily but I wouldn't outright tell you to avoid it either. I'll let you decide. ;)    

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Review: Hex Hall

Title Hex Hall
By Rachel Hawkins
Genre YA Supernatural/Paranormal
Rating ⭐⭐⭐

Sophie is a witch. A witch that just can't stay out of trouble. When she tries to help out a fellow student with a love spell and things go horribly wrong she ends up being sent to Hex Hall school for all the things that go bump in the night. Navigating her way through her new school Sophie is about to learn more about herself than she ever wanted.

First Sentence

This in one of those books that's been sitting on my shelf forever. I think I bought it when it first came out in 2010. I fell in love with the cover and thought it sounded like a fun read. But then of course I came home, placed it on my shelves, and proceeded to ignore it. I've been wanting to work on the books on my shelves particularly series so I finally picked it up.

I was worried it was going to be too juvenile and cliche. You know, love at first sight, love triangle. The typical YA supernatural/paranormal book. And, well, it was pretty cliche but there wasn't love at first sight or a love triangle so that's something.

It was a fun, light, fluffy read. It wasn't anything new or the perfect story but I enjoyed it. The world was the best part. I liked learning about all the different supernatural creatures and how they interacted. I liked learning more about Sophie and her history. While I'm not sure I'll remember this one for long I do think the characters will stick with me. They were typical but just sort of stuck out in my mind.

Sadly, I don't have the other two books in the series but I'd like to get my hands on them pretty quick so I can read the whole series together and knock another one of the list.

All, in all a fun read. Nothing new or extraordinary but still fun.

Should you read it? 
If this is your type of read, I'd say go for it.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Tag-I'm It

I saw this tag on Kara's blog. She got it from some one else but I thought I'd just link to her and participate. Mostly so there's more than just book reviews on my blog. Sigh! So here we go and feel free to tag yourself and participate. 

1. What book has been on your shelf the longest?

I'm going to go with Clear and Present Danger by Tom Clancy my first book purchase. I have a few children books that my mom got me for Christmas when I was a kid but I'm not counting those.

2. What is your current read, your last read, and the book you’ll read next?

Current: The One & Only by Emily Giffin. Needed a light book after Version Control by Dexter Palmer...which answers what my last read was. Next I'll probably be rereading Bone Gap for book club or reading The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer....Jenni??? 

3. What book did everyone like, but you hated? 

Um, everything? No, but it often feels that way. I'll go with Code Name Verity. I just read it and didn't like it but I feel like everyone else adored it.

4. What book do you keep telling yourself you’ll read, but you probably won’t?

Not sure, probably one of those pesky classics I feel obligated to read but don't want to. 

5. What book are you saving for retirement?

Um, no idea. There's still so many books to be released before I'll retire. What it if it's one of them? 

6. Last page: read it first, or wait ’til the end?

I used to read the last page of books all the time. Now I never do. I know I'll get there eventually. 

7. Acknowledgement: waste of paper and ink, or interesting aside?

I always read them. I may skip over the names of people that mean nothing to me but I like to read them. Some are quite funny. 

8. Which book character would you switch places with?

Oh dear. I don't know. These questions are hard. Any character living in London??? I really want to live in London. 

9. Do you have a book that reminds you of something specific in your life? (Place, time, person?)

Speaking of London. I've been there twice and on my first trip I read Interview with a Vampire and started reading Dracula. So both those books remind me of London. 

10. Name a book that you acquired in an interesting way. 

The Lovely Bones. I used to work at a hotel and someone left it behind in one of the rooms. One of the housekeepers brought it to lost and found and I picked it up and started to read it. I loved it so much that I ended up bringing it home and having my mom read it. Still have it...and don't worry. The rightful owner never came back for it. 

11. Have you ever given a book away for a special reason to a special person?

Not that I can think of. I remember liking The Adoration of Jenna Fox and wanting a certain sister of mine to read it. I bought her a copy. 

12. Which book has been with you most places?

Um, if you count all the books on my phone...a lot. But I'll go with Odd Interlude (A Odd Thomas novel by Dean Koontz). I brought it with me on a Mediterranean cruise. Didn't get much reading done but it did see Italy, France, Spain, Croatia, Germany, and Sicily. That's something, right? 

13. Any “required reading” you hated in high school that wasn’t so bad two years later?
I was homeschooled so I didn't have required reading. I read whatever my little heart desired. 

14. Used or brand new?

15. Have you ever read a Dan Brown book?

Sadly, yes. I read The Da Vinci Code when everyone else was. I thought it was mediocre. Dan Brown has the most annoying habit in his writing of creating suspense by having characters say, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" And then ending the chapter. It got incredibly tiresome. 

16. Have you ever seen a movie you liked more than the book?

17. Have you ever read a book that’s made you hungry, cookbooks included?

So many! One that sticks out is Sweethearts by Sara Zarr. That stupid pink sugar cookie on the front drove me crazy! 

18. Who is the person whose book advice you’ll always take?

Me. Sorry, but its true. I don't always pick winners but I have a pretty good idea what I'll like. So if anyone says to read a book I'll definitely check it out but in the end I decided whether I'll read it or not.

19. Is there a book out of your comfort zone (e.g., outside your usual reading genre) that you ended up loving?

Once upon a time I hated reading fantasy. Anything fantasy I'd avoid. Then my sister got me to read Harry Potter and, well, here we are. There's not really a genre I won't give a shot to now. 

That was fun! Join if you'd like. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Review: A Madness so Discreet

Title A Madness so Discreet
By Mindy McGinnis
Genre YA suspense
Rating ⭐⭐⭐

Grace is in an insane asylum. She doesn't speak. The ever growing bulge in her belly speaks for her. Speaks of the dark secrets of her family that landed her there. Rescue comes in the form of a faked lobotomy and a strange doctor who is making strides in a new form of solving murders. Grace's eye for detail is put to use and her new home and friends make life worth living again. But can she escape her past or will her past catch up to her?

First Sentence
They all had their terrors.

This is one of those books I bought based solely on the cover. Isn't it a beautiful cover? It's a more metaphorical depiction of the story within its pages, however.

So, I started this one and was not liking all. I was rather bored and wanted to know where it was going. I actually set it aside to finish another book I was working on and when I came back to it I gulped it down in a few hours. I guess I just wasn't in the mood the first time or maybe it just took a bit to get going? I'm not sure but either way I ended up liking it.

While I found a lot of it highly unlikely and unrealistic I easily overlooked those things and just fell into the story. The characters were all great. I loved that good people were to be found in even the darkest of places.

This one was a sad story with a lot of hard things to read about but offered hope in the end. I really ended up liking it and am glad I picked it up based on that lovely cover.

Should you read it?
I would highly recommend this one. Know that's it's a tough one to read and a bit sad but worth it.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Review: Code Name Verity

Title Code Name Verity
By Elizabeth Wein
Genre Adult Historical Fiction
Rating ⭐⭐

Follows the friendship between two women as they put their lives in danger during WWII.

First Sentence
I am a coward.

Another book club read and another book that got rave reviews and I just don't get it. I promise I don't just choose to not like books like this because everyone else loves them. I have my reasons.

First of all it was slow. So Slow! It had the longest slowest start to a book ever. And it's not just that it's slow but so confusing. I mean, for like 100 pages I was desperately trying to grasp exactly what was going on. That's not a good thing! It's one thing to have mystery, it's another to be so vague and unreliable that I'm losing interest by page 10.

Don't believe me? At our book club discussion there were several people there who had read this one a while ago so they kept asking questions about things to refresh their memory and those of us there who had just read it kept looking at each other in confusion trying to remember as well. And we'd JUST read it. Geeze! I hope the author is proud of herself; that she pats herself on the back because she wrote the first ever book where you need to reread the four hundred plus pages right after you finish it just to figure out what the hell you just read. You should want to reread books because they're good, not because you have to.

I'm not sure why this book is considered YA. It's about adult women in war, There's torture and death and a lot of things that made me think it should have been marketed as adult not YA.

In the end, I didn't outright hate this one but I did have a lot of issues with it.

Should you read it?
I think most of you have. If you haven't and choose to, plan on reading it twice. *rolls eyes*