Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shelving Saturday

Shelving Saturday is a fun new meme hosted by Eastern Sunset Reads that deals with, you guessed it, our shelving dilemmas. It's a fun way to see and hear about other bloggers book shelves that I personally love! This weeks dilemma:
We have our shelves, we definitely have our books but do we have them organized yet? Lets see those bookshelves!  Over the next couple of weeks I would like to re-organize some shelves with all of you.
As you can see, there is absolutely NO organization going on besides series being shelved together. So come on, people. You know You want to organize you're shelves with us. Think how fun it will be to see everyone's shelves go from unorganized to organized.


  1. I just got my bookshelf a week or so ago and I'm trying to fit all of mine onto them and it's not quite working, either. I only have one big shelf so there are still books hiding in boxes and throughout my room.

    But you have so many fabulous books!

  2. Kaye, I desperately want a huge wall to wall, floor to ceiling bookshelf. One day. The sad thing about all my "fabulous" books is I haven't read soooo many of them!

  3. Those shelves look great Jenny! At least they don't look too cluttered!

    So where do you think you will start the organizing?!

  4. ~Ang, Well, first I need to decide HOW I'm going to organize them. I'll probably be boring and just go by genre and author.