Monday, January 29, 2018

Review: Idaho

Title Idaho
By Emily Ruskovich
Genre Adult Literary Fiction
Format Audio
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Follows the life of three ladies and the tragic event that bring them together.

First Sentence
They never drove the truck, except once or twice a year to get firewood.

Another Tournament of Books read! Some of these are far too deep but this one was more relatable and more like a typical story.

I was about half way through this one when my friend who got me interested in this Tournament of Books informed me that you don't get answers to some of the questions. And, boy, am I glad she warned me. I might have been peeeesed off. The story isn't necessarily about what happened as much as it is about the results of it happening. Does that make sense?

It was an interesting read and while it's not the best Tournament book I've read, I liked it.

There's a song that plays an important role in this one and I'm very happy I listened to the audio of this one because I got to hear the song. A song that the author's dad wrote for the book. Fun little fact and I'm glad I got to hear it.

I was amazed at these women's ability to forgive and act so reasonably. There's no way I could have handled things like they did. I think that might have been the message of this one. Moving on and not dwelling.

Oi! I should not be writing reviews right now. I feel a bit loopy and unfocused today. Forgive my ramblings.

Should you read it
   Some of these Tournament books are hard to recommend but this one is worth a read and easy to recommend.


  1. That's cool that you got to hear the song. The only time I've heard a song in an audio book was for The Hanging Tree for Mockingjay and I like the movie version one a lot better, lol.

    1. Now I’m wondering what the book version song sounded like.

  2. Good to know about the song; I'll have to look for the audio of this one. :)

  3. Hm. I'm not a big fan of ambiguous endings. I don't need a tidy ending, but I do need some sort of closure in order for the book to feel satisfying. Not sure if I could handle this one.

    1. Yeah this one doesn’t offer a who done it answer or the why so....

  4. That's so neat that her dad wrote a song for the book.