Sunday, March 23, 2014

Review: Brain: The Man Who Wrote The Book That Changed The World

Title Brain: The Man Who Wrote The Book That Changed The World
By Dermot Davis
Genre Adult Fiction
Pages 207
Recommended by Nancy

First sentence It had been ten years since Daniel's graduation and it's fair to say that the intervening years had not been very kind to him, personally or professionally.

On graduation day Daniel Waterstone wins the award for the student showing the "brightest promise for a future literary career." Ten years later he still can't get anything published that the public will appreciate and buy. He's out of money and in debt and very discouraged. His agent,Suzanne, isn't really much help. All she's interested in is making a lot of money for herself. Daniel decides to write a satire on writing. Suzanne won't even read it but some of her office help do read it and take it very seriously. 

"Hey guys, I'm dying to read this book but it's something I knew my mom would probably enjoy too so I let her read it first and since I wanted to post a review asap because the author so kindly sent me a copy to read. I'm letting her write my review for me. Take it away, mom!

What is has going for it 
This book is well written and so typical of today's mixed up society that it was an all night read for me. His old car and the valet parking it was hilarious. Then after the book he wrote becomes a best seller and he needs a body guard so Suzanne can make money with ghost writers and more book reviews and get Daniel out of the way, the results are predictable but you can't wait for it to happen.  Daniel never quite believes that people take this impossible and nonsensical use of the exercises he dreamed up seriously and with the help of a friend he continues to renounce it as a serious piece of literature.
What's lacking
If it weren't for the promiscuity scenes I would highly recommend it for high schools and especially for those ridiculous "American Problems" classes.

Yea or Nay?
For adults, yes. 


  1. Wow, Jenny, your mom is awesome! Glad to hear she enjoyed this one -- I've got it, just haven't dipped into it yet. Soon. Maybe.

  2. Gosh this book sounds like my life minus part about being published! I wish my mum would write reviews on my blog!

  3. I'm supposed to read this one too. Ah, I sort of forgot!

  4. The writing sounds good, but the promiscuity does seem to send it over the top for an adult book.