Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Utah Book Month Read Along

As part of Utah Book Month I've been reading Not in the Script by Amy Finnegan. I'm also reading it for my book club and the author herself will be coming to our book club meeting. Exiting right?! I thought so. We're reading this book in two sections as it's a fast read. Here's my thoughts for the first half.

1. What's your overall impression of this story so far? Are you liking it? If so, what do you like? Are you not liking it? If so, what do you not like?

This one is definitely a romance. I wish more was going on than just a romance but, it's OK. I'm not hating it anyway.

2. Do you like the cover? What does it suggest about the book?

Nope, sorry, the cover is just not my thing.

3. What do you think about the dynamics of Rachel and Emma's relationship? How would you feel if you were Emma? If you were Rachel?

Honestly I feel like we didn't get that great of a look at Rachel and I'm nearly done with the book. She just seems like a plot device not a real person. 

4. Let's talk about the slow build up between Jake and Emma. Which part was your favorite?

Slow build? What slow build? This was major instalove. No they didn't quite act on it right away but close enough.

5. Brett has a playboy persona with a tidbit of actual humanity hiding underneath. What do you think he's really like? What are his motivations?

The verdict is still out on Brett. I think his character could be used in a more creative way but that's just me.

6. What real celebrities would you cast for these pretend celebrity characters?

I suck at this.

Selena Gomez as Emma

Jared Padalecki as Jake
Alex Pettyfer as Brett
Taylor Swift as Kimmi, even though she can't act

7. What do you think about the behind the scene particulars of filming a TV show? Does it sound fun? Hard? Exciting? Boring?

This is another thing that's bugging me. What is this TV show? It sounds boring as sin! The scenes we do see are like two lines long and I really don't get it. Oh well. I guess it's not about the TV show but still.

8. What do you think about Emma's vow to never date a guy she works with? Do you think real life celebrities have this same policy?

Emma, Emma, what vow? All you date are costars and you don't seem to be changing that anytime soon. Yes, we all know costars date. No real surprise there. 

9. If you were Emma, would you have told Rachel what's going down with Jake WAY before now? Or do you think Emma is justified in keeping things secret?

Emma's "secret" is like the only drama/plot in the whole book. So, yeah, I'm fine with it. I need something to keep me reading, you know? 

10. What's your evaluation of Jake's character so far?

He's a little too nice for my taste. Too perfect. 


  1. Lol. I love your outlook because it's so different from mine. I never expect your reactions, but then I realize, oh yeah, this is totally Jenny.

    1. Yes, I definitely have an unmistakable look on things. :)

  2. I'm working on a review of this book right now ... sounds like we're going to be in agreement about a lot of things!

    1. Just read your review and, yes, we agree completely!

  3. The romance doesn't keep you reading? WHAT? :) I think your celebrity choices are pretty perfect actually, so you don't suck at all! Fun to see your thoughts. Glad you are participating with us!

    1. Thanks. I hate picking celebrities for characters. I don't know why this romance didn't do it for me. Oh well.

  4. You crack me up! Who came up with these questions??? It's super exciting that the author is coming to your book club though.

    1. Yes, it will be fun to meet her. I'm not sure who came up with the questions. Someone running Utah Book Month no doubt.

  5. That's really awesome that the author is coming to your book club meeting. :)