Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Review: Wishtree

Title Wishtree
By Katherine Applegate
Genre Middle Grade Fiction
Format Print
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Told from the perspective of a tree comes the story of a young girl that doesn't fit in and a blooming friendship that will be forged to save the tree's life.

First Sentence
It's hard to talk to trees.

I've never read a Katherine Applegate book before. I like middle grade books well enough but I don't really seek them out. I found this beautiful book at a thrift store and couldn't resist it's charm.

The book is beautiful; and I don't just mean the story. Every page is illustrated with sketches of leaves to enjoy but also has these beautiful pictures that go with the story. If you read this one for no other reason than the artwork you'd be satisfied.

But the story is beautiful too. It's a simple story that's been told before of prejudice and judgment and friendship conquering all. I didn't find anything new within the pages but the angle of the tree telling the story was a fun one and gave this book life.

 I'm lucky to have found a hard copy cover of this sweet story and am happy it's in my collection now.


  1. That is a fun idea, having a tree tell the story. :)

  2. What a gorgeous cover! I'm not big on middle grade books, but I might seek this one out if only to check out those sketches and pictures.

  3. I have my eye on this one. I have heard a lot of good things. I love stories of friendship and I like a little magic every once in a while too.

  4. I love Katherine Applegate's recent MG novels. My favorite is THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN, but I also really like CRENSHAW. I'm glad you enjoyed WISHTREE. It's such a sweet, simple story but it teaches some big lessons!

  5. That cover is gorgeous and this sounds like a fun read, too.

  6. Your luck at Savers is SO maddening!! UGH! I love Kathrine Applegate's books. They are so sweet and sometimes sad. I'll read this soon. . . hopefully.

  7. Aww what a nice first sentence!

  8. I've read Crenshaw by Applegate which I thought was OK. My son really liked The One and Only Ivan. I've been wishlisting this book just for the tree POV. I'd love to come across a copy.

    1. It’s the only one I’ve read. I want to read Crenshaw.