Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shelving Saturday

Shelving Saturday is a fun new meme hosted by Eastern Sunset Reads that deals with, you guessed it, our shelving dilemmas.  It's a fun way to see and hear about other bloggers book shelves that I personally love! 

So, Ang from Eastern Sunset reads didn't post a Shelving Saturday this week but I worked so hard last weekend reorganizing my shelves that I had to post. And I thought I'd still give her the credit cause she is the one who inspired me. Thanks, Ang.

I spent 4 long hours last Sunday and after all that work I kept thinking, Gee, the only thing that was fun about that was seeing how many books I have in each genre. Sigh, oh well, at least there's some semblance of organization now. I decided on genre and then author as my organization method so here are the pics. Just so you know, though, I own 501 books and haven't read 255 (I think) of them so, if some books are in the wrong genre it's because I guessed where they should go based on synopsis. Once I read them I might switch where they go. If you click on each picture you can see it bigger and better.  And, yeah, I'm a crappy picture taker. But in my defense, I hadn't eaten for 6 hours and was tired of lugging big piles of books all over!
Middlegrade and signed books
Writing books and Religious books and a tiny little Non-Fiction/Memoir section

Classics, Political thrillers, and Adult Mysteries

Adult Urban Fantas, a few Jane Austen knockoffs, and Adult Paranormal/Horror

Adult Fantasy, Adult Contemporary and yeah, some YA Fantasy had to go on the bottom there

YA Supernatural/Paranormal

More YA Paranormal, Steampunk and a tiny section of Fairytale re-tellings and a few more Non Fiction. I was getting desperate at this point.

YA Contemporary and YA Fantasy

YA Dystopian
So there you have it. And, yeah, I need a bigger better bookshelf. Sigh! So, what do you think? Do I have stuff in the right Genre? Have I encouraged you to organize your shelves or just scared you off?


  1. I just wish I knew what all those big words meant......Dystopian, steampunk??? Or maybe not.

  2. Cowboy mom, Well, let me tell you. ;) Dystopian is end of the world/after the end of the world. Usually after some huge war or disease that wiped out most of the worlds population. Steampunk takes place usually back in the 1800's except there's some modern thing like flying ships or robots or something. I actually haven't read one yet so we'll see what I think.

  3. Um, this just makes me embarrassed at my system - pretty much, I put newer stuff together and older stuff together and hope no one sees the disorder. Some librarian I am :)

  4. I really need to re-do my bookcase. Everything has a place currently, but I'm not too sure that I'm happy with how I have it organized. Right now it's done by publisher and author, but I don't know how well I like that.

  5. My system is on a shelf, or in a box. That about sums it up.

  6. Melissa, Yeah, don't feel bad mine used to just be thrown on wherever.

    Marla, I couldn't decide how to do it so I just decided to go with boring old genre.

    Adams Family, Yeah, besides the box thing, that used to be my system.

  7. I don't own quite as many books as you do, but my read to unread ratio is about the same!

    My books are divided by fiction and nonfiction. Within that, they go alphabetical order by author's last name. Within that, publication date. My Harry Potter books are on a separate shelf though. That's how I've always organized my books. I've tried other ways, but I just can't do it!

  8. Bekka, Well, at least you started out organized. Getting organized from scratch was very tiresome.

  9. Wow, fabulous! I would love to go to Library Jenny to check out books! Looking at them reminds me books that I'd forgotten that I wanted to read.

  10. Wow! Congrats Jenny! You worked so hard on all of that shelving and managed to get it all done in one day, very impressive! I appologize for not posting this week, I thought I would have time but as explained in my post today I just couldn't find the time.

    I think you did a great job and narrowed down the genres even more than I ever could! Your shelves look great!

  11. Kaye, Oh, good. That's one of the reasons I like having books, so I can lend them out. I'm glad I reminded you of books you wanted to read.

    Ang, Thanks, I still wish I had a much bigger book shelf so I didn't have to stack books on top. I should have just taken it slower but I got all gung-ho last weekend.

  12. Awesome! I love it! Great job. Do you like it now that it's all organized?

  13. Suey, I like it but I still wish I had big shelves like yours. One day maybe.