Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Sunday Salon

And now a bunch of useless information you never wanted to know about me. ;-)

Outside my window: Well it was a nice sunny day but it's all overcast now. Oh well, April showers and all that.

I am listening to: Nothing at the moment and nothing new. I need some new good music. 

I am watching: Keeping up with all the dumb shows I watch on TV and still reeling in romance overload from watching the Lifetime movie William and Kate last night.

I am thinking: About cake.

I am grateful for: Sleep, glorious, glorious sleep!

I am reading: Wither by Lauren Destefano and don't think I'm not thinking about all the things that are irritating me about it.

I am photographing: I keep taking pictures of giant hairballs I brush from my cat and sending them to my sister. Aren't I sweet?!

I am listing: Nothing, I'm afraid.

I am creating: A semi healthy dinner. Well the crock pot is doing most the work but I'm taking all the credit.

Around the house: I rearranged some pictures this week. Nothing very exiting.

From the kitchen: It's Easter and I get to eat a big fat slice of lemon cake that I've been craving for ages! No dieting today! That's why I'm thinking about cake just in case you were wondering. But maybe it's normal to think about cake on a regular basis.

One of my favorite things: Inside jokes between sisters.

The children this week: Well, I don't have kids but I did manage to brush my cat twice. It's supposed to be great quality time between us but she just gets mad and puts on her angry ears.

Plans for the week: Not much. I need to keep up the exercise, especially after that large piece of lemon cake I mentioned. Once? Twice? What?! I'm not obsessing.

On this date: Um, no idea.

Thanks to Ibeeeg of Polishing Mud Balls for the inspiration for this post's layout.


  1. LOL... this cracks me up, I don't know why! :) Glad you enjoyed that lemon cake! Do I need to check out that Will and Kate movie? I agree, sleep is very nice.

    This will be very fun to have you join in on the random Sunday thought posts! Yay!

  2. Jenny, Jenny, blah, blah, blah....uuum cake sounds good...I think I'll go get me some. ;)

  3. Suey, Weird I swear I already replied to your comment. Anywho, the William and Kate movie was overdone and pretty sappy but it wasn't bad. At least the actor playing William was better looking than the real guy.

    Amy, yeah, yeah. All I do is talk about me. I think Mary Ann still has the rest of said cake. Go steal some.