Wednesday, April 20, 2011


                     They won the Copa Del Rey!!!!
Whew! After 102 minutes Real Madrid finally scored against Barcelona in overtime in the Copa Del Rey Final!    After excitement, nervousness, deep calming breaths (on my part),   Ronaldo scored, and then I just couldn't stop smiling! Way to go boys!!!

Ronaldo is the one looking stunned. You can see that the others are excited but totally shocked! 

Look how happy they all are! Ahhh! 

Now they just have to keep it together, win the Champions League and keep trying for La Liga! Now pretend you give a dang and comment! ;-)


  1. You may actually get me interested in soccer before all is said and done! :)

  2. I often feel a little sad that my boys aren't in soccer. Soccer players are so hot! But, since checking out your sons, bodies is still considered weird in most circles I guess we'll stick with football, and baseball.