Saturday, August 13, 2011

Windows To The Soul

Lets look into some characters eyes, shall we? Deep into their eyes. ;) Don't ask, it's just one of those things I've been thinking about again. Maybe I should stop thinking.

Chole's gold cat eyes from The Nine Lives of Chloe King. I haven't read the books yet, so I can't talk with any authority, but I have watched the show and I think those gold cat eyes sure are cool, whether they have any cool powers or not.

Ick! Sorry, I'm not an Edward fan and I'm even less of a Pattinson fan. Anywho, I always thought his eyes sort of sounded cool but the way they ended up in the movie...there's just something freaky about it.  No cool powers with his eyes either.

Corlath king of the hillfolk from The Blue Sword. K, someone else out there in the blogger world had imagined this handsome guy as Corlath, and though his eyes aren't gold, I can't complain. Yummy! Now, here we have eyes with power. Kelar. I'll never forget when Corlath first looks at Harry and she passes out. Sigh!

I wasn't a huge fan of the show and I've only read two books, but I have to admit, while not a cool color, the whole, literally-seeing-a-person's-soul-when-you-look-in-their-eyes, yeah, that's super intriguing, and I'd just love to know what people see when they look in Dresden's eyes.

Oh, Matthew, I can imagine your electric blue eyes but, alas, the cover designer won't let me see them. If you want to know why Matthews eyes are an unusual shade of blue, you'll  just have to finally give into my pushing and READ THESE BOOKS! 

Drizzet from The Dark Elf Trilogy has those amazing lavender eyes. Not only is this one of my favorite cool colored eyed characters, but he's also one of my favorite characters of all time. And what do those beautiful eyes do? Not much, but they are unique, the rest of his kind have red eyes. Oh, and he can see in the dark...that's something.

 I can't think of anymore and I know I should be able to. Sheesh! So, who have I missed? Are you as obsessed with eyes as me? Does it matter if said cool eyes can do something magical?


  1. Two characters that I think of immediately for eyes are Harry Potter's (Lily's, green) and Dany from A Song of Ice and Fire with lavender.

    When a talented writer writes about facial expressions it's probably one of my favorite things they can do. There are too many places where this is overused and doesn't work well: sparkling eyes that sparkle every other sentence, for example. But when it's done right it expresses so much about the character that it's more telling than words.

    I hope that makes sense!

  2. Kaye, It makes sense and the sparkly thing is annoying. I thought of Harry's eyes too.

  3. Eyes colour is the one thing that makes or breaks a character for me. Or not so much the colour but the expression of the eyes and the way an author describes it. I think the eyes can be a persons most attractive feature regardless of whether they are handsome/beautiful. On another note: Am I the only one who thinks that animated guys can be way hotter than real guys???

  4. Lan, LOL! No, not at all. I'm totally in love with Gambit of X-men from the cartoons.

  5. OMG! Seriously Jenny, you are just the best. Gambit is my all time fav X-men character. Still upset about how they portrayed him in the movie. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship :)

  6. While the Cullens eyes are nice topaz eyes and kind of intriguing, I think the normal vampires in the Twilight Saga would seriously be super scary with those red eyes glaring at you. I'd definitely want to stay away from them.

  7. Fantastic post! You are so creative.

  8. Lan, LOL! I agree, the movie Gambit just wasn't quite right, although he did at least go back and help Wolverine without being asked and I love that aspect of his character. The cartoon one is just too perfect and too hot to not like better, though.

    Jenni Elyse, With the exception of Gambit from X-men I think red eyes on anyone would be a little freaky.

    Dana, LOL! I've never been called creative before! Thanks!

  9. Very fun post... I seriously think you should keep thinking. I wish I could think up something creative... yes creative! to post about.

    Perrin from the Wheel of Time series has yellow eyes, because he's got a wolf thing going on. It's very very cool, and no I think eyes don't need to have powers to be powerful.

    I'm sure I could think of more, but my brain is not working today...

  10. Jenny: Now you've got me thinking about whether they movies did us a favour and didn't try to emulate Gambit because really, how could they come close?? I am so guilty of having massive crushes on cartoon guys. Possibly it's the same as a crush on a book guy. There can never be any hurt feeling. Hehe

  11. A creative post as always! Totally agree on Chloe's eyes! And just wanted to give you this :)

  12. Suey, I'm sure you're still recovering from Josh. ;) If I can think of more, and I know I should be able to, I might have to do another post.

    Lan, Yeah, well now I'm thinking about doing a post dedicated to all those hot cartoon guys I love. Would that make me seem pathetic? ;)

    Natalie, K, wait! Are you the one who mentioned the Chloe books were being made into a TV series, and you've read the books? I'm trying to remember who it was.

  13. +JMJ+

    Then there are Dorothea's eyes, if I remember correctly! (Or was it just her voice, so much like an Aeolian harp?)

    Ever since I read this post, I've been trying to figure out which other characters have dramatic eyes that the authors want to call attention to . . . but I guess I'm not a reader who pays attention to them! =P

  14. Yes! Yes! a post about hot cartoon guys is definitely a winner. Do transformers count as guys cos I kinda have a thing for bumblebee!!

  15. I am such a sucker for eyes (in real life, books or movies)!

    I think some of my favorite literary eyes are:

    Micah from the Anita Blake books, he is a wereleopard who's eyes are stuck in leopard form. They are a brilliant glowing green (yum)!

    I believe Alanna from Tamora Peirce's series had violet eyes, how cool is that?!

    And any guys who have grey eyes *fans self* or dark brown/black!

  16. Enbrethiliel, Oh gag! Well, at least the book made me laugh.

    Lan, LOL! Yeah Bumblebee is sort of cute, well, his personality.

    Ang, Oooo! Thanks for all the imagery. Is it bad that now I'm more interested in checking these books out because of the eyes?