Friday, July 31, 2015

July Wrapup 2015

I know, I know. It's been so quiet around here. I have been reading though.So while I don't have links to the many reviews I'm behind on I can still report, right?

Animal Farm
"Power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

The Repossesion Mambo
This was a DNF for me. Just watch the movie

Knocked out by my Nunga-nungas (Georgia Nicholson 3)
Much needed silly fluff to get out of my reading slump.

Dancing in my Nuddy Pants(Georgia Nicholson 4)
More silly fluff! Oh, Dave the Laugh!

Girl Stolen
My expectations were too high but still, this one was a huge let down.

The Boy Book (Ruby Oliver 2)
An absolute delight! So glad I picked this series back up.

See?! I told you I've been reading. I just need to catch up on reviews!  Favorite of the month: The Boy Book. Least Favorite: The Repossession Mambo, obviously.

August Plans

It's Utah Book Month! A month dedicated to reading and talking about all the wonderful books by Utah Authors. If you want more info check out this link.

So far, I haven't made my Utah authors list of books to read yet but I have a good idea of what I'm going to try.


  1. Yay! You read so much in July! :D

    1. I know! I'm pulling out of my reading slump!

  2. I agree on GIRL STOLEN. Good premise, very disappointing execution. Hate that.

  3. Oh man. Something is going around in the book bloggoverse. I have been in a book slump, too. I have read one really good book this month and the rest have all be fails for me.
    :virtual toast: Here's to hoping August is better reading for us.

    1. Yeah, it's going on for sure. My whole book club group is suffering. Here's to August!

  4. Georgia Nicolson! I used to love those books so much. Dave the Laugh was always my favourite :P. I'm a big fan of the Ruby Oliver series too, glad you're getting back into it!

  5. You read a lot in July! Congrats! I'm really behind with my reviews too, so don't beat yourself up. Seems like I can catch up on my reading or my reviewing, but can't manage both. I'm working on it though!

    Can't believe I still haven't read Animal Farm. One of these days!