Sunday, October 30, 2011

ABCs Of Me Meme

I saw this fun little get-to-know-you meme over on Suey's blog. I 'm not sure where it originally started but I thought it looked fun so....

Age:    Ugh! You're never supposed to ask a girl that! But I've never been one for following the rules so...I'm 30. Yep, the big three zero. Sigh!

Bed Size:    K, do NOT laugh! I'm still in a tinsy tinsy twin because it was all that would fit in my room. Now that I moved I could have something bigger but I'm too cheap to care.

Chore that you hate:   Washing windows. My arms start hurting like, 5 seconds in.

Dogs:   Are great...if you don't care about your yard. Sorry but I had some growing up and I'm STILL afraid to step on the lawn.

Essential start to your day:   Breakfast. Boring, I know, but you do NOT want to be around me if I haven't eaten and my blood sugar is low.

Favorite colors:   Navy blue and hunter green.

Gold or Silver:   Gold, and none of that white gold crap!

Height:   5'6

Instruments you play:   LOL, I can't make one hand do one thing while the other hand does something else so playing an instrument...well, it was never meant to be.

Job Title:   Big fat unemployed. :( I'm trying, I'm trying!

Kids:   Nope, that's where that disgust at being 30 comes in.

Live:   In Utah and I'm not so sure I want to be here the rest of my life. 

Mother-in-Law’s name:   Oh my freak! Another reason to be mad I'm 30. Not married, unemployed, no kids. Was this meme supposed to make me feel like crap? ;)

Nicknames:   Jenny. What?! You didn't know my real name wasn't Jenny? It's not, it's, not Jennifer...can you guess?

Overnight hospital stays:   Never...well, maybe when I was born.

Pet Peeves:   Where to start. Water being flicked in my face by some moron that thinks it's funny, people trying to control my life, people who make right hand turns at a snails pace, and on, and on, and on. ;)

Quote from a movie:   I just think it'll be depressing; it'll be depressing. Favorite movie!

Right or Left handed:   Right.

Siblings:   I'm the youngest of...11. Now you see where that (people telling me what to do) pet peeve comes from.

Time you wake up:   Without a job? I sleep in till 9:00 or 10:00 most days.

Underwear:   Underwear? Underwear?! Is there something under something?! Is there a spider?!!!

Vegetable you hate:   Beets...are beets a vegetable, though?

What makes you run late:   Usually myself meandering thinking I'm going to be early.

X-Rays you’ve had:   Mainly teeth X-rays at the dentist but I have had my chest X-rayed.

Yummy food that you make:   Hmmm, lot's of things but lately...Chicken ceaser salad wraps.

Zoo animal:   Oh boy! I love river otters, anteaters, and fruit bats. 

Join in if you so desire! Tell us more about you!


  1. I love memes that let readers get to know bloggers a bit better. Gosh it's too early for me to try and think what Jenny could be short for if it isn't Jennifer!

  2. This looks like a fun meme. I might have a go at this one day soon :)

    I can't believe you are the youngest of 11 children!!! Being an only child that just makes my mind boggle :)

  3. Ugh! I had this huge long comment written and Google wouldn't take it for whatever reason.

    Anyway, I love bats too. We had one that made a home out of a corner of our house (on the outside). He was there for a few weeks. I lovingly named him Bartok.

    I understand your frustrating with being told what to do. I also doing like it and I'm sure it stemmed from being the youngest of 7.

  4. Lan, I like these memes too. I doubt anyone else will guess so I'll tell you. My real name is Jeanette.

    Chrissie, LOL, being an only child makes my mind boggle!

    Jenni, You had a bat?! :( I wish one would nest at my house.

  5. Bats? Seriously?

    I totally forgot your real name until you told Lan, and that was even after we had that conversation awhile back.

    I say, enjoy your single, kidless, jobless state while it lasts, you know?

  6. Suey, Yeah, I know, I'm starting to feel kinda useless, though, you know?
    Not just bats...fruit bats. There cute!

  7. Great Meme!!! You are obviously an amazingly interesting peson, I had to go back and check because the post didn't seem long enough for all the letters. I was ready to read more!

  8. Everyone has an interesting name but me. Lan is so short! I don't know if it's worse Being youngest or in the middle. You should come to melbourne Jenny. We've git a botanic park full of bats!

  9. Dana, LOL, I had to check that all the letters were there too. ;)

    Lan, I like your name because it's elusive. I would love to go see all those bats!

  10. I love making chicken caesar wraps too and otters are my favourite :) I have a friend who is the oldest in a family of 12...I always joke that his family could have been the cast for Cheaper by the Dozen lol

  11. This is such a fun meme. (I might just steal it...) I would have never guessed that your name wasn't Jennifer. And amen! about dogs. I will never clean up a yard after a dog again. That was my least favorite chore growing up. :\
    Good luck with the job hunting!

  12. I love reading these, but I don't like doing them (because I can't come up with clever or funny or even interesting answers). I love how much your voice comes out in this one. I was jobless for about 4 months this summer and it sucked. Still, sometimes while I'm working now, I miss not having responsiblity :)

  13. Natalie, I love that movie! Otters are a blast to watch, I always want to pick them up and squish them but I don't think they'd like that. ;)

    Kathy, Ugh, I like dogs I just don't want one. I hope you steal the idea.

    Melissa, I'm glad I can get my voice to come out in these things, I try. I hate having a job but not having one isn't fun either...sigh!