Monday, August 10, 2015

Review: Girl, Stolen

Title Girl, Stolen
By April Henry
Genre YA, Suspense
Pages 213

First Sentence Cheyenne heard the car door open.

Cheyenne is the daughter of the owner of a powerful corporation. In a terrible accident she lost her mother and her sight and his been dealing with these losses ever since. Just when she is getting her life back together she gets kidnapped. But Griffin,brought up with less privilege, didn't mean to kidnap Cheyenne but now that his scamming father knows who she is and what she's worth things are about to get tricky.

What it has going for it
It feels like I have been wanting to read this book forever. I can't even remember the first time I saw it but I just had to read it. I love kidnapping stories with not so bad guys and throw in the fact that the MC is blind?Oh, yeah! I had to read it. I finally got my hands on it and dove right in...

What's lacking
...and was highly disappointed. Very few things in this book were believable. First of all Cheyenne has pneumonia but hardly acted sick. I've had pneumonia three times in my life and, let me tell you, you're hardly conscious let alone capable of conversation and escape planning. The whole thing felt juvenile; the characters, the plot, everything! Then there was the cliche characters with cliche names to go along with them. I mean, come on, Jimbo and TJ? Obviously the thugs, right? Ugh!

Yea or Nay?
Save yourself the mind numbing disappointment and skip this one.


  1. I love kidnapping stories, sorry this one didn't work out. I've had pneumonia once in my life and it kicked my but for weeks and weeks, so not acting sick would definitely bother me too!

  2. Gah! I've wanted to read this one. Good to know it's not that good. Although, I may still like it, lol.

    1. You might. The ending was exciting at least.

  3. This is such a shame! The premise sounded so interesting but I hate when stories aren't believable. How disappointing, but thanks for letting us know. I'll probably be skipping this book.

  4. I was big-time disappointed with this one, too. The premise is so awesome; the execution ... not so much.

    P.S. My son is T.J.. Totally NOT a thug name!