Saturday, July 2, 2011

Shelving Saturday

Shelving Saturday is a fun new meme hosted by Eastern Sunset Reads that deals with, you guessed it, our shelving dilemmas.  It's a fun way to see and hear about other bloggers book shelves that I personally love! This weeks dilemma:

So this last week we started re-organizing our shelves. Did you all figure out how you are going to organize them? Lets see your progress.

:( I haven't made any progress this week besides deciding (I think) how to organize my shelves. I thinking either: genre and then author, or just strictly by author. What do you guys think? Or is there some other cool way I haven't thought of that could be fun? I just want to keep my series together. My sister suggested I organize them alphabetically by title but I don't know....So, speak up people, I know you don't really care but I need some input to motivate me. 


  1. Books you will lend to your sister Amy on one side and books that you won't on the other.

  2. Adams Family, Ha Ha! Soooo amusing, aren't we.

  3. The best way is to let the
    grandkids and friends organize the books--Austin and Josh are organizing mine--makes no difference what they do because I didn't know where anything is or was anyway.

  4. These things make me realize how random I am with organizing my books as compared to other book lovers! I also don't have much space, so most of my books are from the library. I have my favorite classics on my mantel, books I've read on a shelf in another room, and a double-deep nook for books that I haven't read yet. Oh, and the shelf where the library books go, and the pile of random books on my nightstand. Good luck with your organization!

  5. Shelley, LOL! I just spent four hours reorganizing and wondering why I bothered! I should get more books from the library so I don't need to get more book shelves.