Monday, April 11, 2011

My very first post. And why I love reading.

Well, I know at least one person is happy I finally decided to do the whole blog thing. For the rest of you (family) you have to read it because you're family. 

So, I guess mostly this will be a "book blog" but I will talk about other things as well. But, because it's mostly a book blog I thought I'd share why I like to read and how it all started. And I can't do that without mentioning my mom. 

My mom has always been an avid reader, well, for as long as I've known her. Some of my earliest memories are of "harassing" her while she tried to read. I would run into the living room, which is where she usually was, sitting in her rocking chair, and start the long string of "moms". Anyone who's been around kids knows what I'm talking about. My mom would slowly, and I mean slowly, drag her eyes away from the book and focus on me with an expression of bewilderment. Almost as if she had no idea who I was or where she was (you readers out there know what I'm talking about). 
So, I just had to figure out what was it about these book things that was so dang fascinating.

Apparently when I was two (I don't remember) and my mom was helping one of my older siblings with their spelling words with flashcards, I decided I wanted flashcards too. And so began my education and love for reading. 

Moms always been great at teaching kids to read. If any of us were having trouble reading in school she'd pull us out and teach us at home; the RIGHT way.  She's taught tons of her grandkids to read and even teaches reading at the MTC. 

So I have to just say thank you, mom, for teaching me to read. I'm  always aware how lucky I am to have you for a mom. I love how you encouraged all of your kids to read and how you would quietly go about finding just the right genre for each kid. I remember you struggled with me; I wouldn't touch the Little House books with a ten foot pole or the Chronicles of Narnia books. But you never gave up, even when I read hundreds of Babysitter Club books, which you hated, and then started reading all those silly Regency Romance books. And then one day you  suggested John Grisham's The Client. Wow! That was a great book and I remember thinking I'd finally  found my niche.  

Now I'll read just about anything. There was a time when I wouldn't touch fantasy books and now, due to a deal I made with my sister to read the Harry Potter books if she'd read one of my political thrillers, I love fantasy, can't get enough of it.  

I adore reading. I love the escape. I love the emotions a book can invoke. I love meeting more and more people that love to read as much as I do. Hopefully this blog will help me meet even more.  


  1. Oh YES! I found you before you even sent me here! :) So.. .can I start sending people your way yet? Or do you want me to wait a bit still? Just say when, and I'll start Tweeting and linking and shouting the news....

    ... and I love this mom story, almost weepy again. It must be the time of month...

  2. P.S. Does this mean you won't be Techno Grandma on my blog comments anymore? :)

  3. Wow, that was fast! No I'll be be now. I've been working on this thing for 5 hours!!!! I'm still working on it. So tired.

  4. Suey, yeah so tired I didn't direct that comment to you.

  5. It's looking good though! I keep seeing things bounce from side bar to side bar! Very fun! Awesome name too!

  6. First, LOVE the title!

    Second, I am hoping I'm the, "not obligated" family member.

    Third, LOVE the background!

    Forth, Comments from our family are like birthday gifts...sometime around your birthday and on sale from the dollar store.

    Fifth, I'm so excited about this. I am even going to read some of the books you suggest.

    Sixth, Momma is an amazing reading teacher and, amazingly, we all survived the lesson :)

    The end!

  7. My Heck! Here it is 3:10 am and I'm the 7th comment!!! See I told you your blog would be a success. Of course you still have to help me with my blog--pictures etc.

    Now have you got yourself hooked up to my blog so I can read yours easily? I never got passed the books to computers advancement, so now our educational roles are reversed. Thanks for now helping me learn. What is select profile?, sigh...

  8. Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!! I will fulfill my obligation to read.

  9. Oh, yes. I'm super thrilled about your upcoming reviews! Did you get your hands on Red Glove yet? So. Great.

  10. Oh, all right!! I guess I'll read your blog. I'll even comment from time to time. How's that?

    whew, got that out of the way...back to my book.

  11. You just gave me a good picture of what my kids see in me when I'm reading! The "bewildered look" made me laugh. Welcome to the blogging world!

  12. Cute name. I headed over from Suey's blog. Welcome to blogging. Loved this piece about your Mom. All hail Mom's who taught us to read and gave us that nudge to make it a big part of our lives. I'll stop by often.

  13. Woohoo! Jenny started a book blog. I knew that Suey would get to you eventually.

  14. Shelly, Your comment made me smile. I knew someone would understand "the look".

    Kay, yes, definitely, all hail!

    Emily, yeah, that Suey! She can be quite persuasive.

    Everyone, I have to say right now, I can't take credit for my blog name. My friend came up with it and we both LOVED it. So, thanks, Trina.

  15. Welcome to the world of blogging, I am new to this myself :)


  16. Hello! Welcome to the blogosphere! Let me know if you ever need anything! :D

    Happy reading!

    Eli The Tainted Poet

  17. Welcome to book blogging! I'm always excited to find new book blogs, especially when they're written by someone with such impeccable taste - I mean, look at that blog roll! I hear that Bloggin' 'bout Books blog is simply BRILLIANT :)

  18. Welcome to the blogging world! I love the design and name. I can't wait for a rant or two...

  19. She-who-must-not-be-named thinks you should return the favor of an awesome blog name! :) P.S. me likey your blog, I'm a fan!

  20. Hey~ I totally know that look your mom gave you, she was still giving that look to you when I lived there! HAHA! I loved the back ground on yourself as well. This is going to be fun getting to know you all over again! And By the way- loved the Client as well! :)