Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Review: How To Train Your Dragon

Title How to Train Your Dragon (How to Train Your Dragon #1)
By Cressida Cowell
Genre Middle Grade Fantasy
Format Print
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️

On the island of Berk boys go through a right of passage by capturing their own baby dragon and training it to compete in a contest. When Hiccup ends up capturing the most boring kind of dragon there is he's certain he won't win. Especially because is dragon doesn't even have teeth. How's a boy to become a man with such a sorry excuse for a dragon?

First Sentence
Long ago on the wild and windy isle of Berk, a smallish Viking with a longish name stood up to his ankles in snow.

I read this one for book club. It was an easy read. I think I read the whole thing in about an hour in one sitting.

Obviously everyone who's seen the movie thinks the movie was WAY better than the book. I love the movie too so I can see why people feel that way but I wanted to defend this little book.

First of all, it's not fair to compare the two. The movie is great but before it came along the book was being loved and admired for itself. If the movie never existed would the book be as "boring" as we think it was? I don't think so.

The book was cute. As soon as I stopped trying to compare it to the movie I quite enjoyed it. Yes, it was a bit young for me but I wasn't the target audience so I was fine with that.

I think it had a good message about finding your own way to become a hero and using your natural talents to do so.

Should you read it
I think it deserves a chance. I particularly think young kids should read it.


  1. I loved the movie. I didn't know it was based on a book initially. The book sounds cute so I'd probably recommend it to my youngest daughter.

  2. Oh man where have I been living? Didn't even realise this was a book before it was a movie! It's funny because I am always on the side of the book being better than the movie! I've felt that way about so many adaptations. I can imagine middle grade kids loving this.

    1. This is one where the movie is better but they're so different it's hard to compare them.

  3. I discovered this was a book after the movie came out, but I realized it wasn't anything like the movie after perusing it a bit. The movie is so good, but since this book seemed not quite right for me, personally, I decided not to read it. It does sound like a great book for grade-school kids. They always need some good books to read.

    1. It is a good one for kids. It was a bit young for me.

  4. I love the movies, but I've never read the book. I'll have to give it a go sometime, especially since it's such a quick read.

  5. I agree with you, Jenny. While I love the movies more, I still thought the books were fun and I'm going to stick with the series because it's HTTYD. And, I think that it's a fun for kids who are the intended genre. Way to defend the book! :D

    1. Thanks. I love the movie but the book deserves some love too.

  6. I'm going to keep my eye for it. I may have to recommend it to my boys.