Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Review: Mind Games

Title Mind Games (Mind Games 1)
By Kiersten White
Genre YA supernatural/paranormal
Pages 237
Recommended by Susan 

First sentence
My dress is black and itchy and I hate it.

Some woman are born with mind powers. In the school there's Readers, Feelers and Seers. Anna is a Seer and her sister Fia...she's unique. The school was meant to help people but it's become a prison. Both sisters are trapped,being used, but things are about to change.

What is has going for it
What a ride! I have to say, this one surprised me. I ended up loving it! I'm a sucker for Femme Fatale stories. There's just something about a girl who kicks ass and who's unique that gets me. I'm also a sucker for plot driven books and this one has an interesting plot. It jumps back and forth from the past to the present so you can see how everything in the now came to be. This one also also has great characters. I actually liked Fia's inner turmoil and thoughts. I felt for her. I liked her. I can't wait to see her kick more ass! Anna wasn't quite as interesting to me but by the end I appreciated her.  I'm dying to get to know Adam better. I think Eden might have a bigger role in the next books and it worries me. James...Oh, James. I can't decide what to think of you. I feel for you but I just think two damaged people cannot make a whole. Sigh! The relationship between Fia and Anna makes this book. They're each others greatest strength and each others greatest weakness. It makes for a heart wrenching dynamic. With twists and turns and jaw dropping shocks this one had it all. I can't wait for the next one!

What's lacking
It was slightly confusing for a bit but it all came together. I know that most people complained about the jumping around and Fia's crazy thoughts but I didn't find it overly confusing. I've also heard people say it sort of feels like it's missing some story. I liked that it jumped right in and leaves you wanting more. It is pretty violent too, that doesn't bother me but it might bug others.

Favorite moment
Honestly the moment where Fia...um, you know does the bad thing involving Clarice. Sorry, but it shocked me so much and then I cheered.

Yea or Nay?
I'd say yes but I know this kind isn't for everyone.


  1. It's a crazy one, isn't it? Annie kind of takes center stage in the next one, just so you know. Fia is there, but it's Annie we end up getting to know better. You should read it sooner than later, because there is no reminders at what happens in this first book and for me, that made it even harder to follow.

  2. I'm pretty sure I got this one on my Nook when it went on sale... It sounds like it's got a lot going for it. I like it when you're not sure what's happening but the pieces start fitting together later. It keeps you guessing. :)

  3. I've been hesitant to read this one because of all the bed press it's gotten. I really love books about mental abilities and if you love it I think I'm at least going to not hate it completely!

  4. This sounds like something I would love!

  5. Interesting, I read Paranormalcy and didn't like it at all...but maybe I'd get on with this one better?


  6. I've held off on picking this one up because of all the mixed reviews, but I really like it when the story just jumps right in and assumes you're intelligent enough to figure things out! And a strong plot with strong female characters gets me every time, so need to see if my library has a copy. Thanks for the great review!