Friday, June 3, 2011

Review: Firelight

Title Firelight
By Sophie Jordan
For Fun, and you bloggers voted for it
Source I own it

It's Star Trek vs Romeo and Juliet vs Twilight! OK, not really. It's about Jacinda a Draki, a descendent of dragons. She breaks a rule and to save her from punishment her mother takes her and her sister away from the pride. Jacinda is not happy about this and we listen to her whine for pages and pages until...she meets Will. (sigh!) Then she proceeds to talk about how wonderfully handsome he is and how she makes him feel for pages and pages!

My thoughts
So, I bet you're thinking I must have hated this one. Well, I didn't. At the beginning I was having the hardest time stifling giggles at the writing. It was written in a way that had me hearing William Shatner narrating it. Oh, it was priceless. Then the whole love/lust "inexplicably drawn to each other" at first sight stuff happened and my laughter was silenced. So, about a hundred and fifty pages into it I must have subconsciously embraced my inner teenager trekkie because I read the rest of the books in one sitting and found myself getting into it. So, yeah, it was predictable, and laughable and sickeningly romantic but I liked it. Weird huh?

None of the characters bugged or interested me. I wasn't drawn one way or the other. I would have liked to have gotten to know Catherine and Az better and Xander did give me the creeps but other than that...nothing. See?! Isn't it weird that I actually enjoyed the book?

Would I recommend it? 
(Twilight Zone music) Yeah, yeah I would. (shakes head)


  1. I'm glad to hear you liked this one. I own it, but I might have to actually read it now. :)

  2. Sarah, Well, I hope you like it and don't hear William Shatner's voice in your head like me...or maybe you should. It was pretty funny.

  3. Sometimes books like these are just perfect. I'm hittin gthe library tonight!

  4. Dana, Yes, definitely, a silly book us always good once and awhile.

  5. This sounds like one of those good vacation books I was talking about.

  6. Suey, Yeah, it would be a good one.

  7. Well, I voted for you to read this book so I must comment. :D

    You did set us up to think you hated this book. Good one!
    See..sometimes a book that's "predictable, and laughable and sickeningly romantic but I liked it." can be one that grabs you (even if it took a bit to do so). Yeah, sometimes this kind of stuff is just what my mind needs. So no, I don't think it is weird especially when I know you have a dislike for the love at first sight mushy stuff.

    Love your hesitancy to admitting you'd recommend. So honest and I so understand. hehe.

  8. ibeeeg, Well, I was surprised. This was definitely one of those books I'm hesitant to recommend.

  9. LOL. I love your description of Shatner-esque narration. I just picked this one up at a used book store earlier this week but loaned it to my friend to read first since I have a reading schedule going at the moment. I wonder if I'll pick up on the Shatner, as well.

  10. Marla, Now you'll probably here it cause I put the idea in your head.