Review Policy

Welcome to my blog! I'm currently accepting books for review.

Authors, agents or publishers, if you are interested in having me review a book, you can email me at with requests and I will promptly reply. Please include a synopsis and formats available.

My review policy is simple. I reserve the right to refuse any book based on time and interest. If I do accept a book for review, I do not promise to read it by a certain date unless priorly agreed upon or participating in a blog tour.

My reviews include the book cover, a brief synopsis, written by me, and my thoughts on the book. My opinions are my own and I do not get any monetary gain for them.

Bound books and ebooks for the Kindle are accepted.

MOBI files are NOT accepted. Neither are books labeled erotica or adult romance.



  1. What sort of Kindle ebook files do you accept, if .mobi files are not suitable? Thanks!

  2. I have issues opening mobi files so I won't accept them. I can do pdf files. Truthfully, I just prefer kindle books.