Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday Flicks: The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman
Rating ★★

What It's About 
A VERY loosely based account of P.T Barnum with songs every 5 seconds.

I've been so hesitant to see this. I don't mind musicals but I'd only heard one song from it before seeing it and was unimpressed so I was imagining hating all the songs and being bored out of my mind.

And I was bored out of my mind. BUT I liked quite a few of the songs. I actually ended up humming the song that I'd heard before I'd seen it after I saw it. Strange, right? It was This Is Me. I also really liked the song Jenny Lind sang but really hated her. He doesn't like her so she screws him over and refuses to finish the tour? Talk about a woman scorned. Geeze!

My husband read up on P.T Barnum after the movie and said there was very, VERY little truth in the movie which I suspected but still found depressing.

BUT at least Zac Efron was in it. He's kind of annoying but not bad to look at. Not bad at all. And he had a great voice (No I haven't seen The High School Musical Movies). I liked his voice much better than Jackman's.

So besides some eye candy and a few catchy tunes, I found this one rather slow and boring and I felt completely out of place in the theater. I could tell everyone loved it and a lot of them has seen it before and were trying really hard not to sing along and dance. I think my husband liked it more than me which I found shocking. Oh well.

Let's Talk 
Is the catchy music and the eye candy what everyone else loved? Do we even care about plot anymore? I mean, this one had a plot but it was a made up plot about a real person.

I'd wait till it was on Netflix.


  1. I haven't seen it yet. I'm not sure I want to. Maybe if I watch it at Suey's, lol.

    1. Ha ha! Suey loved it I think so it’ll be hard not to love it if you watch it with her. I think you’ll love it regardless.

    2. Jenni: It really sounds like we better plan a movie party at my house. But only if you come in the mood for music. :)

  2. Hugh Jackman's in this huh? I haven't heard of this movie, sorry to hear it was disappointing. I do sometimes wonder if they're covering a REAL LIFE person why they don't, you know, make it fairly accurate or truthful?

    Sorry this was a bit of a bummer.

    1. You haven't heard of this? It's so popular in my neck of the woods. Everyone is talking about it.

  3. Bwahahahaha! I've literally heard nothing but good things about this movie. It doesn't surprise me that you're the first one to say anything negative :) LOL. I love your reviews, Jenny!

  4. I used to love musicals as a kid but these days I can't handle it. So much so that I hated Frozen. Wasn't planning on going to see this but everyone else has been raving about it. Glad I'm not actually missing out on anything!

  5. Sigh. What am I going to do with you all? I loved it for the songs... not the plot. But I also loved it for the message. Did you not get the message of this one at all? And the eye candy was... you know... so so for me since my ideas of eye candy are a little different these days. But yeah, Zac was not bad. But definitely not why I enjoyed this one.

  6. I'm sorry to hear you didn't love this, Jenny :( Personally, I went to see it in the theater and thought it was entirely worth it. I love musicals, and the visuals in this were so gorgeous I think it was worth seeing it on an ultrascreen. Still, I have to agree with you that it would have been so much better if they had stuck to history a little more. I understand they want it to be beautiful and inspirational but a little reality wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  7. I'm not interested in seeing this at all.