Monday, April 28, 2014

Review: Perfect Lies (Mind Games 2)

Title Perfect Lies (Mind Games 2)
By Kiersten White
Genre YA Supernatural/Paranormal
Pages 232
Recommeded by Me

First sentence Annie.

Fia and Annie are back. There lives are about to collide again. With Annie longing to be useful and willing to do anything to save Fia and Fia trying to bring down the Keane Foundation, things are about to get tricky.

What is has going for it
I went into this one expecting to be so confused. Everyone said it was crazy and all over the place. I think it helped that I finished the first book in the series not too long ago so I remembered who everyone was and what was going on but I didn't find it confusing. I loved it! I was totally immersed in the story. Watching and waiting for the two sisters to meet again and their lives to collide. I found myself liking Annie more and more in this one and disliking poor Fia. Funny, because I liked Fia better in the first one and kinda hated Annie. I guess that's what good writing can do for you. I'm not sure if there's going to be anymore books in this series or not but though things ended good enough I'd love to see more of these sisters and join in on their adventures.

What's lacking
I can see how this one could confuse the hell out of some people. Its all over the place timeline was a tad confusing and it doesn't tell too much back story if you don't remember the first one. I know if I hadn't read the first one for a year I would be so lost. Still, I can't help but love these kick ass girls and their wild adventures.

Favorite moment
Watching Annie discover who the man she loved was. Like we didn't see that coming. Sigh!

Yea or Nay?
Yes, if you like crazy fun stories, read this series.


  1. I'm glad you liked it. I want to read this series still. It sounds like I need to read them close together, though.

  2. I can't believe I haven't read this one yet, what's wrong with me? I loved the first one!

  3. I still need to read this! I remember liking the first one but maybe I should read it again. I don't remember much of what happens.