Monday, July 30, 2018

Review: The Shadow Cipher

Title The Shadow Cipher (York #1)
By Laura Ruby
Genre Middle Grade Sci-fi Fantasy
Format Audio Book
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Morningstar Twins designed New York with amazing skyscrapers, machines, and train system then they disappeared leaving clues behind to a treasure. No one ever found the treasure. When twin's Tess and Theo's home is bought up by a greedy investor who's buying up and destroying Morningstar buildings, they'll have to move. But not before putting up a fight. Maybe if they find the treasure they can save their home. With the help of their neighbor Jaime, the twins will go on a wild ride deciphering clues and discovering more than they ever thought possible.

First Sentence
The true story of any city is never a single tale; it's a vast collection of stories with many different heroes.

I've wanted to try another Ruby book since I love Bone Gap so much and when this one was available on audio book I snatched it up...and listened to it in one day.

My synopsis did NOT do this story justice. It was so much fun! I loved all the characters...even the bad guys were memorable and fun.

This is definitely more plot driven, however, and I got immersed in the adventure as the kids chased clue after clue trying to solve the puzzle and hopefully save their building.

I loved the world Ruby created. It's like an alternate reality New York and it sounded much better than the real one. All the little differences were so fun. I want to go on an elevator that meanders about before bringing you to your destination.

My only real complaint was the unsatisfactory/cliffhanger ending. It's one of those stories that just sort of stops midway through and will continue in the next book. Which might have been fine if the next book is out but it's not! I'm so devastated! I want the next book now!


  1. That cover is amazing! This sounds really fun! I love a good scavenger hunt.

  2. Good warning about the cliffhanger ending. I want to read this one, but I think I'll wait until the second one is out. :)

  3. I was 100% going to see if my library had a copy of this until I read the last part of your review. I just can't stand those endings that cut off in the middle of something. For someone who hates unfinished business, I would say that's a big no-no in my book. I'll be sure to have both the first and second book in my possession before reading :D Lovely review, Jenny, and thanks for the warning!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  4. I didn't realize this book was by the author of Bone Gap, and look, I was interested without even knowing. Two years is a long time between books. That's sort of frustrating. Glad you liked it though.

  5. Ooh sounds fun (minus the cliffhanger part- boo!) I love the sound of the meandering elevator too- sounds like a cool alternate version of NY.

    1. It's a really cool version of New York.

  6. I enjoyed this one as well, although it felt overly long to me. I'm also not a fan of big cliffhanger endings. It's a fun book, though, and that cover is AMAZING. I'm still hoping Ruby returns to YA because I really, really loved BONE GAP and I want to see what else this author can do :)

    1. Bone Gap was far superior to this one but I found this one fun. I thought it was YA when I picked it up. Oh well.

  7. I love that cover; and the story sounds good too. Will have to check it out.