Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Review: Secrets & Lies

Title Secrets and Lies
By Kody Keplinger
Genre YA Contemporary
Pages 100

Two short stories tell the story of Casey, Bianca from The DUFF's friend and her Christmas vacation romance and Bailey, Nathan from A Midsummer's Nightmare's sister and her high school drama.

First Sentence
"I have a surprise for you!"

What it has going for it
I like Kody Keplinger's books. My favorite being The DUFF so I had to read these short stories from the world of The DUFF and A Midsummer's Nightmare. There was a good message in these stories about keeping secrets and lying and I liked that. Of course I was glad to see what happened to Casey and the best part was these short little novellas helped me get closer to my Goodread's goal!

What's lacking
Um, I felt like Kody didn't even write these books...or if she did they weren't edited very well. Truthfully, I just don't like novellas. They're too short and don't have enough substance. Personally I'll just stick to Kody's full length novels instead.

Yea or Nay?
Uh, honestly I think these short stories are completely unnecessary. They're a quick read though.


  1. I did not even know these novellas existed, and clearly I haven't been missing much! I agree with you about novellas, I generally find them unnecessary and lacking substance too. I'll probably just skip these. Thanks for the review!

  2. I'm not a huge fan of novellas either. I like full-length novels. But, I do enjoy some shorter reads, especially if it's a POV change between characters I love or an additional scene from a book I love.

  3. I actually don't mind novellas when they're written well but sometimes I think authors just write things to keep fans interested in between their full length novels. Sorry this one didn't keep your interest.

  4. Aww that's unfortunate that they don't seem necessary. I loved The Duff and would have liked a continuation but at least the original story was good so that's all that matters! :)

  5. Novellas are difficult, but I seem to love most of the ones I pick up. Kody's books are great, though, so I may give them a shot someday. :)

  6. Uhg yes, these short stories and novellas that are popping up everywhere are suuuuuper annoying. I've only read one that I really enjoyed and thought was done well. It was a crossover of two series in the same universe and involved two characters who aren't the main character in the series and it was a WHOLE STORY and fun... I just........ novels and short stories are different beasts.