Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best and Worst of 2014

Sadly, I read hardly any books this year but there were some great ones. Since I read so little I won't name the top 10 best books but the top 5. And...just because it's me, I'll name the top 5 worst books I read too. Enjoy! 

Top 5 Best Books

 The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton
This was one of those books that everyone loved so I went into it very skeptically. There was no need. I adored it. I know it's cliche to say but it was such a page turner! 


Mind Games and Perfect Lies by Kiersten White
Holy moly! I loved theses ones! I was so entranced by them and utterly heartbroken when it ended. I want more!!! 

Cruel Beauty by Rosamud Hodge 
I just now noticed that that's a rose coming out of the stairs on the cover. Anywho, this was the most beautiful, resonating book for me this year. I adored it. Read this book!!! 

The Ghost and the Goth (ghost and the goth 3) by Stacey Kade 
I love Will and by the end I even liked Alona. I'll miss these guys. Such a fun series! 

Odd Interlude by Dean Koontz
I really don't think I have to explain myself on this one. ;)

Top 5 Worst books

The Lucy Variations by Sara Zarr
This one wasn't THAT bad but just because I usually love Sara Zarr's books and this one was so...yick, it's going to have to go on the list. 

Into You by Riley J. Ford
Ugh, this one, you guys, this one was just so...awful. It was completely unbelievable. And not the mind reading thing but the relationships and interactions etc. 

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
Sorry. I know there's those of you that loved this one. I liked the creepy pictures and at first it started off so promising and felt like a freaking middle grade book. Ugh, just shelf this one in middle grade. I don't hate middle grade books I just don't like to think I'm reading a YA book only to find out it's written more for 10 year olds. Yuck! 

The False Princess by Eilis O'Neal
Way too long and way too much telling not showing. 

I Am Legend by Richard Matheson
This one actually had some good things about it. It wasn't very exciting and hardly anything happened but there was something about the monotony, poor shell shocked Robert Neville and the ending that made me almost like it but when all is said and done, I'd recommend the move. At least it offers some hope. 

There you have it! Here's to a great reading year ahead of us. Happy New Years! 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Rest of the Year Mini Reviews

Well, I'm going to try to do better on this blogging thing. I miss you guys! So I thought I'd catch you up on the pathetic number of books I read since my last post and commit to doing more blogging and reading in 2015. 

The World's Strongest Librarian
I read this one for book club and had the opportunity to have the author himself come to our little book club and talk to us. While the book its self was entertaining and easy to read I had a hard time liking the author. He seemed so whiny and hopeless. When I met him it definitely helped to make me like him a little better. I'd recommend this one. 

Blood Promise (Vampire Academy 4) 
Still enjoying this series but this one actually drove me quite crazy. It was too long and too slow. Rose became complacent for way too long. It was like, come on already! Finally she starts making some progress again but the big "twist" at the ending...meh. I saw it coming from a mile away. 

I Am Legend
Wow. Totally different than the movie. Almost nothing happens in this one and it turns out to be utterly hopeless at the end. I was sadly disappointed. Just stick with the movie on this one.

Pope Joan
The idea of this one, they myth behind it...utterly fascinating. The actual I had a hard time giving a dang about the characters. I wanted to be more invested in them but I just didn't care. The afterward was probably the best part in the book. Not sure if that's a good thing. 

 The Fault in Our Stars
Hold on to your hats, people. I didn't hate this John Green book! I know, I know, I'm just as shocked as you. I actually enjoyed this one. However, and this isn't a reflection on the book...I don't think, anway, I didn't cry. Not one tear. Not one lump in the throat. Maybe I has just been too pre-warned I'd cry or maybe I'm a cold hearted...well, anyway. Either way I didn't shed a tear and I saw the twist coming  long before I read the book. 

Mad Love
While the story and characters in this one were very cute, I thought the writing felt slightly amateurish. Still, I'd recommend it for the fun story.  There's also a good dose of issues that make it pull a few more heartstrings. 

The Shepherd, The Angel, and Walter the Christmas Miracle Dog
This short, fast read is a must around Christmas time. I read it in a half hour a few days before Christmas and laughed and cried. It's absolutely adorable. 

And there it is folks, the few books I read since my last post. I did do a reread of Catcher in the Rye and highly recommend it. I love it! Here's to a better book blogging and reading year to come. See you around! 


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mini Review Catch Up

Not that anyone reads my blog anymore but I felt the need to catch you all up on what I've been reading. I didn't want to write out all the reviews, though, so mini reviews it is. Sorry. Life is just busy lately what with marriage, the world cup, and life's other many trials.

 Everbound (Everneath 2)
I really liked the adventure in this one. I liked the way the Everneath was described. Unfortunately I just am not very attached to the characters in these books. I will read the final book, though. Just to see how it all ends.

Going Vintage 
I love Lindsey Leavitt's books. While Sean Griswold's Head was much more entertaining to me. This one had a lot going for it too. I just love books of self discovery and lessons the characters learn and share with us. Mallory was delightful. I loved her relationship with her sister Ginnie and her interactions with her strange family. Oliver was perfectly realistically dreamy. Sigh! All in all, a great book. I'd highly recommend it.

The False Princess 
I wanted to like this one. I really did. It was OK, I guess, but it just had too much telling. The whole book would have been at least 100 pages shorter without all that telling of useless info. Plus it felt forced and fake. There were just too many things that were't realistic. Ah well.

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children
Honestly the thing that drew me into this book was the pictures. There's some pretty creepy and bizarre pictures throughout. Unfortunately, though the book started out with a great deal of promise, it ended up being littered with cliches. It felt more like a middle grade book than a YA and that, more than anything, bugged me the most!  

Cruel Beauty
Oh my gosh! Can you say love? Well, say it with me! I loved this book! I may have gone into it with ridiculously low expectations. I heard that Nix was so angry and pessimistic that everyone hated her. I, however totally understood how she felt and why she felt that way. It was a much more realistic take on Beauty and the Beast. Let's face it. No one is as happy and selfless as Beauty was. That's why I loved Nix so much. She was imperfect and flawed. The best part was she learned and grew. I can't even begin to express my love for this one. Sigh! I loved the tie in with mythology and fantasy and the house! So cool and creepy all in one.

Can we please not mention that I've only read 5 books in two months? Sigh! Hey, I'm just impressed I'm reading at all with everything else going on in my life. Until next time!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

April Wrapup

Well, April was only a slightly better reading month then March.

Body & Soul (The Ghost and the Goth, #3)
Body and Soul (The Ghost and the Goth 3)
Good ending to a great series. I wanted a few more things wrapped up but oh well.

 Perfect Lies (Mind Games, #2)
Perfect Lies (Mind Games 2) 

Meh, It just made me hungry. So hungry!!!

Yeah, yeah, don't laugh. That's all I could manage this month. Favorite of the month we're definitely Body and Soul and Perfect Minds.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Review: Wintergirls

Title Wintergirls
By Laurie Halse Anderson
Genre YA Contemporary
Pages 278
Recommended by Book Club

First sentence So she tells me, the words dribbling out with the cranberry muffin crumbs, commas dunked in her coffee.

Lia and Cassie were best friends. They shared everything. Even their deadly eating disorders. Lia is anorexic and Cassie was bulimic. When Cassie is found dead in a hotel room alone Lia is haunted by her ghost and her struggle with anorexia comes to a crescendo. 

What is has going for it
I'm not going to lie, I ate this one pun intended. Although, as you can tell from the first sentence in the book, that there is a lot of talk about food. Metaphorically and just plain descriptive this book talked so much about food I was stuffing my face and screaming at Lia to just eat!!! I actually cheered when she ate all the cupcakes! Laurie Halse Anderson has a very poetic style of writing that sucks me in and makes me flip the pages in a trance. I had no desire to read this one. I'm not one for eating disorders but once you start reading about Lia you just can't stop. I was engrossed. It was like watching an accident you just can't look away from even though it's not pretty.

What's lacking
Hmmm, I feel like I'm rambling and maybe being a little confusing. Did I like the book? No, not really. Yes I liked the writing style, that can't be helped, but the book was so depressing! I don't have a lot of patience for girls who have these problems and even if they don't say it...they blame everyone else. I felt like the author wanted us to believe that Lia's parents were so awful that she was driven to it. Well guess what? Life sucks and pretty much everyone has messed up parents. That doesn't mean we all have to go around blaming all our issues on them. At some point you have to just say, "yep, I've had a pretty crappy life and pretty crappy examples but I'm going to step up and take some damn responsibility for my actions!" Phew! Now that I have that off my chest. The other thing that drove me nuts was the book made me so hungry I probably gained 5 pounds reading it. See? Look at me! I can blame others for my issues too! :p

Favorite moment
When Lia eats all the cupcakes.

Yea or Nay?
Meh, maybe read it for the writing? Just be prepared to eat everything in sight.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Review: Perfect Lies (Mind Games 2)

Title Perfect Lies (Mind Games 2)
By Kiersten White
Genre YA Supernatural/Paranormal
Pages 232
Recommeded by Me

First sentence Annie.

Fia and Annie are back. There lives are about to collide again. With Annie longing to be useful and willing to do anything to save Fia and Fia trying to bring down the Keane Foundation, things are about to get tricky.

What is has going for it
I went into this one expecting to be so confused. Everyone said it was crazy and all over the place. I think it helped that I finished the first book in the series not too long ago so I remembered who everyone was and what was going on but I didn't find it confusing. I loved it! I was totally immersed in the story. Watching and waiting for the two sisters to meet again and their lives to collide. I found myself liking Annie more and more in this one and disliking poor Fia. Funny, because I liked Fia better in the first one and kinda hated Annie. I guess that's what good writing can do for you. I'm not sure if there's going to be anymore books in this series or not but though things ended good enough I'd love to see more of these sisters and join in on their adventures.

What's lacking
I can see how this one could confuse the hell out of some people. Its all over the place timeline was a tad confusing and it doesn't tell too much back story if you don't remember the first one. I know if I hadn't read the first one for a year I would be so lost. Still, I can't help but love these kick ass girls and their wild adventures.

Favorite moment
Watching Annie discover who the man she loved was. Like we didn't see that coming. Sigh!

Yea or Nay?
Yes, if you like crazy fun stories, read this series.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review: Body and Soul The Ghost and the Goth 3

Title Body and Soul (The Ghost and the Goth 3)
By Stacey Kade
Genre  YA Paranormal/Supernatural
Pages 316
Recommended by Me

First Sentence Malachi the Magnificent , Consultant to the Stars, had a storefront in a dingy, rundown strip mall between a sketchy looking Laundromat and a closed-up nail salon with a big, bright orange health department sticker plastered on its door.

The conclusion to the Ghost and The Goth series find Alona still trapped in Lily's body searching for a way out and Will determined to help. When the two run into a controlling ghost determined to take over Lily's body as well, Alona isn't so sure she wants to give up the body after all.

What it has going for it
This series has the silliest covers and almost sillier story lines but please, I beg of you, don't dismiss them. I love this series and this book was a lovely conclusion. I love watching Alona become softer and more selfless throughout the series and watching Will become more in control of his life and ability. Any book or series where the characters don't just overcome some obstacle but actually mature and grow is a book/series I'm probably going to love. And it doesn't hurt that I just adore Will and love the stories that unfold in each book. I loved how the books all intertwined as well. Sigh. I just love this series and am so sad to see it end.

What's lacking
I know, I know. You probably think I'm going to say nothing but the truth is. There was one little thing that left me scratching my head in irritation. There were some answers that we never got. Is the series really over? Sigh. I wanted more answers about Will's father. Oh well.

Favorite moment
How Will tests Lily to see who's in her body.

Yea or Nay?
Yes. Just yes!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

March Wrap Up

Oh my. March was an embarrassing month of reading for me. Oh well, here's what I read.

 Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles 2)
Wild ride with new lovable characters and old favorites.

The End of your Life Book Club
Great Discussions and love of reading throughout.

Yeah, that's it. That's all I read in March. Sigh! Favorite was Scarlet. Now let's see if I can do a little better in April.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Review: The End of Your Life Book Club

Title The End of Your Life Book Club
By Will Schwalbe
Genre Non Fiction
Pages 336
Recommended by Book Club

First sentence We were nuts about the mocha in the waiting room at Memorial Sloan-Kettering's outpatient care center.

The true story of a Will Schwalbe who, when his mother is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, starts up an unofficial book club for the both of them. As his mother battles the cancer they discuss books and the wonderful joy that is reading.

What it has going for it
This book tore me very hard in both good and bad directions. On the one hand, I loved things in it so much that I actually made notes on post its and placed them in the pages. I love books about books. I loved hearing about books that they were reading. Some I'd read and some I haven't and some I haven't even heard of. I also love books that discuss books. One of my favorite books and movies is The Jane Austen Book Club. I love the things they discuss and bring up about Austen's work. Things I'd never thought of. This book has the most interesting discussions in it about books. Some of my favorite discussions were on whether happiness is a choice or not and about courage. It also made me ask myself the question: What would I be reading if I were dying. Would I forgo silly, light books? Interesting indeed. Mostly I loved this book and the ideas it presents about thoughts that come from reading.

What's lacking
And then there was the other part of the book. The biography of Will's mother. While interesting, and I pray I don't get struck by lightening for saying this, it came of a little to flowery. I don't know. He just made her sound like some sort of saint. Some sort of Mother Teresa. Yes, we all love our mothers and most of us think very highly of them but did he really need to make her sound so damn perfect? Nobody's perfect and by making her sound so it made the book seem a little less realistic. It made the book lose some of it's credibility. Which, as it's a non fiction, is saying something.

Favorite moment
I really liked the question about what type of books we would read if we knew our time was short.

Yea or Nay?
Meh. As much as I liked the discussions in this one. I still don't think I'd go around shouting about it. If it sounds like a fascinating read (like it did to me) then you'll probably like it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review: Scarlet

Title Scarlet ( Lunar Chronicles #2)
By Marissa Meyer
Genre YA scifi/fantasy
Pages 454
Recommended by Me

First sentence Scarlet was descending toward the alley behind the Rieux Tavern when her portscreen chimed form the passenger seat, followed by an automated voice: "Comm received for Mademoiselle Scarlet Benoit  from the Toulouse Law Enforcement Office of Missing Persons."

Scarlet's life has been simple. She helped run her grandmother's farm and kept to herself but when he grandmother goes missing Scarlet is frantic. Suddenly her grandmother's history is coming to light and she's more than the quiet farm owner Scarlet has always known. She may know about the missing Lunar princess and the Lunar/cyborg fugitive Cinder. Scarlet must join forces with a scary stranger who calls himself Wolf to rescue her grandmother.

What it has going for it
I'll be honest. It's been awhile since I read the first book in this series and I had such a hard time remembering what was going on in this one that I had to find a recap of Cinder on line to catch myself up. Once I remembered what was going on I delved right into this one. I was relieved to discover that we were being introduced to a new character that I actually enjoyed reading about but that we still got to see what was happening with Cinder and Kai. I liked seeing how Scarlet and Cinder's lives were tied together and it got me wondering how the next books will all tie together too. Scarlet has quite the temper and was spunky and just slightly stubborn. ;) I liked her. I liked her story and her determination to find her grandmother. I liked Wolf too. I know a lot of people are just blown away by the way theses books tie into the old fairy tales and I do too but to be honest...I don't really spend too much time looking for similarities. The stories are so great that, based on old fairy tales or not, they could totally stand on their own.

What's lacking
I was kind of bothered that I had to go back and read that recap of Cinder to remember what was going on. No, I don't need a play be play recap from book to book but a little more catch up might have been nice. There's a few cliche's at work and near the end I was becoming so stressed out at the action that I was just praying for it to end, but I think that was just a personal thing. All in all there's really nothing negative to say about these books.

Favorite moment
Without a doubt when Cinder reunites with Iko.

Yea or Nay?
Oh, yes! You must read this series. It's so great!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Review: Brain: The Man Who Wrote The Book That Changed The World

Title Brain: The Man Who Wrote The Book That Changed The World
By Dermot Davis
Genre Adult Fiction
Pages 207
Recommended by Nancy

First sentence It had been ten years since Daniel's graduation and it's fair to say that the intervening years had not been very kind to him, personally or professionally.

On graduation day Daniel Waterstone wins the award for the student showing the "brightest promise for a future literary career." Ten years later he still can't get anything published that the public will appreciate and buy. He's out of money and in debt and very discouraged. His agent,Suzanne, isn't really much help. All she's interested in is making a lot of money for herself. Daniel decides to write a satire on writing. Suzanne won't even read it but some of her office help do read it and take it very seriously. 

"Hey guys, I'm dying to read this book but it's something I knew my mom would probably enjoy too so I let her read it first and since I wanted to post a review asap because the author so kindly sent me a copy to read. I'm letting her write my review for me. Take it away, mom!

What is has going for it 
This book is well written and so typical of today's mixed up society that it was an all night read for me. His old car and the valet parking it was hilarious. Then after the book he wrote becomes a best seller and he needs a body guard so Suzanne can make money with ghost writers and more book reviews and get Daniel out of the way, the results are predictable but you can't wait for it to happen.  Daniel never quite believes that people take this impossible and nonsensical use of the exercises he dreamed up seriously and with the help of a friend he continues to renounce it as a serious piece of literature.
What's lacking
If it weren't for the promiscuity scenes I would highly recommend it for high schools and especially for those ridiculous "American Problems" classes.

Yea or Nay?
For adults, yes. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

January February Wrap Up

OK, So I'm running behind. Oh well, I try. Here's what I read in January and February.

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
Cute and engaging but a little too convenient.

The Lucy Variations
Not Sara Zarrs best book. Creepy adult teen relationship.

Odd Interlude 
Oh, Odd how I love thee. Koontz, my boy, you are one imaginative fellow.

Shadow Kiss (vampire academy 3)
The story continues. And, WOW, what and ending!

The Forgotten Garden
Intricate storytelling reveals an incredible tale.

 Into You 
Interesting premise, horrible execution.

Mind Games (mind games 1)
Holy exciting story, Batman! Give me more femme fatale!

A Countess Below Stairs 
More telling rather than showing but a fun little romance

And there you have it...Hey! It think my numbers are picking up!
Favorite of both January and February: Mind Games, The Forgotten Garden and Odd Interlude. Least favorite: Into You.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Review: A Countess Below Stairs

Title A Countess Below Stairs
By Eva Ibbostson
Genre YA romance
Pages 383
Recommended by Book Club

First sentence "You cannot be a housemaid, Anna," said Miss Pinfold firmly.

Anna used to be a Russian Countess. She used to have jewels and riches and live in a mansion. Now all that has changed. Forced to flee her country and riches Anna must find work and becoming a housemaid seems her only option but falling in love with the Earl she serves isn't an option, not since he's engaged to be married.

What is has going for it
Anna is instantly likable. Sure the author "tells not shows" us to like her but it's easy to overlook that for the most part. I enjoyed watching her journey from riches to rags and loved the Downton Abbey feel of this book. There's something to be said for books that can make you talk to them. You know, shouting things to the characters, gasping at something when it happens, biting back and "oh no" when something terrible is about to happen. This book was very good at drawing out my emotions and for that I'll give it a thumbs up.

What's lacking 
Honestly, this one isn't without flaws. The telling not showing thing I mentioned irritated me. It's fine in a short fairy tale story to tell a reader how to feel about a character and to describe their attributes but in a novel I expect a little more showing. There was a lot of this "stop the story and tell you the history of a person or place" and it got a little old. Oh, and just because a book is in third person and can jump around to anyone it wants, doesn't mean it should. This one started talking about people that had very little to do with the story and it drove me insane. I wanted to just get back to Anna and Rupert!

Favorite moment
When Anna hears Rupert having a nightmare and wakes him up. I loved how inappropriate that might have been back then but how natural it seemed.

Yea or Nay?
Yes, I'd recommend it but get ready for some lengthy back story.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Review: Mind Games

Title Mind Games (Mind Games 1)
By Kiersten White
Genre YA supernatural/paranormal
Pages 237
Recommended by Susan 

First sentence
My dress is black and itchy and I hate it.

Some woman are born with mind powers. In the school there's Readers, Feelers and Seers. Anna is a Seer and her sister Fia...she's unique. The school was meant to help people but it's become a prison. Both sisters are trapped,being used, but things are about to change.

What is has going for it
What a ride! I have to say, this one surprised me. I ended up loving it! I'm a sucker for Femme Fatale stories. There's just something about a girl who kicks ass and who's unique that gets me. I'm also a sucker for plot driven books and this one has an interesting plot. It jumps back and forth from the past to the present so you can see how everything in the now came to be. This one also also has great characters. I actually liked Fia's inner turmoil and thoughts. I felt for her. I liked her. I can't wait to see her kick more ass! Anna wasn't quite as interesting to me but by the end I appreciated her.  I'm dying to get to know Adam better. I think Eden might have a bigger role in the next books and it worries me. James...Oh, James. I can't decide what to think of you. I feel for you but I just think two damaged people cannot make a whole. Sigh! The relationship between Fia and Anna makes this book. They're each others greatest strength and each others greatest weakness. It makes for a heart wrenching dynamic. With twists and turns and jaw dropping shocks this one had it all. I can't wait for the next one!

What's lacking
It was slightly confusing for a bit but it all came together. I know that most people complained about the jumping around and Fia's crazy thoughts but I didn't find it overly confusing. I've also heard people say it sort of feels like it's missing some story. I liked that it jumped right in and leaves you wanting more. It is pretty violent too, that doesn't bother me but it might bug others.

Favorite moment
Honestly the moment where, you know does the bad thing involving Clarice. Sorry, but it shocked me so much and then I cheered.

Yea or Nay?
I'd say yes but I know this kind isn't for everyone.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Review: Into You

Title Into You
By Riley J. Ford
Genre YA mystery supernatural/paranormal
Pages 253
Recommended by Amazon Daily Kindle Deal

First sentence It happens in the movie theater when I finally kiss Ethan Cooper.

Imagine you can read people's minds. Imagine you have to kiss them to read their minds. Imagine it's ruining your life. Winter Reynolds Is dealing with this and more. The new girl in school with a troubled past ends up murdered and suddenly Winter has to use her power to solve the murder. Things are about to get crazy!

What it has going for it
Well, it had an interesting premise. I like the idea of mind reading. Who wouldn't want to know what others were long as you could turn it off. I liked that there was the twist of the kissing too. The book kept me reading wanting to know who the murderer was...and, yeah, that's about it.

What's lacking?
Sadly this one made me roll my eyes more than once. It had way too many unbelievable aspects. I don't mean the mind reading either. It was convenient and trite and tried to be funny but was not and maybe shouldn't have even tried. I don't want to be too spoilery so if you're really wanting to read this one skip the next bit. ***What the hell was with the pregnancy thing? First of all Miranda acted like it was no big deal that she was pregnant and her whole life was about to change. There was no focus on the emotional drama that would cause. Then when she tells her parents...What the hell?! No parent would act that calmly! And the whole climatic ending at the dance. It was horrible. It was all over the place. I was livid that after Winter is attacked that she so quickly brushed it off and forgave Jason. If I went through what she did and knew the man I "loved" had just walked away??? No freaking way!*** Anywho, the book was a huge ridiculous disappointment.

Favorite moment
I'm not sure there was one.

Yea or Nay?
No, just no.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Hunky Valentines!

So this Tuesday The Broke and the Bookish's Top Ten Tuesday post was all about Swoony Books. I didn't write a post of my own but I found it highly amusing that most people started out talking about swoony books but mostly talked about swoony male lead characters. Aw well, I guess us girls just can't help having book crushes. So in honor of Valentines Day I give you my list of the top ten hunky book characters to swoon over.

                                                     1 Odd Thomas
I highly doubt anyone is surprised to see Odd on my list. Odd it the biggest sweetheart with...well...a heart of gold. I haven't seen the movie yet but I have to say I wasn't at all happy with the casting for Odd. What do you guys think?

2 Matthew Swift
Once again I doubt you're surprised but I can't help it! Matthew is so...I can't even begin to describe him. He's funny, sarcastic and seriously bad ass! Yes please!

3 Cassel (Curse Workers series)  
He's tortured yet mischievous and smart as hell. Plus he's just real and flawed and sigh worthy!

 4 Captain Wentworth (Persuasion)
He's just so stoic. You know, the strong silent type. And that letter he writes Ann...Oh my gosh! Swoon!

5 Cameron Wolfe 
OK, this isn't a picture of Cameron but Markus, his creator, is hot so let's just drool at him shall we? All I can say about Cameron is I love his soul!

6 Ben (Mercy Thompson series)
OK, someone else out there thought this handsome actor would fit Ben and I couldn't agree more. He's one of those characters you love so much you can't figure out why the hell the MC chooses some other dumb guy. **cough cough** Adam **cough cough**

7 Stronghand (Crown of Stars series) 
There are no words. Stronghand is just so dang awesome. Why? Because he's the first of his kind to start reasoning and thinking and actually feeling! I adore him.

8 Astley (Need series)
A man who doesn't try to control the girl? A man who supports and trusts and fights right along side the girl? Yes please! And Alex just seems to fit Astley in my mind.

9 Cricket 
I immediately liked Cricket just from the cover of this book but from his first scene in the book I fell in love with him! He's just such sweetheart...Hmmm. I'm starting to think I have a thing for sweethearts with just a hint of darkness in them.

10 Drizzt 
What's not to love? He's unique, kicks ass and well...he runs around with a big black panther. 'Nuf said.

Honestly I could go on and and on. There are so many swoon worthy guys out there in literature. Agreed? Happy Valentines day!