Monday, December 9, 2013

Review: The Actor and the Housefwife

Title The Actor and the Housewife
By Shannon Hale
Genre Adult Contemporary
Pages 352
Recommended by Book Club

First sentence Becky was seven months pregnant when she met Felix Callahan.

Synopsis from Goodreads
Mormon housewife Becky Jack is seven months pregnant with her fourth child when she meets celebrity hearththrob Felix Callahan. Twelve hours, one elevator ride, and one alcohol-free dinner later, something has happened…though nothing has happened. It isn’t sexual. It isn’t even quite love. But a month later Felix shows up in Salt Lake City to visit and before they know what’s hit them, Felix and Becky are best friends. Really. Becky’s husband is pretty cool about it. Her children roll their eyes. Her neighbors gossip endlessly. But Felix and Becky have something special…something unusual, something completely impossible to sustain. Or is it? A magical story, The Actor and the Housewife explores what could happen when your not-so-secret celebrity crush walks right into real life and changes everything.

What it has going for it
Shannon Hale knows how to write a fun engaging book that keeps you glued to the story...even if it is a dumb one. Honestly, I don't have anything else nice to say.

What's lacking
Besides being way too long, this one just felt so ridiculously pointless. I had no idea why I read over 300 pages for nothing. I heard you either love or hate this one...I felt neither emotion. I just shrugged this one off as a boring story with a point I could care less about.

Favorite moment
Nothing really stands out. I do enjoy how Shannon can evoke some emotion with her writing, though.

Yea or Nay?
Meh, I'd pass on this one. It has a fake portrayal of Mormon's and was just boring and pointless. 


  1. Ha! You crack me up. I love that you said, "It has a fake portrayal of Mormon's." I agree and don't agree. It's definitely not the typical Mormon, but I've known and seen Mormons like the ones described in the book.

  2. I think we should write a story with a similar premise and see what it's like. Don't you think that would be fun? Because I love the premise of this one, but how can we make it better and more engaging? More real...more...I don't know.. page turning for you? What do you think?

  3. This sounds.................... ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.............. I read your review before the synopsis.......... I think it made my reading experience better.

  4. OK, so I read the blurb and I'm like, Oooo this sounds like so much fun! Then I read your review and I honestly laughed so hard that I am crying. I love how your just like " this one just felt so ridiculously pointless." I'm glad I didn't read the blurb without your review. You probably saved me some time:)

  5. Darn. I have a copy of this one, somewhere. No idea where, though, so I doubt I'll get to it right away. It does sound kind of pointless but I'll probably still read it.

  6. LOL I had a lot of the same reactions. I thought it was entertaining and witty but I just didn’t get it either. They are friends and it never ever changes - so…..what’s the point really?? If I read a story I would like there to a) be a conflict and b) for things to change. But at least it was funny :)

  7. +JMJ+

    Well, I'm glad that the marriage doesn't break up and two cool characters can really just be good friends . . . but I'd also wonder what the whole point is. Do they become better people at all because of this new friendship--or is it just a cute premise which the author wanted to experiment with?

  8. Sorry you didn't enjoy this one more. It sounds like it is just a book about a guy and woman becoming friends. Not sure if there is something major that happens. Thanks for sharing!