Friday, March 7, 2014

January February Wrap Up

OK, So I'm running behind. Oh well, I try. Here's what I read in January and February.

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
Cute and engaging but a little too convenient.

The Lucy Variations
Not Sara Zarrs best book. Creepy adult teen relationship.

Odd Interlude 
Oh, Odd how I love thee. Koontz, my boy, you are one imaginative fellow.

Shadow Kiss (vampire academy 3)
The story continues. And, WOW, what and ending!

The Forgotten Garden
Intricate storytelling reveals an incredible tale.

 Into You 
Interesting premise, horrible execution.

Mind Games (mind games 1)
Holy exciting story, Batman! Give me more femme fatale!

A Countess Below Stairs 
More telling rather than showing but a fun little romance

And there you have it...Hey! It think my numbers are picking up!
Favorite of both January and February: Mind Games, The Forgotten Garden and Odd Interlude. Least favorite: Into You.


  1. Hey, I read THE FORGOTTEN GARDEN in February, too! Loved it. Big, lush family sagas are my favorite.

  2. I'm so glad you're reading more again AND blogging too! :)

  3. Your numbers are def picking up and you've outread me that's for sure! Are you going to see the Vampire Academy movie?

  4. Yay for the VA series! I actually almost started on Mind Games on audio maybe It'll be the next one! The reviews are SO all over the place but it's making me even more curious on what I would think! :)

  5. Welcome back to reading! :) It's looking good. And I can't wait to see Dan Wells with you! It'll be like old times!