Friday, June 24, 2011

Thoughts and Questions

Yeah, it's one of those posts. One where I share a few thoughts and questions. I hope they aren't too annoying.

So first up, a question: I've been told replying to all comments on my blog is very important but sometimes it's so hard. I mean, if there's a direct question it's easier but others are hard to reply to. Plus I always wonder how many people actually come back to check or hit that nifty button to receive the emails with any follow up comments. I personally don't ever hit that button or my inbox is overwhelmed, and I only occasionally check back on other peoples blogs if I KNOW they respond. So what about you? How do you handle it all? Do you ever check back to see my replies? Should I continue? Hmmm, it's all so confusing.

Me, the nerdy bookworm and the arrogant new book?

Is it only fun to read reviews of "new" books? If I read something someone's never heard of, that's old or unknown does anyone really care? I mean, I know that sounds ridiculous but sometimes I feel like one of the un-cool lame kids in school who just is not with it when I read obscure books. To tell you the truth after seeing over three or more reviews for the same "in now"  book I tend to get a little bored.

Anyone see the premiere of Falling Skies on TNT? I was actually impressed. Some of the characters instantly made me so mad I wanted to reach into the TV screen and bash their heads into my knee! I love\hate when a show can influence me that much, that fast! Or, what about MTV's Teen Wolf? Oh, please don't laugh at me.  It's summer and I'm having TV withdrawls. I checked it out and am ridiculously hooked. Alas, I'm afraid this one won't make it. So, anyone else see these? What say you?

And last but definitely not least. Brodi Ashton, a writer and blogger you should really check out, has her first novel due out in January 2012. I'm so excited! Today the cover was released and...OH. MY. GOSH! Check it out!
Isn't it beautiful?!!! So get your butts over to Goodreads and mark it to read.

 Have a great Friday!


  1. Yeah, I rarely check back unless I did ask a question. But, I always try to respond. I don't know, just a compulsion :)

    I've noticed people aren't usually as interested in stuff that isn't new, but I do it anyway. I say, keep posting those older more obscure reviews. We need them!

  2. Melissa, Oh, I intend to keep posting them even if it makes me one of the "lame" kids. ;)

    Brodi, You're welcome! How could I not?!

  3. I used to respond to comments via e-mail instead of on my blog. But, then I realized that some people really like t0 read the conversation. But, there are many that don't. I often wonder if I should respond via e-mail again. It's hard to know what to do.

    Reviews. I basically write the reviews for myself. I'm sure people read them, but I don't expect much feedback on them. I read "in" and obscure books. As far as other people's reviews, I don't always read them because there are just too many. I usually read reviews of books I've read or am contemplating reading.

    I love Brodi's cover! It's so beautiful. I think it's my favorite cover EVER.

  4. +JMJ+

    Another un-cool kid who hardly ever reads anything "new" checking in!

    While I'm more likely to read and comment on a review of an older book (because I'd be more familiar with it), what really draws me is not the book being reviewed but the reviewer writing the post. There are some bloggers whose reviews I'll read, whether or not I'm interested in the books they're discussing, because they themselves are interesting to me. And I try very hard to be that sort of blogger as well.

    And here is another vote in favour of replies to comments! I do check back to read your responses (Heck, you're on my sidebar!) and I love it when I see my comment has been acknowledged. =)

  5. Comments - it's always a challenge to think about what to do isn't it? I wrote a post about this some time back asking the same things you did. Got varied responses - which is what I surmised. I'm just crazy enough to check the follow-up box, but I will admit that my inbox is crazy overflowing at times. Do what feels best to you, Jenny.

    I totally understand what you mean about the older vs. brand new book debate. I like a mix because there might be an older book that is new to someone else who read the review. So, it's like a new one to them. And, I also understand about seeing a jillion reviews of the same thing. Keep being the "uncool" kid and we other "uncool" kids will certainly keep reading.

    And the cover on the book you showed is lovely. I'm such a cover junkie!

  6. I think it is, I mostly do read reviews for new-ish books. If I want to read a "known" book I just go ahead and read it.

    And yes, that's a beautiful cover :D

    About Narnia, they are pretty quick to listen too if you're really curious you could try.

  7. Ever since I started, I've made an effort to at least reply with a thank you on any comments I receive. If I have something to add, or a question to answer, I'll respond. When it comes to writing on another blog, I don't click the button to hear about replies. If I remember to, I'll come back. With all the internet issues I seem to have, sometimes it's hard to keep up.

    I noticed that most of the time when you post a review of a book that's not popular or newer (even though it was published within the last 3-8 years), you don't get many replies. When I'm scrolling down list of the blogs I'm following, if I see a book that I enjoyed years ago, I'll go to the review and read it and reply, because I know that not many will.

  8. Jenni Elyse, Well, I'll probably keep replying and reading obscure books.

    Enbrethiliel, Thanks! I feel so honored. And, yeah, I'll read a review on anything, so long as the reviewer is good.

    Kay, Ah, thanks. I'll probably continue replying. I know, I love covers and this one is soooo beautiful!

    Samita, Oh, I'll read anything I feel like as well, besides, most of them our newish anyways.

  9. Jessica, Yeah, I have annoying internet issues myself. Sorry. I think it's the same for me, if I know what a book is even if it's old or unpopular I'll read the review and try to comment.

  10. I usually try and reply to all of my comments. Last week I wasn't so good at it but I've been trying to go back and catch up. I don't always go back to check to see if people have replied to my comment on their blogs, but I try to. I always check on your blog, though!

    For reviews I just read what I like. If I happen to be reading something that's new and what other people are reading it's mainly because it's just something I'm interested in. I like to read and review old books, too, if there's something that I found that I just loved (like the Vampire Academy series I finished recently.)

    My most difficult issue is trying to figure out how many books to review from all of the books I read.

  11. Kaye, I really should be better to check back on blogs I've commented on. I feel bad when people make a effort to respond to me and I never see it.

    I think I'm the same way with my reading choices. I read what looks good to me, new or old and obscure. I review everything I've read on Goodreads but sometimes I wonder if I should even bother on my blog when its a book I doubt anyone cares about. Thanks for always checking back on my blog for replies. ;)

  12. I read and review a mix of old and new; sometimes, though when I've read a book somewhat after the hoopla has died down, I don't bother to post a review (unless I have agreed to do one). I actually enjoy reading reviews of "obscure" books -- I love finding books that are older and escaped my attention the first time around.

    As for replies, i try to reply to a direct question, and if a comment seems to especially call for a response.

  13. I always hit the reply button when I comment on a blog but dont expect the blogger to respond. I think if you responded every time, you would get burned out real quick.

    Please review "older" books too. I love when I find a gem of a book that I have missed all these years.

  14. TheBookGirl, I like finding books I missed too. As long as the book looks interesting, I'll read the review. Even if I've never heard of the book.

    Laura, Yeah, it's burning me out a bit but I think I'll continue for now. I'll keep reviewing older books, even if it is only for my benefit.

  15. ** I always like the blogger to respond to me if I say something "worth" responding to... know what I mean. The conversation is part of what makes blogger fun.

    ** I like to hear about older/obscure books that I otherwise wouldn't know about or remember.

    ** I'm sad to have not been around to catch Falling Skies because it looked pretty fun to me. And I love Noah besides.

    ** Brodi Ashton's book? I'll be there! :)

  16. Suey, I like the conversation too. I've decided to keep replying for now.

    I prefer hearing about books I've never heard about too. So, I'm sure I'll keep reviewing them.

    I watched the premier of Falling Skies On Demand. It's probably still available. It's pretty awesome.

    Isn't that cover amazing?!