Monday, October 17, 2016

Review: Dead Ringer

Title Dead Ringer
By Jessie Rosen
Genre YA Suspense/mystery
Rating ⭐️

What really happened to Sarah Castro-Tanner on the night she committed suicide by throwing herself into the river? Follow golden boy Charlie and his group of friends, who might have been there that night to Laura Rivers, the new girl in school who looks similar to the dead girl to Sasha, a hacker determined to discover what really happened at any cost.

First Sentence
Deep breath, big smile, and remember: it's all about swag.  

Note to self: Freaking research a book's author and publisher before blindly downloading it because the price is right! Oh my hell! This book, guys! I have been really working on giving up on books that aren't doing it for me and have been doing pretty good, thank you very much, but this book...Ugh! I should have known to give up the minute I started.

The writing was dreadful. It sounded like a first draft that some 12 year old wrote. (no offense to 12 year olds) It was seriously painful to slog through such horrible writing. Then why did I, you ask? Because of the mystery. I wanted to know what happens.

Somewhere, about half way through, I suspected what was going on but by this point I felt committed to see where this stupid book would go. So, I kept reading, and reading and reading! That's another thing I hated about it. It was so LOOOOONG!!!! Needlessly, pathetically, desperately LONG!

And are you ready for this kicker? It ended practically mid sentence! It was a non-ending! A stupid cliffhanger! A damn setup for the monstrosity that will be book two!!! When I realized this I think I sat for a full minute with my eye twitching! I couldn't believe what this stupid book had the gall to do to me!

I'm livid but at least I learned my lesson. Right?

Should you read it? 
I don't know, are you a masochist?


  1. I hate books like that. You think maybe something will redeem it so you don't feel like it was a completely waste of time. And then whatever that thing is you hope will redeem the book falls flat is the worst!!!

    1. Totally! I will never waste my time again.

  2. Oh, no! I'm sorry this book was so terrible...and that it left you hanging at the end! That should be a jailable offense. :) But thanks for the warning; this is one book I will definitely avoid.

  3. Ha ha! You got played :) Hate that. There aren't enough mystery/suspense YA novels out there, so it's too bad this one was such a bomb. I'd love for a great writer of this genre to appear!

    1. I know! There needs to be more mystery YA books...but not like this!

  4. This makes me so sad, because the description probably would have worked on me too- it's totally my kind of plot. Stupid cheap cliffhangers!