Thursday, August 31, 2017

Utah Book Week: Author Events

In honor of Utah Book Week, I wanted to mention all the awesome book events our local libraries and bookstores put on. Since we have some pretty awesome authors from Utah we get to see a lot of them...numerous times. It's awesome!

Provo city library has hosted so many great events. I go to a lot of them but am horrible at taking pictures or posting about it but just last week my friends and I got to go meet Carol Lynch Williams for the first time and her daughter Kyra Leigh who just had her first book published.

That's Carol on the left and her daughter Kyra on the right. They asked each other some fun questions and then let the audience ask questions.  Sometimes the author's do readings...

And there's always fun giveaways too. My friend Kami won a free tarot card reading. We got to sit in on it and it was awesome!

And of course the authors always sign books.

So big shout out to my local libraries and bookstores that bring all the authors to us.


  1. I love all of our author events. They are always fun! I'm still stoked about that tarot card reading.

  2. This was a very fun event! I'm glad you came even though it was date night. :)

  3. So fun! I wish my library did awesome events like this.