Monday, August 21, 2017

Review: The Breakdown

Title The Breakdown
By B.A. Paris
Genre Adult Suspense
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cass took the wrong road home during a horrible storm. She saw a car pulled over on the road that night but something stopped her from stopping. When the word gets out that the women in the car was murdered Cass' life begins to spiral out of control. The phone rings but there's no one there, she feels like she's being watched and keeps seeing a strange man outside her house. Is it the murderer? Does he somehow know she saw the car that night? Or is the answer much more sinister than that.

First Sentence 
The thunder starts as we're saying goodbye, leaving each other for the summer holidays ahead.

I loved Paris' other book Behind Closed Doors so much that I couldn't wait for this one. When you love one book by an author, it's always scary to try another. What if it doesn't hold up? Luckily, this one did.

I got sucked right into Cass' plight. Her guilt at having not stopped and helped the lady in the broken down car, her slow grip on reality as her fear makes her a prisoner in her own home, her desperation to have anyone believe her when she says she's being watched. Yep! All good stuff.

The breakdown title could very well have referred to Cass' breakdown not just the car that was broken down. (see how smart I am?) ;)

And just when your sympathy for poor Cass starts to turn to impatience at her simpering, the twist is slowly revealed and then comes the good part!

I can't say anything without giving it away but Paris seems to have found a nice little niche of writing about women who are tormented and then get their revenge. And the best part is the revenge. It's always so rub-your-hands-together-and-laugh-manically perfect.

I stayed up late into the night to finish this one and can't wait to see what else Paris comes up with. Whatever it is I'll be right there to read it.

Should you read it
Yes! And read her other book too!


  1. I haven't heard of this author before but I'm definitely going to check out her books! This sounds really good and I'm always a sucker for suspense and mystery :) Lovely review, Jenny!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. You have to check out her books. They're so much fun.

  2. Awesome!!! I can't wait to read it since I love Behind Closed Doors too. Maybe, I'll read it in October. :D

  3. I still haven't read Behind Closed Doors, but I'll definitely add this one to my list too. Love the ones that keep you up late at night!

  4. This one sounds good! I just hope it doesn't have a zillion holds on it at the library. :)

  5. I wasn't wild about BEHIND CLOSE DOORS, but this one sounds a little more to my liking. I'll give it a try one of these days.

    1. Now I can't remember why you didn't like it. I'll have to refresh my memory to see if I think you might like this one.

  6. I think you recommended one of her books to me already. It was probably that first book you mentioned.

  7. I listened to this recently and enjoyed it too. Like her first book, Behind Closed Doors, the ending was super satisfying, which we don't often get in thrillers!

  8. I really need to get her books. I haven't read either one of them yet!