Sunday, October 30, 2016

Review: The Sculptor

Title The Sculptor
By Scott McCloud
Genre Adult Graphic Novel
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

David Smith a struggling artist has just made a deal with Death. Given the ability to sculpt anything with his bare hands he only has 200 days left to live. Can he make a name for himself before time runs out? Finding the love of his life wasn't in the plans either but the deal is made and there's no going back.

First Sentence

I thought it would be fun to share the first page of the book for the first sentence.

I've never read a graphic novel that blew me away. I always feel very "meh" about them. The only reason I voluntarily read this book was because the cover intrigued me and I needed a quick book for the readathon to make me feel like I was accomplishing something.

I loved this book, guys! I can finally see what people love about graphic novels.

The story was fascinating. At first, while I could see where the MC was coming from, I struggled with his mopey attitude. I loved watching him own up to his mistakes, learn to quit running away and figure out what really matters in life. I cried at the end. It was so beautiful.

The graphics were great too, of course. While I'm more about the story and tend to rush through graphic novels without really looking at the pictures, I was forced to look in this one. They were fascinating. I think it helped that the MC was an artist. I loved looking at his sculptures.

I'm so very glad I picked this one up. I might become a graphic novel fan yet.

Should you read it?
I thought it was a beautiful story that would be worth anyone's time.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Review: Behind Closed Doors

Title Behind Closed Doors
By B. A. Paris
Genre Adult Suspense
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jack and Grace are the perfect couple. He's a successful lawyer who's never lost a case and Grace is slim, elegant and the perfect hostess at parties. But why doesn't Grace ever go out without Jack? Why does he never leave her side? Why does she not even have a cell phone? And why are there bars on all the windows of the house?  Sometimes things aren't as they appear.

First Sentence
The champagne bottle knocks against the marble kitchen counter, making me jump.

First off. Huge shout out to Marce for recommending this book!

 I'm glad I picked this one up. I listened to it on audio while I cleaned, went walking or did yard work. I would find any excuse to listen to it. In the end, I just lay on the couch listening.

Maybe you can guess from the synopsis what's really going on and maybe you can't. I knew pretty quickly what was going on. It's not a huge mystery. But the author reveals this early on too so I don't think it was meant to be a mystery. That's why, you'll notice, I called it a suspense. And, boy, was it suspenseful! I was hooked from page one! And it was so creepy! More than once I got that delightfully crept out feeling.

The book wasn't perfect though. Maybe I noticed more because I listened to it rather than read it but this book was littered, and I meant LITTERED with cliches. It didn't bother me at all I just noticed. Besides I wasn't really interested in the writing anyway. The plot was so great I didn't care! Not to say it was bad writing just nothing new or original.

Well gee! I'm having a hard time writing this review. I feel like I can't say anything much without giving away the plot and spoiling it. Just know that I loved it and would highly recommend it.

Should you read it?
Yes! Even if this isn't your type of book, read it! You won't regret it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Readathon wrap up and hello!

It's a bit late but oh well! I very quietly participated in the readathon this year. I tried to follow Instagram, Twitter and blogs all day and managed to complete a graphic novel, The Sculptor, which I loved. And I read a few chapters of The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. That's all I managed. Sigh! But I had fun and was glad for the R&R.

I have several reviews I need to write and get posted but I'm having a heck of a time concentrating on blogging or reading. I'll get to them. I promise. I think I'm like the last person to do a wrap up of the readathon so I won't bother asking how yours went because I've already heard.

Hey! At least when I don't read or blog much I'm still reading your guys' blogs. Right? Have a great week!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Mini Movie Reviews #9

The Light Between Oceans
I'm not even a hundred percent sure why I wanted to see this one and I didn't know it was based on a book until after it ended, but somehow we ended up seeing it. And while it was a beautiful movie it was so sad and, well, kind of pointless. I'm not sure I fully understood it. Maybe I need to read the book. Needless to say, it wasn't one I'm recommending to people

Bridget Jones's Baby
Oh, Bridget, you amuse me so. This one I had to see because I love the original so much. And while it wasn't as good as the first it was definitely better than the second and I found myself giggling the whole time. Which is more than I can say for my poor husband who graciously went with me.

The Girl on the Train
Another book based movie. If you may remember, I really didn't like the book of this one. It was exciting but I could not stand a single character. So why did I see the movie? Because I was curious about the adaption and because I like Emily Blunt so much. I was hoping because I liked her it would make the character more sympathetic. And it worked! I didn't love the movie or anything but I liked Emily. If you liked the book of this one and are curious at all about the movie, I think it's worth a watch.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Readathon Time!

It's Dewy's 24 Hour Readathon this weekend! I'm so excited! After a really bad read I've started two great books and have two more I'm looking forward to as well. Since I missed the Readathon in the spring this one is going to be top priority. Here's what I'll be reading.

I'm already well into The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. I might even be done with it before the weekend.

Are you participating? What are you reading? What do you think of my reads?

Monday, October 17, 2016

Review: Dead Ringer

Title Dead Ringer
By Jessie Rosen
Genre YA Suspense/mystery
Rating ⭐️

What really happened to Sarah Castro-Tanner on the night she committed suicide by throwing herself into the river? Follow golden boy Charlie and his group of friends, who might have been there that night to Laura Rivers, the new girl in school who looks similar to the dead girl to Sasha, a hacker determined to discover what really happened at any cost.

First Sentence
Deep breath, big smile, and remember: it's all about swag.  

Note to self: Freaking research a book's author and publisher before blindly downloading it because the price is right! Oh my hell! This book, guys! I have been really working on giving up on books that aren't doing it for me and have been doing pretty good, thank you very much, but this book...Ugh! I should have known to give up the minute I started.

The writing was dreadful. It sounded like a first draft that some 12 year old wrote. (no offense to 12 year olds) It was seriously painful to slog through such horrible writing. Then why did I, you ask? Because of the mystery. I wanted to know what happens.

Somewhere, about half way through, I suspected what was going on but by this point I felt committed to see where this stupid book would go. So, I kept reading, and reading and reading! That's another thing I hated about it. It was so LOOOOONG!!!! Needlessly, pathetically, desperately LONG!

And are you ready for this kicker? It ended practically mid sentence! It was a non-ending! A stupid cliffhanger! A damn setup for the monstrosity that will be book two!!! When I realized this I think I sat for a full minute with my eye twitching! I couldn't believe what this stupid book had the gall to do to me!

I'm livid but at least I learned my lesson. Right?

Should you read it? 
I don't know, are you a masochist?

Friday, October 14, 2016

Mini Movie Reviews #8

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children
I'm actually shocked I even saw this one. First of all I didn't like the book and never finished the series and second of all, my husband never goes to movies like this. He hates anything even remotely "childish". But go we did. I ended up liking the movie better than the book but still wasn't totally impressed or anything. The ending. as I recall (but could totally be remembering wrong) was completely different than the book.

The Magnificent Seven
I haven't seen the original film but I love me a good cowboy movie with revenge and vengince going on. This one was great fun,...but super sad ending. Plus...Chris Pratt. Need I say more? Go see it!

Deepwater Horizon
Honestly, I saw this one because the husband wanted to. These kinds of movies aren't my thing. Too much screaming and explosions just don't engage me. I get bored, if you can believe it? But....Mark Wahlberg is in it and if you recall, I have a tiny little crush on him so it wasn't a complete waste.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Review: The Girl With All The Gifts

Title The Girl With All The Gifts
By M.R. Carey
Genre Adult Dystopian
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Man kind has been wiped out by a virus that turns humans into "zombies". A small research camp has been experimenting on some young children infected with a mutated strain of the virus. But when their camp is attacked only 5 people escape. A teacher, two soldiers, a Dr. and one of the young infected children.

First Sentence
Her name Melanie.

Hi! My name is Jenny and I allow myself to be peer pressured into reading books. This one seems like it was everywhere on the blogosphere and it intrigued me.  When it came up for sale on Amazon I decided to download it but had no intention of reading it any time soon. Then I found it was basically a "zombie" book and REALLY had no intention of rushing to it. However, for whatever reason, I decided to read it one day and well, here we are. The problem with peer pressure is that far to often a book everyone loves tends to disappoint me. This one, while not disappointing was not exactly mind blowing either. I just don't get why some books are so popular. It must be the zombie thing.

The writing style was weird and too detached for me but getting glimpses into Melanie's mind was fun. I liked her and I like reading adult books from a child's perspective. But what I really enjoyed about this one was the science behind it. Have you ever heard of ophiocordyceps? No? It's a fungus that takes over an ant's body and makes it climb to a high point where it kills the ant and then begins to grow out of the ant and send out spores.

You're welcome for the graphic image! Sweet dreams! The point is the way the author played on this horrifying phenomenon. What if this creepy fungus could infect humans? And thus you have the beginnings of one hell of a dystopian tale!

With great characters, non stop action and a creepy ending, for once I'm glad I fell for peer pressure.

Should you read it?
If this sounds like your kind of thing, yes.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

7 "Interesting" Things About Me

Thanks to Kara from Flowers of Quiet Happiness for nominating me! I wanted to participate quite frankly so I had something to blog about. Guys, my blogging slump just won't go away. So anyway. The rules for this award are to post 7 interesting things about yourself and tag 10-15 other bloggers. Will you all hate me if I don't tag anyone but still participate? I hope not. Here goes.

1 On October 12th I'll have been married for 3 years. In that time, my husband has started his own business, we bought a house and remodeled it, bought two rental properties, got another kitty and tracked down my husband's birth mom (whom we visited in person this past weekend). If we'd had a kid I think I might have died from stress, yes?

2 I've been to England twice and would love to live there. I love it!

3 I have a library in my house that I remodeled the first of this year that has zero books in it. What? Then how is it a library, you ask? I don't know! It just is! It was meant to have bookshelves but due to buying a lovely couch and a chair to go in there before it was remodeled left me with zero room for my bookshelves.  Needless, to say, I still call it my library/reading room even if it doesn't have any books in it.

4 I live in Utah with "The Greatest Snow on Earth" And have never been nor do I desire to go skiing.

5 The house my husband and I bought was actually my mom's house. AKA the house I grew up in. So after a brief stint away where I lived in an apartment for awhile, I moved right back into the house I grew up in. So basically I've lived int the same house for 32 years. Can I just say, I'm really sick of the same old surroundings. Oh well.

6 I hate coconut but like Mounds bars. And I like them for the weirdest reason. You know in the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when Charlie finds the money and buys a candy bar with the last Golden Ticket in it? Well, before he gets that candy bar, he gets another one that he shoves down so fast you'd think he hadn't eaten in years. Anywho, that first candy bar looks like a Mounds bar and it looks so freaking good! Just thinking about him snarfing down that stupid candy bar makes me want a Mounds bar.

7  I'm a crazy neat freak. I clean my house once a week. Which isn't too bad but I'm one of those weirdos that moves all the furniture to vacuum and sweep. Like the stove and the fridge and couches etc.  I never thought that was weird until people told me it was. Oh well.

So, there you have it. Not too interesting but hey. Again, I'm not going to tag any one but please feel free to participate! I'd love to hear 7fun facts about you guys!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Review: The Hypnotist's Love story

Title The Hypnotist's Love Story
By Liane Moriarty
Genre Adult Contemporary
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

When Ellen's boyfriend of a few weeks tells her he has a secret she imagines the worst. But she never would have guessed that he had a stalker. An ex that just can't quite give him up.

First Sentence
I had never been hypnotized before.

What can I say? Moriarty does it again! I've heard her best books are Big Little Lies and What Alice Forgot and, coincidentally, those are the two I've read. So I was worried her other books wouldn't be as good and that maybe I should have started with them. I needn't have worried. This one was uniquely its own. I've never quite read a story like this. You've got this hypnotherapist MC who's dating a guy who informs her he's being stalked by his ex and things just get weirder from there.

It was crazy and and fun and Moriarty has such a way with words she allows us into the ex's mind and guess what? You can empathize with her! I loved the setting in this one too. Ellen's house that her grandparent's left her on the beach is described so perfectly it's almost a character of it's own.

With so much going on in this one it could have started to feel like a cheesy soap opera but Moriarty handles everything perfectly and tells one crazy yet believable story. I loved it.

Should you read it? 
Yes! Any anything else Moriarty writes!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

September Wrap Up

September was only crazy for half of the month but I still only managed to read 3 books again. I swear I'll do better this month. The colder weather makes me want to curl up and read and the Dewy's 24 Hour Read-A-Thon is this month's hoping. Anyway, back to September.

Hinges of Broams Eld by Jennifer Cano, Still Alice by Lisa Genova, The Hypnotist's Love Story by Liane Moriarty

I liked all of them this month. No least favorites. I always think that's a good thing.My numbers are small but at least I liked what I read, right?