Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Salon

Welcome to the new Sunday Salon. A weekly update post about my boring life. ;)

Weather Small Talk: It was a surprisingly warm and sunny and beautiful all week and then, yesterday, it snowed. Just a skiff but at least it was feeling a little like winter.

On The Idiot Box: The Vampire Diaries was new this week and I was so excited...and then I watched the episode! There getting rid of Jeremy! NO!!!!! He's too cute to be written off. 

Weekly Reads: I finished Inheritance! It was awesome once it got going and I'm kinda sad to be done with the series. I'm reading Infinity and it's a little more middle grade than YA but it's OK. I also had the weirdest dream about The Scorpio Races so I had to download it to my phone and hopefully I'll be getting to it soon.

Crazy Kitty: I swear my kitty has a personality overhaul every week! She used to sit in the windowsill for hours and now I can't get her to,  to save her life. Seriously! She changes all the time.

This Week: It's been a quiet week. Not much to report. I did admit to myself I have a bit of a shopping when I'm depressed problem.  Sigh.  I did get the cutest dress for just 20 bucks, though! 

Movie of the Week: I saw We Bought A Zoo and, yes, it's super warm and fuzzy but it was cute and worth a see. 

Food Talk: I made a super yummy corn and black bean salad for a family thing and had the hardest time sharing it. I wanted to just eat it all myself!

Soccer Sightings: Yep, it's official I'm their good luck charm. ;) I missed the first half of their game yesterday but when I came in and watched the second half they scored three more times making the final score an impressive 5-1!

Music Discoveries: K, I tweeted about this already, but I'm loving this song by the Airborne Toxic event. 

Plans For The Week: Marissa Meyer, author of THIS little book will be coming to my local library on Thursday and i'll definitely be there! 


  1. Grrr..I am on my iPad so I cannot see with song you are referring to. Must make sure to check back when I have access to my home computer.

    Lucky you with a library that host authors as your does, I am so very interested in Cinder.

  2. Oh good, I want to see We Bought a Zoo. The song confused me, maybe I need to listen to it again. And that Jeremy is a lot cuter that that vampire they used in in the Twilight movies. I can't remember his name right now, for shame....right?

  3. I need to watch the new VD episode!! I missed it on Thursday :(:( And sooo upset about Jeremy! GRR! On a positive note glad to hear you enjoyed We Bought A Zoo! I really want to see that one!!!

  4. Haha, funny that you had a dream about The Scorpio Races without having read it yet! I have heard it's a good one, I'm hoping to read it soon myself.

  5. Ibeeeg, I should have said the name of the song. Whoops. ;)

    Adams family, He isn't s vampire but he is way cuter, huh?

    Natalie, yeah, I'm pretty devastated about Jeremy. Hopefully he'll be back.

    L.L, It was quite the dream so I had to get to the book.

  6. Okay, I missed your bean and corn salad due to basketball games. Please send the recipe. I love things like that and we are trying to be good like you and eat good things.

  7. real-life, I tried to make a link for it but I couldn't find the recipe again. :( I'll keep looking and email it to you.

  8. What do you mean they're getting rid of Jeremy? I only just discovered him. Urgh! I'm not sure about We Bought A Zoo, the cheesy factor may be too much for me. Good news about the snow. I would kill for some snow right about now. It's too hot here.

  9. Love the Jeremy picture! And I say he'll be back.. yep, he's NOT really going anywhere.

    Listening to the song right now... it's pretty good. I would probably have to listen to it a bunch and it would grow on me.

    Hmmm... I keep coming back to that picture....

  10. I still need to read "Eragon"...haha... embarrassing. But yeah, "We Bought a Zoo" looks cute, I need to check it out soon :) I think the song is pretty good so far (Listening to it atm ^^ )

  11. Lan, I don't know! I'm hoping Jeremy will still be around. :(

    Suey, It's a nice picture, huh? I love the strings in the song. Not the words so much, but I'm not sure I fully understand them.

    wdebo, I hope you get the the Inheritance books some day. They're good. I'm glad you liked the song.

  12. I completely forgot about the Marissa Meyer signing this week & can't go. :( You'll have to tell us all about it.(And your salad recipe, if it's not a secret) The Scorpio Races is my book club's Feb. pick so I'll be reading it soon too. :)

  13. Kathy, Too bad you can't come. I'll see if I can find the recipe.

  14. Is Jeremy really being written off? Or just a short term leave??? I'll be sad if he's gone for good. :(

  15. Sarah, It sure looked like from last weeks episode. I haven't seen last nights yet, maybe it's just for awhile. :(