Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dune Read Along: Discussion Two

It's time for our second discussion on  the Dune Read Along. Today's discussion is hosted by Suey and the questions cover part two of Dune.  If you'd like to read other discussions or link up you can do so on Suey's blog.  And don't forget our Twitter chat Thursday May 2nd at 9:00 pm MST. 
Ok here we go.

1. What do you think about all the rituals the Freman have surrounding water? Especially the funeral.

I can totally get this obsession with water but one wonders why people actually try living on Arrakis. Why not have water shipped in or live off planet  on a space station or something with water being delivered? 

The funeral had one of my favorite quotes from this book.  

"The meeting between ignorance and knowledge, between brutality and culture—it begins in the dignity with which we treat our dead."

2. Any other thoughts you have about the Freman now that we've been introduced a little better?

I think they're very typical native type people. Though, I'm really not sure if they're native to Arrakis. Jenni? 

3.. How do you feel about the way Paul is progressing to his destiny?

I don't like the "many paths and out comes" crap. He's not all that cool if he can only see what might happen.  

4. We had more deaths in this section, two that stand out. Compare and contrast them.

I'm disappointed that Kynes dies. Especially after having this breakthrough about water.  Jamis was annoying and I didn't care that he died. I felt like he was used as a plot device to get the people to accept Paul... twice. 

5. What political maneuverings are happening during this section? I'd love a nice uncomplicated explanation!

We have several political maneuverings going on. I'm wondering why the Bene Gesserit want Feyd-Rautha's blood line to live on. I'm not sure why the Baron wants to make Arrakis a prison planet. I'm afraid that went over my head. 

6. What religious events are happening?

I guess Jessica becoming the new Reverend Mother was interesting, especially because she was pregnant, but I'm confused. Was this Reverend Mother a little off her rocker or did Jessica not understand the Bene Gesserit completely?  So confused. 

7. What do you think of the Baron?

I think he's disgusting of course.  And honestly not as clever as he thinks if he thinks the Freman are wiped out. 

8. Any foreshadowing moments that stand out to you? What's going to happen?

I actually think Hawat is going to play a huge role near the end.  I think he's blind as a bat but I like that he's playing the Baron and Feyd-Rautha against each other. 

9. How do you like (or dislike) this section compared to the first? Any new favorite characters?

I'm liking this section better than the first but I'm also becoming less interested in the book as a whole. I'm feeling like it's not going to wrap up and the characters I'm interested in aren't going to have a role in this book.  

10. Do you plan to finish and stick with us through part three?

Yes, yes.  I've already started part three. 


  1. The Fremen are native to Arrakis, yes. They don't ship water in because of the monopoly the Guild has on space travel. It would cost a fortune. There are no space stations again because of the Guild. Once I reread the Reverend Mother part, I can explain better. But, yes, Jessica does understand the Bene Gesserit ways really well. I think, if I remember correctly, she's testing them and the Fremen's ways. I'm sad you're becoming more disinterested in the book. It does wrap up well, I promise. Sure, it's open enough to continue the series. But, it wraps up nicely enough that you don't have to continue. At least, I think so.

    1. See I'm sure it said something about the Guild but I totally missed it. I'm still liking it. I can just tell there's going to some unanswered questions and loose ends that I'll want to know about without having to read more of the series.

  2. I like that quote too! Thanks for all your answers. I think we are about the same with what we're getting out of this one!

    1. Yeah, I'm mostly following it but there's definitely stuff going over my head. It makes me feel stupid and I think that's what's bugging me.

  3. Sorry that part two didn't interest you as much as the first part, but good for you for sticking with it! I can't even pick it up to start, so you're way ahead of me! :)

    1. It's not one I would have picked up on my own, that's for sure.

  4. I agree with a lot of the things you said.

    1. Yeah, I'm thinking we are having similar feelings about this book.

  5. I was so disappointed that Kynes died! Totally expected him to be important until the end. And I was glad the action picked up in this portion. But overall, I agree with everything you said.