Monday, April 18, 2011

A Few Random Things

Check out those Abs!
First, cause I know you're all dying to know. Real Madrid, my beloved soccer team managed a 1-1 draw with Barcelona on Saturday which is better than losing and important for their confidence. They have to play them three more times in the next few weeks in different competitions and they NEED that confidence. Here's hoping! And as promised a hot picture. This is Sergio Ramos, not the best looking, in my opinion, but what a body! I could have shown a much better view but my mother reads this blog! 

  I just finished Sleepless yesterday and, um. Well you'll have to wait for my review but, wow, Soooooo weird. And I don't know if it was accidental or on purpose.

 This week I have book club and I'm very excited, not because I really enjoyed the book, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, but because I just look forward to it every month. It's a blast spending time with book lovers.

Well, I'm off to exercise and do laundry. What's on your mind this Monday? Do you like Sergio's face, or just his body like me?


  1. Who in the heck is Sergio Ramos?...and my husbands abs...just kidding.

  2. Is he showing those abs off on purpose, or just fanning himself? :) Actually, I kinda like his name!

    Never heard of Sleepless so I look forward to your review. And I finally finished Monsters of Men, so now I can concentrate on book club book!

  3. P.S. A certain sister of yours said she was going to come get the book club book and join us this time! But then I never saw her! And then I forgot about it until just now. What's up with that?

  4. Amy, tsk tsk. You know you like his abs! ;-)

    Suey, He just scored and for some weird reason they lift there shirt up and, yeah, it's probably to show of his abs. If I had abs like that I'd show em off. I don't know what's up with my sister. She probably just got busy.

  5. Um I have abs like that. I choose to hide them. I mean REALLY hide them.

    I wish I got a good soccer channel down here. I might consider becoming a Real Madrid Fan.

  6. Cowboy mom, Oh, me too. I just wouldn't want people to be jealous so I hide them too. That would be awesome if you became a fan. But, alas, it's a very expensive habit. My cable bill is...not pretty.