Friday, November 11, 2016

Review: Blood Harvest

Title Blood Harvest
By S. J. Bolton
Genre Adult Suspense
Rating ⭐️⭐️

When the Fletchers built their house in Heptoncough near the church and the graveyard they didn't know what was in store for them. In a town with as many secrets as weird rituals anything can happen.

First Sentence
"She's been watching us for a while now."

I've heard good things about this author so I knew I'd want to check out her books and decided on this one because it sounded perfectly atmospheric. (I read it in October) At over 400 pages I was worried it might drag a bit but thankfully was wrong. The book speeds along with just enough creepiness to keep the pages turning.

However, (there had to be a "however") the book was very predictable. I could see what was happening a mile away. And it was one of those things you see but kind of hope you're wrong because it's far too obvious. Nope. I was right on the mark. And what I was right about just made me sick! The big reveal, the evilness revealed was just awful. It made me squirm to read about it.

And what really angered me about the whole book was, not only did I see the whole thing coming, and got grossed out by it but there was no justice served! The bad people took the easy way out and everything was just covered up. I was livid!

So, yeah, I'm not so sure I should give this author another shot. The writing was done well enough but the story angered me. Will the rest of her books anger me too? Is it worth seeing? I just don't know.

Should you read it?
I seem to be in the minority again. I always am. Sigh! So, you might like it.


  1. I love S.J. Bolton, but this is NOT her best book. I didn't love this one either, for a lot of the reasons you cited. But don't give up on Bolton. IF you do decide to try her again, read either Little Black Lies or her first Lacey Flint mystery: Now You See Me. They're my favorites of her books...and her best. :)

  2. Jenny I have only tried Now You See Me, I gave it 4 stars. Thanks for the honest review, I won't go for this one. She has a huge fan base but I first time was good but not a race to read more.

    BTW - Distress Signals is not predictable at all. Definitely give it a go.

  3. If you squirmed, I'd probably squirm. I think I'd stay far away from this one. :)

  4. I might have to try one of her other books, but this one sounds like a pass to me.

  5. Sorry you didn't like this one. You probably got the recommendation from me since I'm a big Bolton fan. Oops -- I may not have let on just how disturbing Bolton's books can be!

    My favorite Bolton (just FYI) is LITTLE BLACK LIES. It's twisty and less disturbing than her others. All of her books are disturbing, though, to some degree. You may find that they're just too much for you. I think that often, but then I just KEEP ON READING because they're so dang addicting! I'm always surprised by her twists, too, but then I'm pretty gullible :)

    1. I can't remember now where I heard about her but, yes, it could have been you. I don't usually have a problem with disturbing but this one just bothered me. I will try Little Black Lies, though.