Thursday, July 7, 2011

Review: Back When You Were Easier To Love

Title Back When You Were Easier To Love
By Emily Wing Smith
For Fun
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It's hard enough living in Haven but now that Zan's gone Joy is finding life unbearable and it doesn't help that Noah, won't leave her alone. To "get closure" or get Zan back Joy embarks on a road trip to find Zan, too bad Noah's coming along too. 

General thoughts
First off, and I only mention this because it surprised me, this is LDS (Morman) fiction. I couldn't help but wonder if all the religious references, no matter how well they were explained, would make sense to a non LDS person. That aside, this is not a story about religion, per say, but about the pain of a confusing breakup and about the things we all obsess about. By the time Noah and Joy were on their road trip, all the previous questions and annoyances I had about Joy's obsessive behavior were swept away. I began to really enjoy the book and couldn't put it down. My favorite thing about this one was the gradual growth of the characters and the realistic relationship that grew between Noah and Joy. I closed it with a huge smile on my face and it wasn't till hours later that I woke up in the night thinking, "Hey! They didn't even kiss!" I love books that leave you so satisfied you don't even miss something you usually have to have!  

Joy's obsessive behavior was understandable but the mopyness was driving me crazy! I tend to get mad not sad so the boo hoo attitude made Joy a little annoying to me.  Noah was written to be seemingly annoying at first and then, as gradually as Joy starts feeling for him, the reader does too. He wasn't some unbelievably perfect guy like most that litter most YA these days and I loved that. He had a temper, had his weird quirks and I loved him for it. ?Mattia? Um, I think that was her name, bugged the hell out of me! She was so know-it-all! Gah! Gretal was the best friend for good reason, she was much more understanding and kind to Joy and isn't that what best friends should be? Zan? Yeah, he was a real jerk! And I don't feel bad about saying it!

Would I recommend it?
Yes, I would. If you aren't LDS I'm not completely sure you'll get some of the references but please don't let that stop you. It's not a religious book that's trying to convert you its a sweet story that you won't want to miss.


  1. I bought this book after reading such great reviews about it. Joys super annoying "mopyness" drove me crazy. I finally had to stop reading it. This irks me, because I rarely buy books.

  2. Laura, I always buy books I end up not liking. Sorry. Joy's annoying mopeyness got better.

  3. Hmmm...I've heard good and bad things about this one. I'm LDS, so I might enjoy it more than others since I'll get a lot of the references.

  4. Alison, Yeah, if you're LDS I would definitely recommend it.

    Suey, Me too, since I bought it. ;)