Friday, December 2, 2011

Review: Brisingr

Title Brisingr (Inheritance 3)
By Christopher Paolini
For Fun
Pages 749

First sentence Eragon stared at the dark tower of stone wherein hid the monsters who had murdered his uncle, Garrow.

Eragon and Saphira continue there journey. With the evil king using Murtaugh and Thorn as weapons the Varden must continue to fight. Eragon and Saphira's bond is tested as they are separated. Eragon learns more more about the original Dragon Riders and a secret that may help him defeat the evil king and free all of Alagaesia.

General thoughts
This was only the second time I've read this one. When I read it before I was slightly disappointed with the slow parts and the knowledge that it wasn't going to be the last book in the series. Maybe knowing that the next and last one is out and waiting for me helped, or maybe I've just matured more and can appreciate the relationships despite some lack of action, but I enjoyed it better this time. That's not to say the slow parts weren't still pretty freaking slow but they weren't as long as I remembered them being. Re-reading these has been, at times frustrating, but all in all enjoyable and I'm so excited to get to the fourth one...AT LAST! The thing I truly love about this whole series is the growth of the characters. It's something you can actually see throughout all the books. Every book should have that, yet, sadly, most don't. I appreciated it in these books. More so this time around. Maybe it's because I want to see some personal growth in my own life. Hmmm. ;)

I'm love how close Eragon and Saphira are but I love how much closer they get in this one and how it makes you really an event that takes place at the end. ;) Sorry, don't want to spoil anything. I'm interested in the developments in Eragon and Arya's relationship even though I'd rather he didn't end up with her. Yeah, that's right, you heard me. I don't want Eragon to end up with Arya! I love the characters in this series and I'm so excited to see how everything turns our for all of them.

Would I recommend it?
Yes, of course. Just remember this one is a little slow, but worth sticking with.


  1. I posted my Eragon review today - coincidence? I think not. :) You are doing much better at rereading than I am. Just started listening to this one and I'm only like 1/20 of the way through. Oh well. Have fun tonight!

  2. Melissa, Thanks! I wanted to have them all read by tonight but it just didn't happen. I got stressed at the beginning of the week and just let go of the idea. I didn't want to ruin these books for myself.

  3. I'm happy you liked this one better the second time around. I haven't read the series but my husband has, and I remember him being disappointed in this book. I'll have to check out your review for the next one to see if I should recommend it to him.
    Have fun at the signing tonight! :)

  4. I've been meaning to re-read this series before reading the final book!

  5. You're reviews of this series are making me want to read them! Maybe now that NaNo is over I can get back into it again. The movie seriously put me off reading this series and I don't think I've recovered yet!

  6. Kathy, Yeah, it was still slower than the others but it was better this time around.

    Trisha, I would recommend it. I'm remembering everything much more clearly and I think it's going to make for a more enjoyable read of the fourth book.

    Lan, Ugh! The movie was AWFUL. Don't judge these books by that eyesore. ;)

  7. I read this when it first came out (3 years ago? 4 years ago?) so I can't remember much of the plot...which is why I haven't picked up inheritance. it's a shame I'll never finish the series...but I've stopped caring :P I really hope you enjoy it however (I'll be looking out for your review) and I'm glad you enjoyed re-reading this

    The Cait Files

  8. Cait, Sigh, that's too bad. I hope one day you read them all but I understand.

  9. I remember my brother trying to read this and he put the book down because it was slow. I asked why he didn't finish it and he said he's not a big reader and couldn't stand reading this book! Anyway, great review! There is no way I could read these book so congrats to you!

  10. Roxy, There not for everyone. And this one is a little slower than the others.