Friday, April 15, 2011

"Why the heck is she talking about soccer?"

Barcelona v Real Madrid

Wait, wait! Don't go clicking away from my blog so fast. Yes, alright, I'm talking about soccer but let me tell you a little secret. Soccer has 22 hot sweaty guys running around on a field for and hour and a half. NO, that is not the ONLY reason I watch it! How dare you presume!

So, before your eyes glaze over and you decide you have far too many other blogs to read to waste your time reading about soccer listen to this. I promise to never, NEVER talk about soccer without posting a lovely picture of one of these hot guys. How's that for a deal? I won't even get mad if you skip the reading part and just admire the picture. Come on, you know you want to look.

Alright, now that I have your attention I'll make it quick. My favorite team, the one I follow is a Spanish team called Real Madrid. Have you heard of them? Yes? Maybe? Well this weekend they're playing the dreaded Barcelona. This, in case you have no idea what that means, is like Utah v BYU, like, um, well, if you're not from Utah county I don't know, I don't follow any other sports.  But Barcelona and Real Madrid are rivals; they're top of the Spanish League and so it's a BIG deal. So wish my boys luck, even if you couldn't care less.

Now, as promised, a hot guy. Now, I know that tastes vary so don't judge future posts on this one picture. This just happens to be my one of my favorite hotties Fernando Gago.

I decided against a shirtless action shot so you could see his beautiful eyes! Sigh!


  1. Sigh!! I've always liked soccer, too. But, it was never because of the "hotties".
    I was always amazed at the athletic side of things. I am a former athlete you know.

  2. Um, soccer's my favorite - man, those guys have calves (don't ask why I care about those). I don't really follow it, but I still love a good soccer game.

  3. I look forward to your soccer posts and hot guy pictures! Good luck to your boys!

  4. Cowboy mom, Yeah, yeah I guess I walked into that one. But I bet I know a lot more about the actual game than you. ;-) Which proves I don't only watch it for the hotties.

    Mellisa, You're comment totally made my day. One, because you like soccer too and two, because I'm obsessed with guys calves too! It's their best feature! I thought I was the only one.

    Suey, Ah thanks for wishing them good look. (they're going to need it) What? I didn't say that. I'm all belief!