Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't Let Their Smiles Fool You

Remember when I confessed that I thought this soccer player was a vampire?

Well, it looks like he's turning the whole team. Look.

Look at those freaky eyes! Don't let their smiles fool you, if they get you alone they might just nibble on you...wait, wouldn't that be a good thing? ;)


  1. Ha ha! That really is a scary picture!

  2. That would be a good thing! Let the nibbling begin! :)

  3. Yes I distinctly remember that vampire post. But I didn't realise you hadn't dispelled that theory. I think we've all been brainwashed by books because I can't think of a single bad thing about a soccer team full of vampires! Think of what would happen when they got penalties! Red card indeed.

  4. Jenny, I think you have the next hit YA series right here. And you already have people to cast in the movie version. :)
    I love how some of them have the extra freaky eyes.

  5. Bahahha! I agree with Kathy! Def the next hit YA series haha! And you are making me want to watch soccer more and more each time you do one of these postings Jenny! You might convert me yet!

  6. Soccer Vampires of Doom? I love it. They're awfully good-looking, aren't they?

  7. Jenni, I know! I don't understand with all the technology on cameras and computers these days why they left the picture that way, but it made for a funny post. ;)

    Suey, Agreed! Well, a good thing with some of the guys. ;)

    Lan, Hee hee, Lan, you crack me up!

    Kathy, I know, some are super freaky! I don't know about the book, though. Maybe I'll sell the idea.

    Natalie, Good! My evil scheme is working!

    Bookfool, Yes, they are, even with the glowing eyes.

  8. Those eyes are Freaking.Me.Out. Creepy!

    @Lan - Red card indeed! LOL

  9. BJ, If I didn't know they were harmless I'd be much more nervous. :)