Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday Flicks: IT

Title It
Rating ★★★

What It's About
Unless you're deathly afraid of clowns and haven't seen a single trailer or heard a single thing about this one you probably already know what it's about. In fact, you could pretty much just look at my book review synopsis of this one and get the gist. I will say, however, that this movie is "part one". This movie just focuses on the kids and they're battle against It. While the book talks about these kids as adults too the movie just focuses on them as kids. So, yeah. Creepy evil thing that often manifests as a clown is terrorizing a small town in Maine and these kids decide to fight it.

Especially after Bill's brother, Georgie goes missing after a freaky encounter with said evil.

I'm not sure why I got so obsessed with this  one. I saw the preview and knew I'd be seeing it but then suddenly I decided to read the book. So I was all ready to jump into this movie. I knew I shouldn't have read the book first, though. The movie always pales in comparison to the book.

But that's an argument for a different day. This movie was entertaining. It had it's scary moments but wasn't too bad. The kids were hilarious and did a great job with being kids, being funny, and being brave.

I like that we have such great special effects in movies nowadays because then the clown isn't just some guy in a costume. He twisted and contorted in the freakiest of ways and it looked real and added a lot of creepiness to the movie.

Although, he was pretty creepy just standing there too. The different forms the clown took were gross and scary and made me really appreciate special effects.

So, while I had a little bit of trouble truly enjoying this one because it just didn't hold up against the book it was entertaining and as I've said before, that's what movies are for, right?

Let's Talk    
I was really impressed with the special effects in this one. I've seen bits and pieces of the 90s miniseries and laugh at how stupid everything looks. Although back in the day it was probably awesome??? What do you think? Do you think the stuff that looks so cool today will be laughable in 20 years?

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  1. I'm not sure if the special effects nowadays will be laughable in 20 years. It's hard to imagine it getting any betters, except maybe CGI looking more realistic than it already does.

    I know the special effects when we were growing up were "awesome" and that's because we didn't know better, but I just can't see it getting so much better that today's movies will look hokey.

    1. Right? It's hard to imagine it getting better but I guess it could.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jenny! I'm hoping I'll have the chance to catch this movie, or perhaps I should go read the book first. ;)

    1. I'd watch the movie first but that's just me.

  3. I'm not going anywhere near that movie because clown. Just no. :) But I hope everyone enjoys it lol.

  4. I was super freaked out that it was only going to be a part one, but I *love* how they are handling the timeline. As scary as Pennywise was, that painting was the worst for me! So. Scary.

  5. This is one of my all time favorite books, and I've re-read it too many times to count. I even have a fondness for the miniseries. I agree, reading it so close to the movie release can be a terrible idea, but because I already know the story so well, it was the same as if I had just read it. I did go in just trying to enjoy it for what is was, and I loved the kids and their chemistry and the humor so much. Some changes were good, some not so good (Bev's role in the end was a head scratcher, and I didn't love the changes to Mike's backstory). I agree- that painting was the scariest thing in the book!

    1. That painting was so creepy! I love that you've read it so many times. I loved it enough to reread but probably never will because of the length.