Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Salon

And now a bunch of useless information you never wanted to know about me. ;-)

Outside my window: Well, actually it's Saturday night when I'm writing this. It's been a mixture of sunny and cloudy with wind and rain.

I am listening to: Nothing, it's quiet besides a dog barking somewhere.   

I am watching: This week the season finale of four of the shows I watch will be on and I'm nervous about two of them. Oh, how we let TV rule our emotions.  And Vampire Diaries this last week? Oh my gosh!  

I am thinking: I've been go, go, going all week and I hurt my hip and back and I need to freaking relax and let them recover.

I am grateful for: Hindsight.

I am reading:  Still reading Forever by Pete Hamill. Good heavens, I need to finish this one! It's gotten a little slower in the middle and I'm struggling. 

I am photographing: My garden that I planted this week and sending pics to my mom and sister so they can smile and nod and act interested.

I am listing: Unfortunately, bad qualities I see in myself so hopefully I can work on them! Grrrr! 

I am creating: My garden. Well, it is a creation right?! 

Around the house: I'm finding ants and I don't know where they're coming from. So annoying! 

From the kitchen: My diet is very restrictive and it makes eating very boring and routine. Sigh! I need some new recipes that will adhere to my diet.  

One of my favorite things: The feeling of accomplishment. (even if my back and hip ARE killing me!)

The children this week: No kids, just my cat Buns; we're going to work on getting her to come outside with me this week! Yes, that's a threat.

Plans for the week: Now that the gardens are planted I'm really going to buckle down and read, dang it! 

On this date: It's my sister's Birthday. I called and chatted with her for a while. I hope she has a good evening. (yes, I'm writing this on Saturday night, remember?)    

Thanks to Ibeeeg of Polishing Mud Balls for the inspiration for this post's layout.


  1. Is your restrictive diet one that will be forever, or do you plan to slowly unrestrict yourself at some point?

    How big is your garden? What have you planted?

    I loved the weather yesterday. I made think of what weather would be like in some perfect climate... a good mix of sun, warmth, rain and cool.

    I really love seeing that good side of Damon on the finale last week!

    And maybe I'll go finish my post of the day, though I fear it will be much much too boring.

  2. Suey, The diet thing, yeah basically it will always be restrictive, but one day I'll be able to eat a lot more carbs than I do now.

    I have a very long flower garden that unfortunately faces north but I've planted some pretty shade plants and can't wait for them to get big and fluffy. Also, I have a little garden that gets more sun that I've planted radishes and cucumbers in.

    Ah, Damon. What would we do without him?

  3. Hey! We're restricted diet sisters! Probably different ones but I feel your pain! Have to say, I love visiting the Sunday Salon. Have a great next week.

  4. Dana, Oh good. It's always nice to know there are others out there who can sympathize with me. ;)