Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Wrapup

Isn't that cute "springy April" fun? Well, that's how April should be but I we woke up to a good two inches of snow! That's Utah for you.

So books I read in April. Here they are.

North of Beautiful
Liked the message but not very engaging.

The Neon Court
By far, the highlight of the month and probably the whole year! The third in a series I absolutely adore!

Red Glove
Another one I gobbled up. The second in a series I'm thoroughly enjoying.

Just plain weird, scattered, and unbelievable.

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie
I enjoyed Flavia, laughed on nearly every page and enjoyed the mystery, but it was still hard to really get into.

Never Let Me Go
Please someone explain this one to me???

Meh, to many things just didn't add up.

An engaging read with just a little too much filler in the middle.

Three Black Swans
Interesting story, but the editing was so awful it was hard to muddle through.

And there you have it. Two I loved, three okays, three disappointments and one I just didn't get.
How did your month go?


  1. You're making me anxious to get to the rest of Matthew Swift's story! But I can't this month. Maybe June?

  2. sigh, to be single and jobless!!!

    I'm lucky if I have time to read blogs some months. Besides I just commented on your last blog and that took up too much time, again sigh....

  3. That's more than I've read in the last couple years (anywhere from 2-10 years) just sayin'.

  4. Suey, Well, as soon as you're ready you can borrow them from me. ;)

    Cowboy mom, It's not all it's cracked up to be. I could very well say, oh to be married and busy. Sigh! Seriously.

    Real-life, No shame, I'll definitely miss reading if an when I have some. ;)

  5. 9 books for the month is great..hopefully next month you get increase the number of loves!

  6. Thanks for commenting on my review of Abandon. I honestly think the series has potential to turn into something great. I just don't think this first book packed the punch it could have. I'm not going to give up on it, though!