Thursday, December 1, 2011

November Wrapup 2011

What a pathetic reading month! It feels like I hardly read anything. What with my failing endeavor to re-read the Inheritance series before this Friday and the holidays it just hasn't gone well. Oh well. Here's what I DID read.

Eragon (Inheritance 1) by Christopher Paolini
Fun, adventurous book I enjoy every time I read it.

Eldest (Inheritance 2) by Christopher Paolini
I finally noticed the similarities with other famous fantasy books but I loved it again anyway!

Fang (Maximum Ride 6) by James Patterson
Once I got back into the hang of things I had a blast. I'm interested about that new character. ;)

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith
Thank goodness for book club or I never would have read this one. Very delightful.

Favorites of the month well that's hard I liked them all for different reasons. So no least favorites this month. That's something, right? ;)


  1. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn! *sigh* what a lovely book that was.

  2. I've given up trying to get Inheritance read... well obviously since we are only a day away. Oh well! Hey, are we planning on going together again? And how early? We need to talk! :)

  3. In your defence though, the Inheritance books are HUGE! I'm glad you liked everything you read and have fun at the book signing :)

  4. I've just started listening to the third one, can't imagine trying to cram all those pages into such a short time. And with only one extra day, I'm sure not going to make it before my signing :)

  5. Agreed with Chrissie....those Inheritance books are HUGE! And I started the first book in the Maximum Ride series but I never finished it because someone recalled it at the library...I really should go back and read it again!

  6. Trish, It was a very good read.

    Suey, We'll just have to do the best we can. ;)

    Chrissie, Exactly! They are huge.

    Melissa, Yeah, it was becoming a chore and reading should never be a chore. I'm just taking it easy now. I won't have them done in time but oh well.

    Natalie, Yeah, the Maximum Ride books are fun. Silly, but fun.

  7. You did a lot better than I did this month Jenny. Rereading is still reading. Sometimes even more so because you've already enjoyed it once!

  8. Lan, Agreed! I'm just ashamed at my paltry numbers. Oh well.

  9. You read some huge books. I wouldn't feel bad about only reading 4, at the size of those.

  10. Bookfool, Yeah, with the holidays and the size of the books I don't feel too bad.;)