Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Review: Daughter of the Sun

Title Daughter of the Sun (Cult of the Cat #1)
By Zoe Kalo
Genre YA Paranormal/Supernatural
Format ebook

Trinity has only known life at the convent. She was dropped there days after her birth. When a grandmother pops out of the woodwork she's whisked away from the only life she's ever known to a world of magic, wealth, boys and cats. But something sinister is going on in her grandmother's house and as Trinity comes into her powers she'll have to put a stop to it.

First Sentence
Goosebumps snaked up my spine. 

*I received a copy of Daughter of the Sun from the great people at Author Assistant.* 

I agreed to read this one because I'm holding out the hope that someone someday will write a fun Egyptian based story.

Daughter of the Sun, sadly, wasn't that book for me. I felt like the story took way too long to get going and was incredibly predictable from nearly the first pages. I knew every twist and turn that was coming and not once found myself surprised which was a huge let down.

The book was edited cleanly but I felt like the story was one I'd heard a million times with all the cliches you'd expect.

I feel bad because I really wanted to like this one but I only found it and OK read. Sadly, I won't be continuing on with the series.


  1. That's too bad. I would have totally read this one 'cause of the whole Egypt thing. Oh, well.

  2. Bummer! It's always disappointing when you always know what's about to happen before it actually happens. I like for books to keep me guessing, wondering, and constantly trying to figure them out. I'm sorry this one didn't work for you, and hope your next pick is better. <3

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear?

  3. Sorry this didn't work for you. The synopsis made it sound promising. =(

  4. Aw that's too bad. We do need more Egyptian- themed books, for sure. I hate it when everything's predictable...

  5. That sounds very disappointing. :(

  6. Sorry this book was a disappointment. It's a pity since I thought the Egyptian setting sounds interesting. Hope the next book will be better.