Friday, April 7, 2017

Review: The One and Only

Title The One & Only
By Emily Giffin
Genre Adult Contemporary Chick lit
Rating ⭐⭐

Shea Rigsby has always been a Walker fan. Fan of the town she grew up in and fan of the college football team. Her whole life has centered around the football and her best friend's dad the coach of her beloved team. Despite her comfortable life, Shea soon realizes it's not going anywhere. She's in a rut. When a new job and a new relationship blossom it looks as though things couldn't be better but Shea's heart longs for something different. Something that might ruffle too many feathers. Can she have the life she truly wants or will a small town's watchful eye keep her away from what she wants most?

First Sentence
I should have been thinking about God.

I'm a sucker for Emily Giffin's books. They're so overly dramatic and kind of silly but I can't help it, I love them. I decided to give this one a go even though the subject matter was football. Like... a lot. Seriously. I expected some football talk but wow! It was almost not about anything else. It was so bad I almost gave up.

That and Shea's passive attitude really annoyed me. I knew where things were heading the moment the book started and I really didn't want the ending it was leading too.

So many times I almost put the book down...but I didn't. I probably should have. I didn't end up hating the book but it really wasn't worth my time. It wasn't just the football talk either. There was some possible rape stuff that got covered up that I didn't approve of and I really hated the love interest. It just didn't work for me.

It wasn't the age thing that bugged be but the fact that she worshiped this man. I'm not sure she really ever loved him. I think she loved the idea of him.
***End of Spoiler***

Usually her books are so readable. It's one of the reason's I love them so much. Even if you're not totally in love with her story you just can't put it down. This one didn't even have that going for it and I felt like I had to force my way through it. I guess my like for the author is why I'm giving it two stars. Otherwise it would be a one star for sure.

Should you read it?
No. Go ahead and read her others. They're worth a read but not this one. Just no.


  1. I'm sorry this one sucked. I hate when one of my favorite authors' books falls flat. :(

  2. That's too bad...especially when it sounds like Griffin is one of your go-to authors. I hate when an author I love lets me down like that. Hopefully she'll redeem herself with her next one. :)

  3. Ha ha ha. I avoid sports books at all costs! I'm not sure I've ever encountered a sports book disguised as women's fiction, though.

  4. I love football and I enjoy sports in books, but I'll pass on this one if it's a dud.

    Always a bummer when an author you know you like has a dud.

    I hope your next read is better (you're due for a good one!)

  5. It's a shame you didn't enjoy this one, especially since her other books have been much better! I think I would have the same reaction - the whole worshipping the love interest thing would really put me off, that's just not a healthy relationship at all. Hopefully her next book will be an improvement on this one!

  6. How disappointing! Especially since you were looking forward to a familiar author. I've had a few run-ins with this kind of thing lately too.

  7. Aw I'm sorry to hear this didn't live up to the rest of this author's books. It's always disappointing when that happens. I have to say, I'm the same when reading dramatic books. I know it's terrible and silly like you said but I just can't stop myself from reading! I don't think I could handle a passive MC as well though. I may check out some of this author's other work though! Lovely review, Jenny!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  8. Oh, wow. I can't imagine making it through a book that has tons of football. I can't even stand to hear about quidditch. :)