Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Salon

Welcome to the new Sunday Salon. A weekly update post about my boring life. ;)

Weather Small Talk: No snow all week and it's been soooooo cold!

On The Idiot Box: K, fine! I'll admit it. I'm totally obsessed with Revenge. Anyone else seen it? Please tell me I'm not crazy! It's so soap opera-y but I'm so into it! 

Weekly Reads: I'm having such a hard time reading lately! I'm STILL working on Inheritance and I started re-reading The Wednesday Wars for book club this week. I LOVE The Wednesday Wars! Maybe it'll break this slump.

Crazy Kitty: Wow, I think my kitty has been as depressed as me this week. :(

This Week: I got a new phone...a smartphone! I'm enjoying learning how to use it. And that was the highlight of my week. :( Pretty sad, huh?

Movie of the Week: I went and saw Hugo. Loved the music! I haven't read the books so I had nothing to compare it to but I liked it. It was a little long, though.

Food Talk: I'm going to make my Christmas gingerbread cookies this week. I'm going to substitute whole wheat flour instead of white...I hope it turns out.

Soccer Sightings: Ugh, Real Madrid lost against Barcelona. Why? Why?!

Music Discoveries: I'm still obsessing over Christina Perri. You have to listen to this one just to the chorus so you can hear the piano. So pretty! 

Plans For The Week: Finish my Christmas shopping! Exercise! I get to go to book club, yay! And My family's Christmas party is this weekend. 


  1. I'm really liking that song! :)

    I may have to check out this Revenge show, if I can fit it in between all the other things I'm watching. A soap opera thing sounds fun.

    Here's hoping we start reading again soon!

  2. I hope your reading slump ends soon - and that you have a great time at your family's Christmas party :)

  3. Reading slumps are the worst. And I'll bet Real losing doesn't help any. Maybe give yourself a break from reading for a while. Hopefully the Christmas party and shopping will revive you a bit.

  4. Suey, It occurred to me the other day that this song reminds me of Castle on a Cloud from Les Mes...sorta.

    Chrissie, Thanks, I hope it ends soon too.

    Lan, Yeah, my mood is sorta forcing me to take a break from reading. Oh well.

  5. P.S. I totally meant to comment on the smart phone! YAY! You are going to love it and that would have been the highlight of my week too. So... Twitter yet? :)

  6. It seems that many of us are having a hard time reading. For me, I only read two books in November and just finished my first for this month. grrr.

    I hear ya about a new gadget being a highlight for the week - my iPad held that status for two+ weeks.

    I can see why you have been obsessing over the Christina Perri song. I am adding it to my youtube playlist and I too may be obsessing over it, and may find its way onto my Song of the Week posts.

    Looks like some fun stuff is planned for the week - hope you have a great time.

  7. Interesting song. Very interesting. I wonder if I could learn to play it.

    I'm guessing that when Real wins again you pull out of your slump, unless they don't win again until you pull out of it. HMM

    Wish we could be there for the party. =(

  8. Suey, LOL, Yes, as soon as I muster up the energy I'll get a Twitter account.

    Ibeeeg, This slump is depressing me but I'm trying not to stress too bad. I'm loving my new phone and it and other things are distracting from all the reading too. I'm glad you liked the song. I love it!

    Cowboy mom, You should learn to play it. I'll sing it and we'll take the next family talent show by storm!...right? Why aren't you coming for the party? :(

  9. Caib is in the Christmas Carol that weekend and Braden has a basketball game. Big upset in our plans. We were coming up Friday going to Temple square staying at a hotel and swimming, going to the party and leisurely driving home afterwards.

    guess NOT!!!! We may come up for Josh's farewell.

  10. I really want to see Hugo! It looks good...I haven't read the books, either, but a couple teacher friends of mine really like it.

    Oh, and yay on the new phone! I'm a total gadget geek, and I'm not afraid to admit it. :)

  11. I'm with you on the Smart Phone thing. I got one a couple of months ago and for the first week or so I was like a kid with a new toy - I couldn't put it down. I still don't know half the things it can do!

  12. Cowboy mom, I think it's weird that I'm the one who cares that not everyone can come but I do. It makes me sad. :(

    BJ, It was a pretty good movie. The kid in it was awesome. I'm loving my new phone. I'm a gadget geek too.

    Small Blonde Hippy, I know! I'm constantly playing with it and wondering how many things it can do that I'll never know about.

  13. I really need to start watching revenge! Everyone seems to love it :)

  14. Sarah, Oh, you should! It's so good.