Saturday, April 16, 2011

Well done, Taco Bell.

So, I pull up to Taco Bell drive through the other day and, there, staring me in the face is Mark Wahlberg. OK, there might have been something about some charity organization but I was a little distracted by a pair of hazel eyes. Anyway, I managed to order a few tacos despite the hotness that was displayed before me and make my way to the window. Whereupon the cashier asks, would I like to donate a dollar to help a kid graduate? Normally I say something like, not today, or, no thank you. I'm not a bad person who never donates to anything. I'm just very cautious of charities. I never know if my money is really going to the real cause so I usually just don't bother. However, as the cashier asks the question all I can see in my minds eye is Mark Wahlberg, arms folded, eyes challenging me to say no to his handsomeness, and before I can come up with a polite refusal, I find my self, instead, saying yes. So, well done, Taco Bell. Well done, charity I still don't know the name of. No girl will be able to resist.    

Am I all alone in my stupidity? Anyone else ever do anything they might not normally do for ridiculous reasons? 


  1. Well, yes, but not donating to unchecked out charities---

  2. Haha! I wouldn't be able to say no to Mark's hazel eyes either. :) I think what's best is you took the picture of the sign there! Awesome!

  3. Uh....I'm going to have to say you are completely, and utterly alone in YOUR stupidity. I'm keeping my own stupidity all to myself.

  4. Who in the crap is Mark Wahlberg? Maybe that is why I never donate to those charity things I only have eyes for my smoldering hotty husband. I must not be overly charitable but very faithful. ;)

  5. Techno Grandma, Yeah well now that I reminded you about Shooter you might have given in too.

    Sarah, Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks he's hot. I actually took the picture a week later. I was too distracted to do anything the first time.

    Cowboy mom, Well, enjoy your stupidity in silence.

    Adams Family, There are so many things wrong with your comment. First: seriously, you don't know who Mark Wahlberg is? And your husband, smoldering? Um, OK. JK love ya.

  6. I have no comment really,except LOL! This post and all your comments just make me smile! :)