Thursday, January 30, 2014

Review: Odd Interlude

Title Odd Interlude
By Deak Koontz
Genre Adult Horror
Pages 279

First Sentence They say that every road leads home if you care to go there.

Crazy, Evil adventures always seem to find Odd. It was supposed to be a simple one night stay in a small town but Harmony Corner is anything but harmonious. With and evil presence controlling the bodies and minds of the entire town's inhabitants and a secret, underground, deserted government lab, Odd is in for another creep adventure to save the day.

What it has going for it
Oh, Dean, your sick twisted imagination never ceases to disturb and delight me. I'm always so entranced in your creepy worlds and captivated by your horrific creations. How do you come up with such interesting ideas? Too many nights watching The Twilight Zone? No. Your creations are much more disturbing than anything TTZ could come up with. I love Odd. I really do. He's such a humble hero. No one in this world could compare. I'd risk living in his scary world if it meant I might meet him. His sense of humor and wit amuse me. His selfless deeds astound me. Poor Odd. My heart aches for his loss and the trials he goes through. Thank goodness he has his dog friends to keep him company. Thank goodness he saved Harmony Corner. I never doubted he would fail.

What's lacking

Favorite moment
When Odd hijacks the semi. Hee hee!

Yea or Nay?
Yes! Don't let this one slip you by or any of the other Odd books. Rumor has it there's only one more to come.


  1. I really enjoy Odd's adventures, and I love reading reviews about him. He's been my main book boyfriend for years now. ;)

  2. Okay. I really need to get caught up with these books! I can't remember which one I read last! :)

  3. I read ODD THOMAS last month and really, really enjoyed it (except for the ending). I need to read the next one. And the next. And the next ...

  4. I haven't read any Dean Koontz but hubby has a bunch of the books lying around. I might give them a go and see if they're too scary for me!

  5. I am always a bit Leary of Dean Koontz. He is always hit and miss with me, but it sounds like I am going to have to break down and start this series. Especially since you find nothing lacking in it;)