Friday, April 29, 2011

Book vs Movie; Movie wins

Book vs movie. Yeah, I thought I always liked the book better. But then I started thinking about all the movies I DO like better than the book. So I thought I'd list some. (yay for you!) So without further ado...

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
 Now, I'm not talking about the whole series, cause I didn't really like the other movies and I've only read the first book, but, yeah. I definitely enjoyed THIS movie better.
Please don't hurl something at me in outrage! I know, I know, how dare I prefer watching Brad Pitt prance around in a skirt over the poetic classic that is the Iliad? No it wasn't Brad Pitt or even Orlando Bloom that sealed the deal, but I did like the movie better. Mainly because it didn't focus so much on the whims of the Gods like The Iliad does. (note: doesn't Helen look so pretty in this pic?)

Wives and Daughters
This one was a really close call. I love the book too but let's face it; At least the movie has an ending. And this one holds fond memories for me.  I remember coming home from work and staying up till long after midnight to watch it in parts on KUED. I had been sucked in, not even knowing what it was, when I was flipping though channels  and saw Molly crying in the garden and a handsome man (Roger) comforting her. 

The Painted Veil

( Deep breathy sigh!) I love, love, love this movie! This movie is beautifully filmed. The Score is so fitting and so breathtaking. The changes from book to movie are pure brilliance. If you haven't seen this one, see it! Even if you haven't read the book. Now, I guess I should tell you I don't mind the book, it was good and had its strong points but when compared to the movie, there's just no competition.
The Jane Austen Book Club
Have you seen it? I know it's not that well known but that's a shame because this is one of my favorite movies. There's just something about getting to see these crazy, endearing characters in film form. Both book and movie have great discussion about Austen's work but the movie just had some better ending choices. (in my opinion)

Are you still with me? We're have way through.

Pride and Prejudice
Yes, the really long A&E version, or as some of you know it, the Collin Firth version. This one follows the book so closely that it's a toss up about which is REALLY better but I guess I'm just more visual cause I just love to SEE all the characters I love so much. As a book lover is that just sacrilege of me?

Laurence Olivier does this thing where he looks at the top of Joan Fontaine's head that rivals any descriptive prowess Du Maurier has. Sigh!

Snow Falling on Ceders
I picked this movie up ages ago and watched it. I just sat there mesmerized and sobbing the whole way through it. Beautiful , beautiful movie! The book's great too but this is one of those movies that I'll always prefer over the book. In fact, this is one of my all time favorite movies ever!

Anne of Green Gables
This is one of those ones where they're similar enough that it's not a huge competition but the movie is so well done and captures all Montgomery's characters so well that I just love it a tiny bit more. Plus actually seeing Prince Edward Island? Come on!

The Bourne Identity
The movies are so loosely based on the novels that it's hard to tell they're even related in anything but name, but I love the movies more than the books. I can watch the movies over and over but the books? Once was enough, thanks.

Phew! We're done! Did you stick with me? So there you have it, the book to movies Hollywood did right. So are we agreed? Or are you shaking your head in shame at my sacrilege? What movies do you prefer over their books?


  1. I love this post. I feel that many books were a little better as movies - IMHO. I'm glad you mentioned The Jane Austen Book Club. I wrote a post about it last year in June. It's a movie that isn't very widely known I don't think and I love it.

    I read the Bourne books so long ago, I can't really remember all that much about them except that I liked them a lot. Liked the movies too, but I'm not sure they were much like the books.

    I think I liked the movie Practical Magic more than the book. Actually, I wrote another post about books to movies also last June. Here's the link:

  2. I'm glad you liked the Jane Austen Book Club. More people need to see that movie! I haven't read Practical Magic but I saw the movie. I'm glad you liked my post. I think it's fun. I plan on doing a book vs movie: book wins and a post about ties between them.

  3. I found your blog! :) I like the movie of Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe better too. I thought it was really well done and I love seeing the battle in action rather than in words.

  4. Jenni Elyse, Thanks for stopping by. It was fun getting to know you better. I'm glad you came.

  5. Nice list. I agree to a certain point on P&P and Anne. I LOVE the books but since the movies can be watched in a shorter amount of time (even though they are long), I can easily get my "fix" without having to read the book. I'm not sure I could say that the movies are better but I'm so glad they're so awesome.

    One movie that I think is way better than the book is Stardust by Neil Gaiman. I have to confess to not being a Neil Gaiman fan so that probably affects my opinion.

  6. Kim, Yeah, Neil Gaiman is hit or miss with me. I like The Graveyard Book and Neverwhere, but haven't enjoyed anything else by him.

  7. Lovely post! My thoughts:

    Orlando B is looking pretty pretty too! And I've not seen the movie, but I know there's a REALLY AWESOME song in it sung by... you know who.

    I think I've seen The Painted Veil, but I guess I wasn't as blown away. It looks like I need to find Snow Falling on Cedars too.

    Agree with you on the Bourne stuff, Anne, and P and P, for sure.

    I know nothing about The Jane Austen Book Club... will have to check that one out too!

  8. Uh.....well..O.K. I guess I have a lot of either movies to watch or books to read. location, location, location. little tiny grrr.

    I've only seen and read both movie and book of The Lion the which and the Wardrobe. I Loved the movie I thought they did an excellent job but I can't like it better then the book. I'm to attatched to the books.

    The Anne of Green Gables ones, on the other hand, Definately movie over books. I tried really hard to read the books and I never could get through them.

    Pride and prejudice, Loved them both. I loved seing the characters brought to life.

    The other movies you mentioned I've never heard of, again, Location location.....teeny grr!!! except the Bourne series. I should 'a'' guessed they were based on books but I probably wouldn't take the time to read books like that anyway.

    I want to read some of the others and see the movies. They sound like my type of stories.

  9. Suey, You really should check out The Jane Austen Book Club and Snow Falling on Ceders. As for the Painted Veil, I think I'm the only person who was truly swept away by it.

    Cowboy mom, I wish I could come down there with a big box of allergy pills and a bunch of movies and just watch them with you. But, alas, as you mentioned you're too busy and I have a needy cat.

  10. Hm...not sure I've got many that I've loved the movie more than books. I do like many movies based on books, but not necessarily better than the books.

  11. Melissa, See, that's what I was thought too and then I really thought about it and I was surprised how many there really were.

  12. so how come you haven't invited me to see the Snow Falling on Cedars one?